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Where Are Pelican Kayaks Made?

Have you purchased a pelican kayak and wondered, where was this made? These days more and more of us want to know more about the manufacturing process of our items.

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Where they are made, who manufactures them all impact our purchasing decision. After all, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a poorly made kayak that will let water in or hardly stand the test of time, do you?

Knowing where our kayaks are made can help you make an informed decision. So where are pelican kayaks made?

That is what we are here to find out today! Keep reading to find out where pelican kayaks are made and the different types of kayaks Pelican have to offer!

Who is Pelican?

Before we get into where pelican kayaks are made, let’s have a quick refresh about who Pelican is for the newbies in the room!

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Pelican International is a sporting company that sells paddleboards, kayaks, sleds, boats, and accessories. The company focuses on outdoor adventures, leaving you prepared for your next activity!

The Canadian-based company has been in operation for over 50 years, aiming to deliver durable quality products without a hefty price tag! Pelican also invests in new technology to create innovative products held to high standards of quality control.

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Not only do they use their exclusive RAM-X material, but they are also committed to reducing their plastic, using recycled materials, and are committed to recycling almost all of their plastic.

Pelican is known for its extremely impact-resistant materials and its ability to regain shape after heavy hits! The UV-protected exteriors ensure long-term durability and a long lifespan!

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Does this sound like the kayak brand for you? Let’s find out where pelican kayaks are made!

What Country are Pelican Kayaks From?

Pelican kayaks are made at three different facilities, in Laval and Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada.

aerial view of laval city in quebec canada

Across these facilities, over 600 employees are employed by Pelican to create their well-known kayaks and other sports-related items.

The Canadian company manufactures its kayaks, paddleboats, and other items to ensure they meet their high standards.

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Now that we have found out where pelican kayaks are made, let’s find out more about their kayaks!

Are Pelican Kayaks Good?

So what are pelican kayaks like? Pelican kayaks are considered an excellent kayak to purchase, especially for beginners!

person paddling a red kayak

Compared to other kayaks on the market, pelican kayaks are lighter and stronger, making them easy to maneuver and durable. Pelican kayaks are also some of the most impact-resistant kayaks on the market.

Thanks to their use of high heat and pressure to fuse the hull and deck, pelican kayaks can take knocks and dents without needing to compromise on their quality!

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Performance-wise, pelican kayaks are some of the best for inexperienced or first-time kayak users.

They are extremely stable and will allow you to refine your basic skills without any worries or stress! Simply jump on the kayak and get practicing (with the necessary safety equipment, of course!).

Types of Pelican Kayaks

Now Pelican doesn’t just make one type of kayak! They make a wide range of kayaks in their Canadian facilities, meaning you can get the best kayak for your needs!

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The kayaks are broken down into four categories:

  • Recreational kayaks
  • Fishing kayaks
  • Tandem kayaks
  • Recreational performance kayaks

There are plenty of kayak options within these categories to help you find the perfect kayak for you!

Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayaks are designed for casual recreational paddling on a lake or flatwater stream.

people kayaking in flatwater kayaks

A recreational kayak usually features a larger cockpit that is easy to open, great for beginners! Their smaller dimensions make the kayak smaller than a longer boat.

They are generally lighter, making them easier to haul in and out of the water, making it easier for beginners to use.

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Compared to larger kayaks, a recreational kayak has limited capacity given its size and will not have track lines like other kayaks on the market. It’s a fantastic choice for beginners, used often for fishing.

Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks tend to be longer, wider, and heavier than recreational kayaks. They usually feature adjustable height seats, allowing you to stand up and fish with plenty of room.

person in an advanced elements straightedge kayak

Their increased size and adjustable features do push the cost of a fishing kayak up, though. These can be expensive options that Pelican has.

Tandem Kayaks

A tandem kayak is designed for multiple people compared to other solo kayaks. The kayak has space for two people to paddle together, great for a couples or friends outing!

people in a tandem kayak

To accommodate multiple people, tandem kayaks are longer than other kayaks. They range from 18-24 feet long and are a fantastic way to show someone the ropes of kayaking!

They offer more packing space than other kayaks, too, handy for those paddling to campsites. While they are bigger than other kayaks, they can be easier to store than two separate kayaks.

father and son kayak fishing in northwest arctic borough ak

Tandem kayaks are heavy and expensive, though, which can put some users off! Their difficulty handling does lead to fights, so couples beware if you are considering a tandem kayak!

Recreational Performance Kayaks

A recreational performance kayak usually features a deep v chine hull to provide comfort and enhanced performance for all-day use.

person in a red kayak

Recreational performance kayaks feature increased stability and rigidity, fantastic for all-day use!

Recreational performance kayaks are better for more experienced kayakers or those intending to use the kayak for extended periods.

people using touring kayaks

They usually feature adjustable seat heights and padded seats to keep you comfortable during extended uses!

They can be heavy kayaks, though, so be sure to keep an eye on the weight! You can find some lightweight performance kayaks, though, that can be an excellent purchase!

Final Thoughts

And just like that, we have reached the end of the road! As you can see, pelicans kayaks are made across their three facilities in Canada. Pelican is committed to creating outstanding quality kayaks that won’t break your bank. Their wide range ensures there is a kayak to suit every ability and budget; why not give them a whirl today?

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