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Are Striped Bass Bottom Feeders?

Knowing when striped bass feed is one half of the battle. The other half is knowing where they feed. Having that knowledge means knowing whether or not they are bottom feeders. But are striped bass bottom feeders? Here’s what you need to keep in mind the next time you head out on the water. 


Striped bass caught with bait

Do Striped Bass Prefer Surface Feeding?

Striped bass, in their elusive and unpredictable glory, can be hard to pin down. These fish prefer mild water temperatures and a particular time of day. However, true to their unpredictability, the only consistency with their eating habits is that they go where the food is.


Stripers are often called “opportunistic feeders.” This means their tendencies change based on where they can get food and whatever other stipulations they require.


Large and hefty striped bass are not likely to linger near the water’s surface. This is especially true if you are fishing during the middle of the day. This practice is not advisable, as striped bass present themselves more readily at dusk or dawn. If you fish during the day, you will probably need to do so deeper and not expect much surface action.


When Do Striped Bass Bottom Feed?

So, are striped bass bottom feeders? As opportunistic feeders, striped bass will not waste energy pursuing prey that is not easy to catch. So, if there are better options towards the water’s surface, they will feed there. If there are more options towards the bottom, then that is their choice.


Follow the food source and keep in mind that larger striped bass are less likely to come to the surface. Think like striped bass and identify their opportunities by using lures and bait in the right places, and you will increase your likelihood of catching them.


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