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The Best Catfish Bait That You Need to Try

When it comes to catfish bait, the most successful ones have a strong scent. Catfish rely on their senses of smell and taste, and they have olfactory bulbs covering their entire bodies.

artificial catfish bait and lures

The trick to getting a catfish on your line is choosing the right type of bait.

For live baits, try shad or crawfish. Chicken livers are also a popular choice of bait for catfish, but what about store-bought baits?

We’ve rounded up the top-rated catfish baits so you can make the most out of your next fishing trip. 

Top 5 Bait for Catfish

  1. Berkley Gulp! Soft Fishing Chunks Catfish Bait
  2. Team Catfish Sudden Impact
  3. Magic Big Bite Chicken Blood Catfish Bait
  4. Danny King Punch Catfish Bait
  5. Baitmate Live Scent Fish Attractant 

Berkley Gulp! Soft Fishing Chunks Catfish Bait

Berkley is well-known for making baits and baits with strong scents and flavors. Berkley makes some great worms, which are an ideal choice for fish like trout. For catfish, Berkley doesn’t disappoint.

Berkley Gulp! Catfish Soft Fishing Bait Chunks

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With Berkley Gulp! Soft Fishing Chunks Catfish Bait, you get the signature Berkley scent along with the look of an attractive chunk of meat that a catfish won’t be able to resist.

In fact, the company’s products have 400 times more scent dispersion than other competing brands. This means you’ll have the ability to entice catfish within a wider radius. Another benefit of this bait is that the scent is optimized to attract different types of catfish.

Soft Fishing Chunks Catfish Bait

These chunks of bait come in two varieties: blood and liver. If you typically fish for catfish using chicken liver, give the liver model a try. Berkley’s catfish bait is stronger and more durable than actual chicken liver.

The soft fishing chunks are easy to get on your hook, and they stay on the hook fairly well. In each order of this bait, you’ll receive 12 chunks for under $6. If the bait stays on the hook, you may even be able to reuse one of the soft fishing chunks, so this is a great deal. 

Team Catfish Sudden Impact

With a name like Team Catfish, you shouldn’t be surprised that the company’s products can result in a nice catfish catch.

team catfish sudden impact bait jar

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This is another artificial bait that has a strong, stinky scent to attract catfish. The way Sudden Impact works differs from Berkley’s baits. Instead of just sticking the bait onto your hook, you’ll have to do just a little bit more work.

Before placing Sudden Impact onto your hook, you need to stir the bait until it softens. This bait has a fiber-like consistency, which keeps it on the hook. The carton recommends using a #6 treble hook, but you might need to experiment with other hooks to keep it firmly in place. 

Once Team Catfish Sudden Impact is in the water, the bait begins to break down, so the scent will spread farther away in the water. You can use this bait in all types of water, from large lakes and rivers to smaller streams and creeks.

As long as you’re fishing in a body of water with catfish, you’ll have a high chance of getting a bite on the end of your line. Team Catfish Sudden Impact comes in 12 ounce jars. 

Magic Big Bite Chicken Blood Catfish Bait

This Big Bite Chicken Blood Catfish Bait by Magic is a dough bait. With this bait, you’ll want to also purchase a strong bait holder to keep it firmly situated. You won’t want your bait floating away in the water! 

magic big bite chicken blood catfish bait

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Dough baits also have a strong, fishy scent, and Magic Big Bite Chicken Blood Catfish Bait is no different. This bait is made from cheese, fish, and other materials that attract catfish. It’s sure to leave a stink that will have catfish coming to you.

As you may have guessed from the name, Magic’s catfish bait comes in a chicken blood flavor, so swap your chicken livers for some of this dough bait. 

For the most successful use with this bait, save it for the summer and other warmer months. Magic’s Big Bite bait does best when the water is warm. The oils from the aged cheese will travel well in the warm water, which is just one of the reasons why catfish will take the bait.

magic bait original catfish

On Amazon, you can buy a 14 ounce jar of Magic’s catfish bait for just under $12. Compared to Team Catfish Sudden Impact, you’ll get a slightly bigger jar of bait for less. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced bait, this might just be it.

Danny King Punch Catfish Bait

Whether you’re handling live bait, chicken livers, Sudden Impact, or catfish bait from Magic, it’s also certain that your hands will quickly get messy. With Danny King Punch Catfish Bait, you won’t have to worry about the stench of catfish bait on your hands all day.

danny king catfish punch bait

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Punch baits are doughy and sticky, and Danny King’s bait is extra sticky. As long as you have the right hook, this punch bait will stay there until a catfish bites. 

With Danny King’s formula for bait, you won’t need sponges, cloth, or coils to make sure that the bait sticks to the hook. With a #4 or #6 treble hook, you should be perfectly fine to use this bait. Just push the hook into the jar of bait, then pull the hook out at an angle. Like other catfish baits, the scent will disperse and spread out in the water. 

The Danny King Punch Catfish Bait is long-lasting, so if you don’t fish for catfish often, consider making this purchase. Even after a long stretch of time, the bait will be fresh and good to go, so you can pack for your fishing trip without worrying that it’s no longer usable.

This color of the bait is blood, so it should give catfish the sense of fresh meat along with the scent. Buy a 14 ounce jar of this punch bait from Amazon.

Baitmate Live Scent Fish Attractant

If you’re not using live bait, the next best thing is something with a strong stench. If you’re using a bait without a scent or need a little extra something, then use Baitmate Live Scent Fish Attractant!

baitmate live scent fish attractant for catfish

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You can use Baitmate in freshwater and saltwater, and aside from catfish, the Live Scent Fish Attractant is also made for gamefish and walleye.

With Baitmate’s products, all you need to do is dip your bait into the attractant or spray it directly on the bait. This can work well with soft plastic bait. The ultra concentrated formula has plenty of benefits.

The Live Scent Fish Attractant stays on bait for a while and is fairly potent in the water. It also increases scale fleck, which results in more visual stimulation for the fish you’re trying to catch.

baitmate catfish spray

Finally, the amino acids in the attractant create a scent that attracts catfish and oils in the mixture cover up unnecessary or unwanted scents. These come in 5 ounce bottles on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, when purchasing a catfish bait, find something with a strong stench. It might not be pleasant for you to handle and get the bait on your hook, but this smell will attract catfish. And don’t be afraid to invite one back to the dinner table with you!