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Best Buzzbaits for Bass

Buzzbaits are topwater lures known for catching big, often trophy winning bass.

bass buzz baits

Fishing for bass with a buzzbait is fast-paced and exciting, especially when you’re anticipating a big catch.

As the name suggests, buzzbaits buzz in the water, making noise to attract bass.

Top Bass Buzzbaits

Buzzbaits are one of the best lures to catch bass, but there are many buzzbaits to choose from.

person holding largemouth bass

We’ve compiled the best buzzbaits, known for high quality construction and for making big catches out on the water.

These are the Best Buzzbaits for Bass Fishing:

  1. Booyah Buzz
  2. Terminator T1 Buzzbait
  3. Strike King Swinging Sugar Buzz Lure
  4. Strike King Tri-Wing Buzz King Bait
  5. MegaStrike Cavitron Buzzbait
  6. Strike King Premier Plus Buzzbait – The Double Take
  7. River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait

Booyah Buzz

Booyah is a well-known maker of lures and baits, and the Booyah Buzz is one of their top-rated products.

booyah bass buzzbait

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The Booyah Buzz was created specifically for catching bass, and many anglers have found great success with it.

This top tier buzzbait was designed to be dragged across the water’s surface, making a signature noise to attract big bass.

The Booyah Buzz is a single prop buzzbait with a clacker, for added noise to attract bass. It also features a 55-strand silicone skirt on the jig, and an extra sharp Mustad Ultra Point hook.

The Booyah Buzz comes in 3 sizes and 6 colors, all optimized for topwater bass fishing. Booyah recommends using a double loop knot and 8-10 pound test line to reel in strong bass.

Terminator T1 Buzzbait

Terminator creates a variety of quality lures and fishing products, and the Terminator T1 Buzzbait is a great example.

terminator t1 buzzbait for bass

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This buzzbait has features designed to help you catch more fish. The Terminator T1 Buzzbait is a single prop, non-clacker buzzbait, known by anglers for being super durable against big bass.

This buzzbait features an upturned jig nose, so that it runs over sticks and grass easily. The head also has a bright eye on the bottom, so it faces the fish below and can better attract them.

Despite not having a clacker, the blades make more noise because of the bent angle.

The Terminator T1 Buzzbait has a titanium wire, so it will hold up against tough fish, and the long shank hook increases hooksets. It comes in both bright white and chartreuse white colors.

Strike King Swinging Sugar Buzz Lure

The Strike King Swinging Sugar Buzz lure is one in a series of great buzzbaits from Strike King.

strike king swinging sugar bass buzz lure

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Anglers have given this buzzbait great reviews, especially noting its loud clacking noise and great action that attract bass as it buzzes through the water.

Strike King products are made from high quality materials, so they’re sure to be durable against big fish.

Strike King’s Swinging Sugar Buzz Lure has a free swinging skirted hook that waves back and forth, creating movement that looks like a baitfish to attract bass. The jointed design helps keep fish hooked.

The Strike King Swinging Sugar Buzz Lure is available in a few sizes and 9 colors, so you can tailor your lure to your choice of bass and location.

The action and buzz of this buzzbait provoke more strikes, so you’re sure to catch something.

Strike King Tri-Wing Buzz King Bait

Another favorite from Strike King, the Tri-Wing Buzz King is made with the same high quality materials and encourages bass to strike.

strike king tri-wing buzz king buzzbait

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This buzzbait is different from many standard buzzing lures, with a different sound and flash.

The Strike King Tri-Wing Buzz King allows for slower retrieve than other buzzbaits, so you can take your time.

The Tri-Wing Buzz King Bait from Strike King has a unique, 3-blade, diamond patterned prop.

The three blades give this lure a different movement in the water, and creates a unique squeaking sound to attract bass. The diamond pattern reflects light to further lure bass in.

The Strike King Tri-Wing Buzz King Bait comes in two sizes and four colors, so it can be applied to different water and fishing conditions.

This unique buzzbait is highly effective, making it a top choice for bass fishing.

MegaStrike Cavitron Buzzbait

MegaStrike is another well-known fishing lure company, and their Cavitron Buzzbait is one of their best products.

megastrike cavitron bass buzzbait

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The MegaStrike Cavitron Buzzbait is used by many tournament bass fishers, and has been used in the Bassmaster Elites successfully. It has been called “the slowest buzzbait ever” for its slower speed on the water.

The prop on the MegaStrike Cavitron Buzzbait has holes, to allow for more air and water flow.

This helps it move slower and creates more bubbling noise to attract bass. The hook is extremely sharp and placed further back to improve hooksets.

The MegaStrike Cavitron Buzzbait is a favorite among bass fishermen. It comes in 2 sizes and 8 colors for extra versatility and choice.

Strike King Premier Plus Buzzbait – The Double Take

Strike King produced another great buzzbait, this time a double prop one with two blades.

strike king premier plus bass buzzbait - the double take

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The Double Take has twin rotating blades for extra lift, slow retrieve, and added noise and spray to attract bass along the surface. Double blades also help keep this buzzbait move straight as you retrieve.

The Strike King Premier Plus Buzzbait Double Take features the “perfect skirt” with magic tails and a sabre point trailer hook.

This set of hook, skirt, and tails are more likely to trick bass into biting and keep them hooked. The action of this buzzbait is sure to attract bass.

The Double Take from Strike King comes in two sizes and three colors, all optimized to lure in bass.

This buzzbait makes a huge racket on the water and the trailing hook and tails improve catch rate.

River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait

The River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait is another great buzzing lure for bass fishing.

river2sea double plopper bass buzzbait

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This double prop buzzbait creates extra surface disturbance to attract bass, with two counter-rotating plopper blades. This buzzbait works well in weedless areas or under heavy cover.

The unique design of the River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait features two blades that look like jig heads, complete with eyes to trick fish into biting.

The plopper blades float, so you can slowly retrieve this lure.  

The River2Sea Double Plopper Buzzbait comes in four colors and can be used to target species from bass to perch and blue blood.

What is a Buzzbait

A buzzbait consists of a bent wire, with one end leading into a bass jig head with a skirted tail and a hook.

a bas buzzbait next to a baitcaster rod and reel

On the other end is a blade propeller, which chops along the water to create noise and movement that is designed to attract fish. The fishing line ties where the wire bends.

Buzzbaits create a unique noise and sputter along the surface. They require constant retrieve to keep them from sinking, which is why buzzbait fishing tends to be fast-paced.

Types of Buzzbaits

There are different types of buzzbaits, with the main difference being in the propeller.

a bass buzzbait

Buzzbaits work relatively the same, but anglers have different preferences and some make more noise than others.

Single Prop, Non-Clacker Buzzbaits

The classic buzzbait features a single blade repeller with no added clacker for extra noise.

catching a bass on a buzzbait

The blade chops along the surface, still making a squeaking noise and chopping up the water to attract bass.

This simple version is best for calm, quiet waters – sometimes it’s best to avoid flashy extra features to get the job done.

Single Prop with Clacker Buzzbaits

Buzzbaits with a single prop and a clacker have the same basic design as the standard single prop buzzbaits, just with an added clacker.

largemouth bass with a buzzbait lure in its mouth

This clacker is usually just an extra piece of metal that hits against the blade as it spins in the water.

When the clacker hits the propeller, it makes extra noise to attract bass. These are the loudest buzzbaits, best used in rougher, louder conditions.

Double Prop Buzzbaits

Buzzbaits with a double propeller tend to move slower and stay better balanced on the surface.

person holding a bass caught with a buzzbait lure

While you have to constantly reel in buzzbaits, the slower you move, the easier it will be for bass to hook on.

Slower retrieve and better balance make double prop buzzbaits great for running straight lines across the surface of water.

Double blades also make more noise and are more disruptive on the water.

How To Fish a Buzzbait for Bass

Fishing with buzzbaits is fast-paced. Cast far to cover more water so that your chances of a bite increase.

Big Bass Large mouth - Fishing on lake with blue sky at dawn, sunrise

These lures are designed to buzz and splash along the surface of water, so they require a constant retrieve.

The speed of retrieve depends on water conditions, the weight, and buoyancy of your buzzbait.

Cast buzzbaits into bass heavy areas, ideally near cover, and reel them in immediately. Practice with your buzzbait of choice to see how fast you need to retrieve them for optimal surface placement, noise, and splashing.

largemouth bass jumping out of the water

You can slow the retrieve once it begins buzzing, but you need to reel fast at first to get the action required to attract bass. Speed or direction changes can trigger a strike.

Experienced buzzbait fishers recommend hesitating when bass first bite to ensure the fish has the bait.

Bass tend to swipe at buzzbait, so waiting a half second before setting the hook can improve your chances of making a catch.

A freshwater largemouth bass

If you don’t make a catch on your first retrieve, simply cast again.

When To Fish a Buzzbait

Buzzbaits are topwater lures, so they’re best used when bass are near the surface. They work in all seasons, but are known as warm-weather lures.

fisherman holding a largemouth bass

Buzzbaits are best used in either super clear or extremely murky waters. Because of this, they tend to come in bright white or black as their main colors.

Low light conditions are ideal, as for most topwater lures. Many anglers recommend using buzzbaits to fish at night, and many cite their largest bass to night fishing with buzzbaits.

Best Buzzbait for Bass

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