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Naples Florida Fishing Report

Weekly fishing reports updated regularly for the Naples Florida and surrounding areas.

February 20th 2022

Nice grouper catch by Offshore Naples fishing charter

February 19th 2022

Capt. Ben Geroy. Waters warming up but the shrimp eaters were still chewing well today, might be changing gears to spring time tactics next week!

Lucky Anchor Charters. Today’s crew wanted some fish for dinner. Sheepshead, sea trout, Pompano, and grunt for dinner! 🐟🐟🌮🌮Snook were biting this morning as well.

Chris McCubbin. These were nice to see after weeks of trout, sheepshead etc. Water really spiked today bumping up to 76 in the backwaters. Its about to turn the corner and get into some great Spring action.

February 16th 2022

Captain Dean Murphy. Clients on a charter didnt want to keep fish so I just kept the ones I wanted. Never broke 33′ of water got 2 nice mangs well over 16 inches and a nice hog. I love half day fishing

February 5th 2022

Southern Gentlemen Fishing

The weather has warmed the waters back up into the mid to upper 60s and the fish have rewarded some decisions the past few days.

Today, the weather was flat out balmy and the seas were calm…so we decided to head offshore while the tide bottomed out and nail a trippletail…good decision.

Down south, I’ve been spooking lots of fish in those shallow dark bays on the low tides as I run from hole to hole…hmmm…earlier in the week, on an afternoon with nice higher water, it seems maybe whatever those big wakes have been, might eat a giant handpicked shrimp drifted under the adjacent mangroves, with a 20 pound leader. Pop goes the tap on the line, and screech goes the drag as a big giant 39 inch snook makes the day. Geeat decision..

On another afternoon, the terns where frikin making me crazy to where I was about to start shooting em down if they didn’t quit dive bombing the shrimp on every cast. Decided to use split shot, even in the shallow, no current 10,000 mangroves. No dive bombing splash, as the bait dropped quickly out of sight…but thump went the line, and scream went the drag, as the copper boil in the shallow flats matched the winter time late afternoon sun. Smart decision.

At the bait store, it seemed the decision to buy a couple of crabs might be silly, but dang, those fat jewfish in the back water love em when the time goes slack. As the crab slowl drifts down ynder the deep bank, pop goes the crab, bend goes the rod, and after a 4 minute tugowar,, down goes the net, up go the high fives. Crabby decision! Lol

Tripletail, big snook, nice redfish, and of course the reliable jewfish (Goliath grouper) were not so impressed with our decisions made this past this week…but I’ve decided after this week, this busy February is gonna be one fun month of fishing!

Capt Jason Moore.

Permit, cobia, and a nice keeper black grouper today. Beautiful day and awesome fishing!

February 1st 2022

luckystrikefishingcharter's profile picture


@alexbars_ and company kicking butt and taking names!! Off-season NFL training started off with a bang for Alex!! This sandbar shark almost whooped him!

Naples is one of Florida’s top destinations for vacations and is well known to produce lots of trophy fishing. From inshore species like red drum, trout, snook, cobia and jack fish to offshore fish like tuna, mahi and sailfish, not to mention restaurants that will cook up your catch any way you like!

Whether you are fishing on your own or taking a trip with one of the well known charter guides in the area, you are in the right place.

naples fishing report

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