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The Ultimate Boats for Bass Fishing: Angler’s Guide

Bass fishing is a popular activity because it is challenging and adventurous. Anglers can compete against their records, or they can compete in tournaments.

people fishing on bass boats

Anglers can experiment with different lures, bait, and techniques to show their skills. An essential requirement for an angler is a bass boat, and choosing from some of the best boats for bass fishing seems impossible.

Purchasing the best bass boat is an important decision for every angler. Every angler will have different priorities when it comes to what they want in their bass boats.

There are several things you want to consider, and the more information you have, the better. We will discuss several of the top bass boats, such as:

Top 11 Bass Boats 

  1. Bass Cat Cougar FTD
  2. Crestliner Bass Hawk
  3. Nitro Z21 XRT
  4. Ranger Z520R
  5. Triton 21 XRT
  6. Caymas CX 21
  7. Lund 1875 Crossover XS
  8. Lowe Stinger 178
  9. Xpress X21 Pro
  10. Tracker Pro Team 190 TX
  11. Phoenix 921 Elite

Bass Cat Cougar FTD

The Bass Cat Cougar FTD is one of the most popular models in the Bass Cat category. Its popularity comes from the boat’s maneuverability in tight areas, and the fiberglass construction offers durability.

a basscat cougar ftd bass boat

The Cougar FTD is 20’4” in length and has a beam measuring 94”. Anglers enjoy the wide beam’s stability, and the Cougar FDT offers a smooth ride over the roughest waves.

Anglers will enjoy recessed foot pedals that help with the boat’s accurate positioning.

This bass boat weighs 2100lbs and has two fuel tanks holding 30 gallons each.

The Cougar is outfitted with two rod boxes, each measuring 8’.

a cougar ftd bass fishing boat by basscat

The Cougar FTD offers a front deck large enough to accommodate team anglers. The organized layout allows for seven storage compartments.

Every angler will enjoy the two triangular livewells with a pump-in and pump-out system.

A stock engine and trailer are included in the price of this bass boat.

Crestliner 1750 Bass Hawk

The Crestliner 1750 Bass Hawk is designed for stability and is ideal for bass and multispecies anglers. This boat is 17’7” and has a beam spanning 96”.

a crestliner bass hawk bass boat

The Bass Hawk has a maximum 150HP motor that powers this 1625lb vessel. This boat is made of aluminum.

The superior construction of the Bass Hawk ensures its longevity. It has a four-piece hull design, and all seams are welded together. Crestliner offers a limited lifetime warranty on all main seam welds and a three-year warranty on the bow to stern.

The 1850 Bass Hawk has a locking rod box with tubes to protect the rod tips.

a crestliner bass hawk fishing boat

There is a dedicated flat area in the center of the helm and bow for electronics installation.

This boat’s lighter weight means it is more challenging to maneuver in high winds, and it offers a much rougher ride.

There are some pros to the lighter weight. This boat is easy to trailer and will have lower repair costs. 

Nitro Z21 Pro

The Nitro Z21 Pro is designed for the serious bass angler. It has a deep v-hull that can stand up to the roughest lakes.

a nitro z21 bass boat

The Nitro Z21 Pro measures 21’2” and has a beam of 95”. The boat weighs 2150lbs and has a six-person capacity.

This boat has a fuel tank that holds 64 gallons of fuel.

The Nitro Z21 Pro appeals to bass anglers because of its expansive casting deck and 5.5-gallon baitwell.

One perk of this boat is the seat suspension, which offers a comfortable ride in the roughest of waters. Another is the recommended 300HP motor which provides incredible speed.

a nitro z21 xrt bass fishing boat

Anglers can store up to ten 8’ rods in the port rod organizer. The Nitro Z21 Pro has two 19” livewells.

This boat has gunnel lights which are great because you don’t have to rely solely on your headlamp for night fishing trips.

The Nitro Z21 Pro comes with a Minn Kota trolling motor and a custom-fit galvashield-protected trailer.

Ranger Z520R

The Ranger Z520R is a game-changer for those that love bass fishing. It has improved design and functionality, which will appeal to all anglers. It is constructed from fiberglass.

a ranger zr52OR bass boat

Technology shines through this bass boat’s touchscreen, offering complete boat control.

It has a standard 12” console graph with the option to add a second optional graph on the dashboard. The Ranger Z250R offers superior all-around performance.

The length measures 20’11,” and its beam is 96”. The Z250R weighs 1850lbs, and it can accommodate five people.

a ranger z520r bass fishing boat

The Z250R has a fuel capacity of 54 gallons. It has a 31-gallon livewell and a 10-gallon double insulated cooler with a drain.

This boat boasts large storage areas. It also has a rod box on the port, which measures 8. There are two others in the center which measure 8’ and 7’6”.

The Ranger Z250R boasts Nascar-inspired seats guaranteed to provide a comfortable ride.

Triton 21 XRT

The Triton 21 XRT is an innovation in the world of bass fishing boats. This boat is constructed with a Tri-Core composite, and this polyurethane core material is used to build aircrafts.

a triton 21 xrt bass boat

It will never rot, and it is unaffected by the climate.

The console is roomy enough to allow for two 12” screens, and anglers can watch the course and the fish simultaneously.

The Triton 21 XRT is 21’ long and has a beam measuring 95”. It has a fuel capacity of 47 gallons and weighs 2050lbs.

The maximum horsepower for this boat is 300. The Triton 21 XRT is a powerful machine that will get any angler where he needs to go quickly.

a triton 21xrt boat for bass fishing

The Triton 21 XRT can accommodate up to 675lbs.

It has a livewll capacity of 44.5 gallons. The Triton XRT has front and rear storage boxes that hold 168 Qt.

There is also a convenient ice chest built into the front-deck step.

Caymans CX21

The Caymans CX21 is a fiberglass bass boat ideal for the competitive angler. Legendary boat builder Earl Bentz designed this boat, and he designed it to accommodate everything needed for tournament fishing.

a caymas cx 21 bass boat

The Caymans CX21 is 21’4” with a beam measuring 96”. This boat delivers a stable and dry ride. Anglers will enjoy their ride on ergonomically designed seats with the utmost comfort.

A 200 – 300Hp motor powers this competitive fishing vessel. The fuel tanks can hold up to 59 gallons of fuel.

The Caymans CX21 has huge dry storage compartments, which are convenient for storing the gear needed for competitive bass fishing. This vessel is designed to carry a heavy payload of delicious freshwater fish and weighs 1900lbs.

a caymas cx 21 bass boat

The CX21 has large, divided livewells in the rear.

The Caymans CX21 comes fully loaded with all the standard features that a competitive angler wants, and it also comes with a custom tandem axle trailer.

Lund 1875 Crossover XS

The Lund 1875 Crossover XS is a combination of fishing and ski boat, and it is a recreational vessel that can be enjoyed by an avid angler or the entire family.

a lund 1875 bass boat

Families can use this aluminum boat for fishing, tubing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing. The versatility of this boat attracts many water lovers, and some see it as an investment for the entire family.

This boat is 18’10” and has a beam that measures 95”. It has a 175Hp motor that can power this roomy vessel over small or large lakes.

This boat can accommodate up to eight people. It has a lighter weight than most bass boats, weighing 1669lbs.

the floorplan of a lund 1875 bass fishing boat

The Lund 1875 Crossover has many large storage compartments, which will come in handy for fishing trips or family adventures.

This vessel has a center rod locker that can hold 5 rods up to 7 feet long. There is also central in-deck stowage for more oversized items.

Lowe Stinger 178

The Lowe Stinger 178 is one of the lightest bass boats constructed with aluminum. It weighs in at 1199lbs.

a lowe stinger 178 fishing boat for bass

Lowe has always been known for producing superior-quality boats. Despite its lower weight, this boat has tournament-level capabilities. Anglers will admire the maneuverability of this bass boat.

This vessel has a length of 17’8” with a beam measuring 94” and weighs only 1050lbs. Its lightweight guarantees fast speeds and incredible maneuverability.

The Lowe Stinger has a fuel capacity of 19 gallons which means shorter trips or making sure you bring extra fuel.

the floorplan of a lowe stinger 178 bass boat

The design allows for a 90Hp motor. This boat can carry four passengers in its tournament-style seats.

The Lowe Stinger 178 has lockable rod storage under the bow deck. It also has two livewells that anglers will appreciate.

The Lowe Stinger 178 offers a reliable console designed with automobile-grade gauges that anglers can easily access. Anglers will appreciate the comfortable grip steering.

Xpress X21 Pro

The Xpress X21 Pro is every angler’s dream boat, and it has everything an angler needs for competitive fishing.

an xpress x21 pro bass fishing boat

This boat is made from aluminum with a unibody hull construction. The boat functions similar to a fiberglass boat, but it is much lighter.

This boat is 21’ long with a beam measuring 95”. It weighs 1280lbs, and it can accommodate up to 4 people. This boat can hold up to 40 gallons of fuel.

The Xpress X21 Pro is ideal for anglers searching for value, fishability, and comfort. This vessel has it all, and it offers a quiet and comfortable ride with a tilt steering wheel and adequate space for electronics.

an xpress x21 pro boat for bass fishing

The Xpress X21 has a large dry center storage compartment, and it also has two rod boxes, one on both sides of the front deck.

There is storage under the seats, and there are two rear storage compartments. A giant livewell will be appreciated by anglers.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

The Tracker Pro Team 190 Tx is an affordable bass boat constructed with aluminum. Unbelievably, anglers can buy this boat for under $20 000.

a tracker pro team 190 fishing boat for bass

The Tracker Pro Team 190 TX offers a solid performance, and has everything that an angler needs.

The Tracker Pro Team 190 TX is 18’7” long, and its beam measures 89”. This boat has the shortest beam, and a shorter beam can influence the boat’s stability. The boat weighs 1050lbs.

The Tracker Pro Team 190 Tx has a tournament-style deck layout. It comes equipped with dual 7’ locking rod boxes which are an inch shorter than most bass boats.

a tracker pro 190 tx bass boat

This vessel also offers a big tackle compartment, a bag organizer, and a convenient instep cooler. It can hold 21.5 gallons of fuel.

The Tracker Pro Team 190 TX offers the best factory warranty for aluminum boats. It has a five-year bow to stern coverage and a lifetime warranty on deck and hull structure.

Phoenix 921 Elite

The Phoenix 921 Elite is the new and improved Phoenix model. It was inspired by the 721 and developed with the needs and wants of anglers in mind.

a phoenix 921 elite bass boat

The 921 Elite offers an all-fiberglass bow with lots of room for sonar technology. The fisherman-friendly design of its bow allows anglers to use their time efficiently, and it has a raised deck for easier fishability.

The Phoenix 921 Elite has hydraulic tilt steering and hot foot throttle with an adjustable slide. Anglers will enjoy steering this speedy craft.

The Phoenix 921 Elite is 21’6” long, and its beam measure 96”. It weighs an impressive 1950lbs and is powered by a 250HP Mercury Pro XS Engine.

the floorplan of a phoenix elite 921 fishing boat for bass

This vessel also comes with a Lowrance 36v Ghost trolling motor and a hydraulic jack. It boasts several rod organizers and a 44-gallon livewell with a recirculation system.

This vessel can hold up to 50 gallons of fuel.

Final Thoughts

There is the perfect bass boat for every angler. Anglers on a budget will undoubtedly find the Tracker Pro Team 190 TX appealing. This vessel is affordable and makes owning a bass boat attainable to almost everyone.

For those looking for more of a recreational vessel, the Lund 1875 Crossover XS offers the best of two worlds. It can be used for fishing, skiing, tubing, and waterboarding, so it is an excellent investment for family fun.

These bass boats offer great fishing features and stability, reliability, and maneuverability, but if you’re one of those anglers that prefers kayak fishing for bass, we’ve got you covered there too!

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