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beach fishing carts

The 7 Best Surf Fishing Carts for 2020

Surf fishing gear can be heavy, and carrying surf fishing rods, surf fishing reels, coolers, tackle, and more over the sand can be exhausting. Rather than wearing themselves out making trips back and forth over the sand...

beach tent

Best Beach Tents and Canopies

Let’s say you want to take a family trip to the beach. You want a cool place to sit down and maybe do some surf fishing. Your wife needs somewhere to sit out of the sun so she can read and relax without overheating, and...

Man surf fishing

The Best Beach Chairs for Surf Fishing

Sitting for a long time in an uncomfortable chair doesn’t make for a fun day of fishing. There’s a strong chance that it could ruin your entire day. When it comes to surf fishing, having a comfortable beach chair...

beach umbrellas for fishing

Best Beach Umbrellas for Surf Fishing

It’s early in the morning and you and your friends just found a great spot on the beach for surf fishing. You cast out your lines, get the cooler with drinks set up, and begin to enjoy a nice day of fishing...

Beach rod holder

The Best Beach Fishing Rod Holders

The beach is a place you go to relax and have fun with family and friends. If surf fishing is apart of this beach day, you will need to bring your surf fishing rod, but you may not want to hold it for hours. When you...

surf fishing line

Best Line for Surf Fishing

Surf fishing often entails casting long distances in tough saltwater conditions. Many of the fish you may catch in the ocean are also larger and harder to wrestle in. This means that your choice of fishing line is...