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To some there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on a frozen lake for hours, with some close friends, just waiting to get that big catch of the day. Nothing in sight for miles, except for your breath and a frozen lake from shore to shore. While many people try to avoid the cold, these brave fishermen embrace it and take on this challenge from mother nature.

It may seem like a dangerous hobby, but ice fishing is popular in the northern United States and can yield some of the year’s biggest catches. Want to learn more about ice fishing? Find articles here for the best ice fishing products, tip and tricks, and places to ice fish.

person setting an ice fishing line on a lake in wisonsin

Best Ice Fishing Spots in Wisconsin

Temperatures are starting to drop. Birds are starting to migrate. Rivers and lakes are starting to freeze over in the northern states. This can only mean one thing. Ice fishing season is approaching!  It’s that time of...

family ice fishing on a lake

Best Ice Fishing Heaters

It is no surprise you will need to stay warm when out on the lake for a day of ice fishing this winter season.  Lucky for you we researched the best heaters for ice fishing and list them on this page.  Whether you are...

ice scoop for ice fishing

Ice Fishing Scoops

This ice fishing season, stop your ice holes from freezing over and cutting your line by getting an ice fishing scoop to clear the hole.  An ice scoop is a simple tool that can make a big difference; make the most of...

ice fishing for walleye with lures

Best Ice Fishing Lures for Walleye

If you are like most cold weather anglers in the Northern States and Canada, one fish stands out from the rest as the trophy target each ice fishing season, Walleye!  These coveted game fish are the prize species...

ice fishing for crappie with lures

7 Best Ice Fishing Jigs for Crappie

It’s that time of year again.  The frost, snow, and of course, the frozen ice over your favorite lake.  If you are in the Northern part of the world and the temperature drops below 32 degrees, you start pulling...

Dynamic Lures HD Ice Fishing Lure

Dynamic Lures HD Ice Fishing Lure

Dynamic Lures has produced one of the most versatile Ice Fishing Lures on the market. With its hollow construction, Dynamic was able to create the perfect combination of sound and action that anglers depend on in the...

Goture Ice Fishing Jigs

Goture Ice Fishing Jigs

A favorite for walleye ice fishing. The head and tail are provided with hooks which make it difficult for the fish to escape. The jigging fishing lures are perfectly balanced to create an enticing circualr swimming...