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3DR Solo Quadcopter

3dr solo quadcopter fishing drone

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With simple, intuitive controls, the 3DR Solo Quadcopter is a great pick for those who want to go drone fishing but have little experience flying drones. This drone is powered by dual computer technology for enhanced controls. With standard flight times and ranges, this drone is a solid choice for anyone looking to go drone fishing. It also flies at a higher speed than many other drones on the market.

The 3DR Solo Quadcopter streams live HD video directly from your GoPro camera to their mobile app (available for iOS and Android) so you can watch your drone footage directly from your phone. An easy-to-use controller powers both the drone and the camera, making it simple to take video and still images while flying. Anglers will be able to spot fish from a distance on the shoreline with ease because of the intuitive camera and drone controls.

This drone is one of the most affordably priced for its high quality, although you will have to make additional purchases before your next fishing expedition. The recommended GoPro camera is not included, nor is the downrigger release clip necessary to drop your line once you’ve spotted your fish. Still, even with those added purchases this drone is more affordable than others, and a great choice for beginners.

3DR Solo Features:

  • Auto takeoff and landing
  • Return to home key
  • 5 Autonomous flight modes

3DR Solo Specs:

  • Max flight time: 25 minutes
  • Max flight range: 0.8km
  • Max flight altitude: ~120m
  • Speed: ~55mph
  • 420g Payload

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