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Ice Fishing Scoops

This ice fishing season, stop your ice holes from freezing over and cutting your line by getting an ice fishing scoop to clear the hole.  An ice scoop is a simple tool that can make a big difference; make the most of your ice fishing trip by clearing out the ice hole with a scoop. Here is a list of some of the best selling ice scoops for fishing.

Best Ice Fishing Scoops and Skimmers

  1. Celsius Telescopic Skimmer
  2. Frabill Ice Deluxe Scooper
  3. Berkley Ice Metal Scoop
  4. Celsius Ice Fishing IS-3 Skimmer
  5. Dilwe Ice Skimmer
  6. Deep Freeze 10″ Pro Skimmer

Celsius Telescopic Skimmer

Celsius TS-3 Telescopic Skimmer 3'When Ext, Multi, One Size
  • Made of the highest qualitiy materials
  • Fishing equipment ice fishing accessories ice scoops skimmers
  • Another quality product
  • Country of Origin:China

Frabill Ice Deluxe Scooper

Frabill Ice Scooper | Extra-Large Ladle For Scooping Out Ice While Ice Fishing
  • Frabill | Trusted By Anglers Since 1938
  • Keep fishing hole clear of ice and snow with heavy-duty ice scooper
  • Large scoop for effective ice and slush removal
  • Long handle removes back stress from bending over
  • 30" engraved ruler on handle for quick and easy measurements

Berkley Ice Metal Scoop

Berkley Ice Metal Scoop
  • Solid steel construction
  • Includes ice chisel
  • Engraved 15" fish ruler

Celsius Ice Fishing IS-3 Skimmer

Celsius Ice Fishing IS-3 Skimmer Plastic
  • Features 12" Handle And 4-3/4" Diameter Cup.
  • Plastic Construction Does Not Get Frigid Cold Like Metal Skimmers.
  • Squeeze Pliable Plastic Cup And Any Ice Build Up Simply Cracks Off.
  • Country Of Origin: China

Dilwe Ice Skimmer

Deep Freeze 10″ Pro Skimmer

Deep Freeze 10" Pro Skimmer Pro Skimmer-10"
  • Fastest ice skimmer on the market
  • Compact, portable, and durable
  • 3 sizes available: 6”, 8” and 10”
  • Made in the USA


Find Ice Skimmers and Other Ice Fishing Accessories

While an ice scoop isn’t the most exciting or necessary piece of ice fishing gear, it can help you make the most of your next trip. Find other ice fishing equipment on Fishmasters; we’ve done the research, so you can find the best gear and get out on the ice!

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