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Fishing Bibs to Keep You Dry on Your Next Adventure

When people think about fishing, they usually think of a sunkissed day on the lake in the middle of summer.

angler wearing fishing bibs

Of course, every angler loves fishing in these conditions. If you’re a dedicated angler who fishes year-round, you also know that those beautiful summer conditions don’t stick around for long, and you’re going to spend most of your time fishing in foul weather. 

When you’re fishing in the cold and windy, icy, or rainy conditions, the key to enjoying yourself is ensuring you have the right equipment to fish comfortably.

That’s where fishing bibs come in. Fishing bibs help keep you warm, dry, and comfortable no matter how cold or uncomfortable the weather is. 

a fisherman wearing a fishing bib

So whether you’re looking to pick up a bib from an established brand like Stormr, Simms, or Carhartt, or you’re hoping to score a deal with one of the newer brands, we’ve rounded up the best fishing bibs on the market.

So without further ado, let’s check out the top options.

Top 11 Fishing Bibs

  1. Frabill I-3 Fishing Bib
  2. Arctix Men’s Tundra Ballistic Bib
  3. Clam IceArmorEdge Bib
  4. Eskimo Men’s Roughneck Fishing Bibs
  5. Frogg Toggs Pilot II Bib
  6. RefrigiWear Men’s PolarForce Bib Overalls
  7. Stormr Strykr Bib
  8. Striker Men’s Fishing Predator Bibs
  9. Carhartt Men’s Yukon Arctic
  10. Striker Climate Bibs
  11. Simms Challenger Bib

Frabill I-3 Fishing Bib

Frabill has been one of the most reliable names in fishing since 1938, and their I-3 bib offers the perfect blend of features, value, and protection from the elements. 

Frabill I-3 Ice Fishing Bib

This bib is made from a 300-denier nylon shell that’s fully seam-sealed to keep you dry.

Critical wear areas are reinforced with 500-denier nylon to prevent premature wear. The inside is lined with 150 grams of Thinsulate insulation to keep you warm and comfortable no matter how cold or windy it is on the water. 

Not only does the I-3 bib keep you comfortable, but it also has several convenience and comfort features that you’re sure to love, especially on a lengthy fishing excursion.

This bib offers an ergonomic fit tailored to the shape of the body. There are several cargo pockets to secure your most-needed gear, and the zippered legs allow you to quickly get the bib on and off over your boots. 

Whether you’re into ice fishing or you just need to stay warm and dry when fishing in the winter months, the I-3 bib from Frabill is an ideal choice for any angler. 

Arctix Men’s Tundra Ballistic Bib

Arctix is one of the biggest names in cold-weather comfort, and their snow pants and bibs are a go-to piece of outerwear for everyone from snowboarders to construction workers to anglers.

Arctix Men’s Tundra Ballistic Bib

Their Tundra Ballistic bib is excellent for anglers looking for light protection from the elements at a low price. 

The Tundra bib is constructed from durable polyester reinforced in critical wear areas like the knees, seat, and cuffs.

This model offers two chest pockets, slash pockets at the waist, and cargo pockets on each thigh, so you’ll always have your essential gear at the ready. 

Additional features include high-vis trim at the pockets and knees to help keep you safe, a D-ring for hanging gloves, braid cutters, or other critical tools, and integrated boot gaiters to help seal out the cold and keep you dry when you’re on the water. 

Clam IceArmor Edge Bib

If you regularly find yourself fishing in the most treacherous conditions on earth, you’re sure to appreciate the comfort and style of the Clam IceArmor Edge bib. 

Clam IceArmor Edge Bib

This stylish bib is made from 300-denier nylon with 1000-denier ballistic nylon padded knees for comfort and wear resistance.

The shell is fully breathable for all-day comfort, but it’s also exceptionally warm and impervious to the elements. 

This bib also features a rapid drainage system, magnetic storm flap, two-way leg zippers which make it easier to take the bib off and on, and an adjustable inseam leg with storm gaiters. 

The Edge bib also provides ample storage, including two zippered chest pockets, fleece-lined hand warmer pockets, cargo pockets at the thigh, and a D-ring at the suspenders for hanging essential tools for easy access. 

Eskimo Men’s Roughneck Fishing Bibs

The Roughneck bib from Eskimo is one of your best options for fishing in the absolute worst conditions Mother Nature can throw at you.

Eskimo Men's Roughneck Ice Fishing Bibs

When you’re heading way offshore in January to land some cod, the Roughneck bib will keep you warm and dry in any scenario. 

This bib begins with a 600-denier nylon DuraDry shell which stands up to wind while wicking away water with ease thanks to its DWR coating.

The shell has 5k waterproof and breathability ratings, and the interior is lined in sherpa fleece to keep you comfortable all day. 

The fit of this bib is second to none, thanks to features like a diamond-shaped crotch gusset, elastic underarm trim, and contoured knees.

Two-way zippers at the leg allow you to quickly get the bib on and off, and the legs have an adjustable inseam for a custom fit. 

The Roughneck bib is also outfitted with UpLyft floatation technology, which helps keep you afloat and safe if you find yourself in the water. Reflective panels add a further element of safety to these well-designed and feature-rich coveralls.

Frogg Toggs Pilot II Bib

The Pilot II bib from Frogg Toggs is one of the most advanced and full-featured bibs on the market, and it makes an excellent choice for freshwater and saltwater anglers who need to brave the elements. 

Frogg Toggs Pilot II Bib

This bib begins with a DriPore Gen2 waterproof fabric shell that maintains complete breathability to keep you comfortable.

All the seams are welded and sealed to keep water out and the warmth in. The knees, seat, and cuffs are heavily reinforced to ensure you get several seasons of all-weather fishing from your new bib. 

The Pilot II shines in the storage department, with tons of ergonomically-located storage for all your essentials.

This bib offers zippered chest pockets on each side with expandable quick-draining cargo pockets at the thigh. The cargo pockets have integrated D-rings for keeping your tools handy while you fish. 

This bib is available in several eye-catching color combos and sizes from small to 3XL to ensure that every angler can find the perfect fit and style for their next fishing trip. 

RefrigiWear Men’s PolarForce Bib Overalls

RefrigiWear has been making performance outerwear for rugged professionals since the 1950s.

RefrigiWear Men's PolarForce Bib Overalls

Their bibs are designed for people who work outside in treacherous conditions. If they can keep an oil rigger warm in the middle of the Alaskan winter, they should do wonders for you on your next fishing trip. 

The PolarForce bib has a heavy polyester shell with an impressive 500 grams of insulation.

While most of the bibs on our list are insulated, the PolarForce bib offers substantially more insulation than the competition, which makes this bib the perfect choice when fishing in below-freezing temperatures. A silver tricot lining helps to further insulate the bib and lock in warmth.

The PerformanceFlex gussets at the knees and sides of the bib provide a full range of motion which helps keep you comfortable all day long.

There’s also ample storage, including two waterproof chest pockets, handwarmer pockets, and cargo pockets, so all your gear and tools will be ready when you need them. 

The fabric is heavily reinforced for durability from the knee down, and zippers open from hem to knee to allow you to easily remove your bib without taking off your boots.

High-vis orange piping at the lower leg adds an element of safety and completes the look of these extreme-weather coveralls.  

Storm Strykr Bib

Stormr is a proven name in offshore fishing, and their Strykr bib is one of their most innovative and feature-rich offerings. 

Storm Strykr Bib

One thing that immediately separates Stormr from the competition is the material they use. Instead of nylon or polyester, Stormr relies on a proprietary neoprene blend.

This bib may look like a wetsuit, but it’s as warm and waterproof as anything you’ll find on the market.

The fabric also provides considerably more stretch than nylon or polyester, allowing for a complete range of motion.

The Strykr bib features fleece-lined hand warming rests, two waterproof pockets, and knee-to-hem zippers for easy on and off. A conveniently located D-ring is ideal for tethering tools or the killswitch to the boat. 

Stormr’s neoprene material is also buoyancy positive, which provides anglers with an additional level of safety should they fall into the water.

StrikerICE Men’s Fishing Predator Bibs

The Predator bib from Striker is a premium coverall designed for the angler that demands the most from their gear.

StrikerICE Men's Fishing Predator Bibs

Striker pulls out all the stops with this bib to offer unparalleled comfort, performance, and warmth. 

This bib starts with a 320-denier Tussor nylon shell that’s reinforced by 1680-denier Snakeskin knee panels to provide extra coverage in the most common wear area.

The shell is both 5K waterproof and 5K breathable for all-day protection and comfort, and it also offers 100-grams of Thermadex insulation to keep you warm even on the coldest days.

There’s a waterproof zipper pocket at the left chest and a D-ring for tethering a killswitch or accessory. Large front-loading cargo pockets provide convenient access to all your necessities. 

Rounding out the Predator bib is Shureflote floatation assistance technology, which ensures the entire bib is buoyancy-positive to provide an extra layer of safety should you fall into the cold water. 

Carhartt Men’s Yukon Arctic Biberalls

People know Carhartt the world over as a producer of the most rugged gear on the planet, and their Yukon Arctic bibberalls are a wise choice for staying warm on the water in the coldest temperatures. 

Carhartt Men’s Yukon Arctic Biberalls

This bib is made of Carhartt’s extra thick1000-denier Cordura nylon for unparalleled durability, and a quilted arctic-weight liner ensures that you’re warm in any conditions.

The leg panels are reinforced, and there are zippered knee pad pockets, slash front pockets, and zippered chest pockets. The entire shell is finished in a water-resistant coating to keep you dry. 

These bibs are a bit stiffer than most, but they zip from the hem to the hip to provide unparalleled ease when throwing them on or off.

Bar tacks reinforce all the critical wear joints, and the metal hardware is more durable than plastic clips.

Anglers will want to use caution when using this bib for saltwater fishing, as the salty air can corrode zippers and other components.

StrikerICE Climate Bibs

Serious anglers looking for a competitive advantage will love the Climate bib from Striker, which is one of the brand’s top-of-the-line offerings.

This bib builds on the excellent suite of features the Predator bib offers, like a 320-denier Tussor nylon shell with 1680-denier Snakeskin knee panels.

The Climate bib adds even more Thermadex insulation and additional reinforcements in the crotch area for even more durability.

Other intuitive features include removable and washable snap-on hand wipe towels, front-loading cargo pockets, and D-rings on either side of the waist for holding accessories. For the coldest fishing trips, the Climate bib has you covered.

Simms Challenger Bib

The Challenger bib from Simms offers the ideal blend of features and value, and it’s a perfect fair-weather bib for freshwater and saltwater anglers. 

Simms Challenger Bib

This bib starts with a lightweight 2-layer Toray Delfy 75-denier shell that receives a C6 DWR treatment to make the fabric completely waterproof yet exceptionally lightweight.

Key abrasion zones offer 840-denier Toray Big Ox reinforcements, and the lining also receives a waterproofing treatment. 

Convenience features include handwarmer pockets, a pliers pocket, a D-ring attachment for accessories, and hem zippers.

The Challenger bib is worth a closer look for 3-season anglers who need lightweight and stylish protection. 

Final Thoughts

Next to your rod and reel, a quality fishing bib is one of the most crucial pieces of gear to own when you head out on the water.

The right bib is all the more critical for anglers whose fishing season is 12-months long. 

Consider the features you’ll need on the water the most, and you should have no trouble choosing from one of the best fishing bibs above for your next trip. Now, all you need is a compact rod to take with you!

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