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The Best Beach Fishing Rod Holders

The beach is a place you go to relax and have fun with family and friends. If surf fishing is apart of this beach day, you will need to bring your surf fishing rod, but you may not want to hold it for hours.

When you cast your line and want to sit down and enjoy the day, you will need to put your rod down. If you put your rod down in the sand, you can ruin your rod or risk it getting dragged out to sea. To avoid ruining or losing your fishing gear, make sure to bring a beach rod holder.

Most Popular Beach Fishing Rod Holders

There are plenty of options to choose from while looking for a beach rod holder. Here are some of the most popular beach rod holders to choose from based on 2020 trends.

These are the Best Beach Fishing Rod Holders:

  1. The Beast Sand Spike Rod Holder
  2. Sea Striker 28 Inch Sand Spike
  3. Fish-N-Mate 266 Sand Spike

The Beast Sand Spike Rod Holder

the beast sand spike fishing rod holder

This rod holder is aluminum and has stainless steel hardware. This means that the rod holder will never rust. That is a nice touch considering how often the holder will be exposed to elements like water and sand. This holder also has a knee pad. The knee pad allows for easy, painless insertion.

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The Sea Striker 28 Inch Sand Spike

sea striker 28 inch sand spike rod holder

This rod holder is a nice beginning rod holder. It has a high impact plastic rod holder. This makes it a good rod holder to start with to get used to how it works without risk of breaking the holder. The spike itself is made of aluminum. Although this is a good starting holder, it is recommended to bring something to help dig into the sand if it is really well packed.

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Fish-N-Mate 266 Sand Spike

fish-n-mate 266 sand spike beach rod holder

This rod is made entirely of aluminum. This means that the rod is powerful and sturdy but still lightweight. Its aluminum finish also keeps it from rusting. It also has two footholds for you to put the spike as far into the ground as it will go. The height of the rod holder ensures that it will stay secure and above the surf. The plastic piece around the top of the holder itself helps reduce stress and pressure to the rod itself.

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What is a Fishing Rod Holder?

A rod holder is a simple but necessary piece of gear for anyone who likes to fish at the beach. It is exactly what it sounds like: it is a place for you to put your rod so that it remains in the correct position without being ruined by sand or dirt on the ground. It also keeps it steadily in place in case a fish bites, so it won’t get dragged into the water.

Fishing Pole Holders

Fishermen all over know the importance of having a rod holder so they can step away from their rods without damaging their rod. The rod will be securely in place whenever you need it. There are plenty of types of rod holders for whatever look and feel you prefer.

Homemade Rod Holders

Homemade rod holders are shockingly simple to make. They require 3 things: a PVC pipe, a hacksaw to cut the pipe, and a marker to mark where you want to cut the pipe.

All you have to do is mark where you are going to make the cut and the angle. Then you cut the pipe and that’s it. It is that easy to make your own. These are very similar to the PVC rod holders you would buy in stores.

Even though these are simple to make, some people want a sturdier rod holder. Homemade rod holders are easy enough to make, but aren’t as reliable as those made by trusted fishing brands.

Spike Rod Holders

Spike rod holders are nice. They have a rod holder at the top with a long spike attached to them. The spike allows them to be more secured in the ground when you place them in the sand. They have a better chance of staying upright and can also be put in more types of soil and sand no matter where you fish.

If you needed, due to the height of the spike, you can even place this rod holder in water. The spike itself is typically made of aluminum.

Shore Fishing Pole Holder

A shore rod holder is similar to the spike rod holder. It has a PVC rod holder at the top with stake attached to it. It is similar to the spike except that the stake is made from metal or stainless steel. Either way, this is very sturdy and only recommended to be placed on land near the shore.

Beach Fishing Rod Holders Conclusion

Simple yet game changing. Rod holders allow you to set your rod down and do anything else you might need like eat or even just relax while waiting for fish to bite. Check out some other gear that could help improve your fishing capabilities on Fishmasters.