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Salmon River Fishing Report

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February 26th 2022

My success with a #centerpin is less that excellent. But when you land one without drag there is no feeling like it! 7lb Steelhead

One of my favorite places to see catch reports is Instagram.  Check out this location page for the Salmon River and all recent pics of people catching.

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  • The day broke gray and a slow steady rain came down for most of the day. While i’m not sure the total amount of precip received reached the amount that was forecasted, we will certainly take it! Overall, it seemed that the fish responded positively to the overcast skies. A steady pick seemed to be the notion of the day from our guests. We didn’t see any long faces but guests did have to work for their catch. It seems the steelhead in particular are being a little picky. We did get reports that a fair number of fresh and clean “bronze” colored kings were caught in the mid section of the run. Steelhead action was definitely best in the upper section and the lower section saw a mix of kings and steelies. A number of browns were also reported caught in all sections of the run today. Rain will end by early morning tomorrow and a colder overcast day will follow (High 55F, N 4-8mph winds).


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    Guide : 6:00 AM

    Season Passholders : 6:00 AM

    Daily Passholders : 6:30 AM

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  • It was another good weekend on the Salmon River and the majority of anglers we spoke with reported having plenty of action with mostly kings along with some cohos, steelhead and browns in the mix. We currently still have salmon spread out in the river from top to bottom. Anglers reported salmon still moving through the lower end of the river as well as spawning in and around the gravel areas of the river. Over the weekend anglers reported having action in the Upper Fly Fishing Zone, Ellis Cove, Trestle Pool, Pineville, Sportsman Pool, Papermill, Ballpark, Longbridge/Staircase, Black Hole and the DSR. Some much needed rain along with cooler weather conditions is expected as we head through the week.

    Suggested Patterns:

    Estaz eggs in blue, pink, chart, size 10.
    Glo-bugs in oregon cheese, chart, pink, red, blue, size 6.
    Sucker spawn in white, cream, chart, pink, blue, size 6.
    Woolly buggers in red, orange, purple, peacock, black, olive, white, grizzly, size 6.
    Fish skull buggers in black, olive, white, size 4.
    Egg sucking leeches in black, purple, size 6.
    Rubber legged stoneflies in black, brown, golden, size 6.

  • Salmon River fishing has been good to great throughout the entire river. Estuary is hot with kings, steelhead and browns, DSR has been productive from top to bottom with a lot of bright chrome steelhead being caught and released. The ballpark and Trooper Hole were reported to be absolutely on fire all weekend. Temps remain cool and rain has continued to fall though not as much as we need. Hot baits continue to be egg sucking leeches, pink or red estaz flies, and egg sacks. With low water we continue to recommend people use 10lb test on their leader.

    Current water flow is:

    Dam Release : 185 CFS

    Pineville Gauge: 209 CFS

  • Very Good #’s of Salmon entering the Salmon River as I type this. With a “Possibility” of a MAJOR RUN OF SALMON coming this week with 1,000 to 3,000 daily.

    Increasing #’s of King Salmon and Coho Salmon along with a few Brown Trout, Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon entered and ran the Salmon River last week.
    With even better #’s entering the River over the last 4-5 days.
    This week we should see our largest #’s of Salmon. And a POSSIBLE – MAJOR RUN of Salmon. With 1,000 to 3,000 Salmon entering and running the Salmon River in a day.

  • Salmon start to enter the rivers in September thru October. The peak spawning run occurs the last half of September and the first half of October. Chinook Salmon range in size from 15 to 30+ lbs. Coho Salmon average 12 to 15 lbs and are very aggressive to take a fly. After a day of fighting these brutes you will have done a days work! Steelhead begin to enter the rivers in late September and continue throughout the winter and into March. Peak spawning time occurs in late March and early April. Good fishing usually lasts until early May. These Steelhead average between 6 and 10 lbs with fish in the teens caught quite often. A few fish over 20 lbs are caught each year as well!

  • The fish are pretty much fully turned over to spawn mode and are piling into our end of the lake. There is even a handful in the river. The wind this year has not stopped which has not helped us much with letting things settle and adjust. But on the bright side we are seeing much cooler temps ahead which should help the mother load move closer and closer to the river.

    There has been a great number of cohos appearing as well as an occasional steelhead or brown trout. Book now to get in on a last minute battle with a king salmon on Lake Ontario or book a salmon trip on the river and watch them absolutely destroy plugs. Texting is best at 315-298-4530.