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Lake Lewisville Fishing Reports

Weekly fishing reports from Lake Lewisville, right from the cameras and views of local fishing guides who are in the center of all the action.

These Lake Lewisville fishing guides keep us up to date on the most recent and comprehensive Lake Lewisville fishing reports. Fishing reports from recent Lake Lewisville fishing trips are included below:

February 21st 2022

My buddy @wyattcausey caught his pb today. Got on them pretty good today! Right before all this weather blows in.
Really wanna thank @phenixrods used them all day long super sensitive but yet super strong to get those big girls up in the boat.

February 20th

@sorrellsdylan and I finished our tournament in 6th place out of 150+ boats with a total weight of 12.11 pounds for 5 fish. Bites were super subtle but our @jb3rods helped us feel them and land them when they came. It was a cold morning but @hukgear kept us warm.

February 19th

Back on the home waters of Lewisville today with Steve and Alfredo.
We had to make every bite count but had a great day on the water!
These guys hung with me and shared plenty of stories of catching them big ole Northern pike in their homeland of Wisconsin, may have to go up there someday but they can keep the ice fishing!
Threw back plenty of shorts and I believe that everything is making its runs to the shallows.
Next week’s weather might stop that dead in its tracks!
Just by the time I finish up the Texoma trips I have on the books Lewisville should be primed and ready for slab season!
Jake Sonnevelt

February 15th

Laura brought her brother out to do some crappie fishing so we headed up to the creek. Started off a little slow but then it picked up and we came real close limiting out. I had a blast with these two and they really knew what they were doing.

All fish were caught on minnows. Jigs were not doing well today. Caught in the creek in four to 12 ft of water.

If you want to go fishing give me a call or book online.

Bill Sullivan

February 14th

Nice bass caught by Trea Feist on a Little turquoise diver

The Honey Patch is full of White Bass🎣 I thought this week I would do a series! Stay tuned!

February 8th

Went out with @stevesproguide today looking for green bass but ended up just foul hooking this sucker. We both thought it was the one! Still the biggest freshwater fish for me so I’m stoked.

Our fishing reports for Lake Lewisville are gathered from local fishing guides in the area and other recreational anglers.

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