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Autel X-Star Premium

autel x-star premium fishing drone

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The Autel X-Star Premium is one of the most cost-effective drones for fishing. With a good standard flight time and range that matches those of more expensive drones, the Autel X-Star Premium is a good pick for those new to drone fishing, although it is not as fast as others. It even comes with a Beginner Mode feature for new pilots, which limits speed and range so you can practice before getting it out over the water. 

This drone comes with a 4K HD camera on a quick-release 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, allowing for high quality imaging and video. A free app, available for iOS and Android devices, allows you to live-stream HD video and use autonomous flight modes – simply attach your mobile device to the controller. With intuitive controls and smart navigation, the Autel X-Star Premium is a solid drone for beginners.

Fishing with the Autel X-Star Premium will require a separate purchase of a release clip to drop your line once you’ve used the high-tech camera to spot fish. This drone is incredibly affordable considering its high quality camera, safety features, and other specs.

Autel X-Star Premium Features:

  • Auto takeoff and landing
  • Return to home key
  • Auto return to home at low battery
  • 4K Camera with 3-axis gimbal
  • Autonomous flight modes
  • Beginner mode option to limit speed and range

Autel X-Star Premium Specs:

  • Max flight time: 25 minutes
  • Max flight range: 1.9km
  • Speed: ~35mph

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