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Fascinating Fishing Magazines Every Angler Should Subscribe To

Many anglers know that having a good day out on the water is all about having the right resources.

a stack of fishing magazines

That means you need great gear, a good boat, and the best fishing magazines to get you all the excellent information.

Learning about fishing is a special kind of craft. As long as you’re willing to put in the long hours and spend some time reading up, you’ll be a fishing master in no time, whether you’re an amateur or professional. 

A quality fishing magazine will educate, inform, and entertain. And we have only included the finest in this list.

You’ll come away from any of these magazines knowing more about fishing and feeling more confident when you’re out with the rod and reel.

Top 10 Magazines for Fishermen

  1. In-Fisherman
  2. Saltwater Sportsman
  3. Florida Sportsman
  4. Bassmaster
  5. Marlin Magazine
  6. Big Game Fishing Journal
  7. Field and Stream
  8. Florida Sport Fishing Magazine
  9. National Fisherman
  10. Outdoor Life


Written for the faithful and persistent freshwater fisher, In-Fisherman is one of the most trusted and recognized names in the angling community.

the in-fisherman fishing magazine logo

The company releases eight annual issues per year, including two double-issues every year. 

The magazine focuses on all things fish-related. There are plenty of informative pieces that help you understand how to catch, clean, and cook your fish.

in-fisherman magazine and mobile app

There’s also a great section that talks about all the latest scientific studies relating to fishing in general.

Not only does the company produce a great magazine, but they also have a stellar fishing equipment line.

They release tips for finding suitable fishing holes, and they offer lots of information on what type of gear you need and how to pick it.

the in-fisherman mobile app thumbnail

The best part about In-Fisherman is that everything about it makes you want to get out and get on the water.

It’s fun to read about fishing and fishing gear, but it’s even more fun when you put what you learn to the test.

Saltwater Sportsman

Since 1929, Saltwater Sportsman has been producing some of the most informative, useful materials related to saltwater fishing.

the saltwater sportsman fishing magazine logo

It focuses mainly on sport fishing, and is ideal for anglers of all ages looking to master new techniques and find fresh ways to bring the fish in.

Saltwater Sportsman has long been considered the leading authority on saltwater fishing.

Every new issue focuses on something important in saltwater fishing news, making it one of the most resource-centric magazines.

saltwater sportsman magazine for fishing

Not only does the magazine allow anglers to learn more about their saltwater passion, but it also provides advice with gear selection.

They often publish innovative strategies for catching fish faster, and the website releases videos to make the content more accessible. 

saltwater sportsman magazine for fishermen

There’s no shortage of helpful information from Saltwater Sportsman. The magazine has been in continuous publication since it began, and it continues to release new issues filled with valuable advice and observations. 

Florida Sportsman 

Finding more effective fishing strategies in Florida and the Tropics is not tricky. You should be able to find everything you need in one magazine. That magazine happens to be the Florida Sportsman. 

the florida sportsman fishing magazine logo

This magazine is a fantastic guide to everything that has to do with Florida fishing. The magazine focuses on fishing and boating, providing useful tips and valuable tools for anglers who want to increase their haul.

Florida Sportsman also includes several fun outdoor activities for anyone spending time in Florida or the Tropics.

floria sportsman fishing magazine cover

You can learn about exciting events and promotions around the state and maybe even find out about a fishing competition or two.

Florida Sportsman claims to be the singular, definitive, authoritative guide for all things Florida fishing.

the florida sportsman fishing magazine app

The most active anglers in the state will benefit greatly from having an issue of this magazine nearby when they’re ready to get serious about their craft. 


Bassmaster has the kind of name that tells you everything you need to know about the magazine without actually digging into the magazine.

the bassmaster fishing magazine logo

Indeed it’s one of the best fishing magazines in circulation, filled with valuable insights and expert opinions.

The magazine has been in continuous publication for over 45 years. For nearly 50 years, Bassmaster has been helping anglers all over the country learn their craft and perfect their technique to maximize every fishing trip.

a bassmaster fishing magazine cover page

Bassmaster is the official magazine of BASS, which has a worldwide membership of nearly half a million passionate anglers.

The magazine is all about educating anglers to enable them to get better. It also strives to inform about new trends and equipment. 

the bassmaster fishing magazine slogan

And it’s incredibly entertaining. It’s filled with fun tips and strategies, anecdotes, and ways to improve your bass-catching skills.

You’ll even get to read entertaining stories from other bass anglers who want to share their experiences with the bass-fishing community.

Marlin Magazine

Marlin first came into being in 1981. It started as a print magazine, but like most magazines these days, it exists in digital form.

the marlin fishing magazine logo

The headquarters reside in Florida, where fishing is an everyday experience come rain or shine. 

Marlin is all about highlighting the world’s fishing spots. It focuses on marlin anglers, but it appeals to anyone who wants to get out and learn more about the fishing world. You’ll find excellent insider tips to help anglers improve their game.

marlin fishing magazine subscription options

The digital website consists of regular blogs about everything from pollution to yacht reviews.

You don’t have to search long to find something interesting, informative, and entertaining. And you’ll always come away feeling like you learned something.

the marlin fishing magazine app store logo

Marlin is a great fishing magazine because it combines many of the elements of other fishing magazines.

It has an annual publication that ships right to your door, or you can enjoy the digital platform at your fingertips.

Big Game Fishing Journal

Fishing is no laughing matter when it’s the only way that you want to spend your weekend. So why not let yourself get fully informed?

the big game fishing journal magazine logo

Big Game Fishing Journal is another great option for all the saltwater anglers who want to get a little better and more effective.

Most subscribers love the magazine, many of them calling it the best fishing investment they’ve ever made.

While it mostly focuses on the angling community in New England, it contains many universal tips that will work everywhere.

big game fishing journal magazine covers

With a bi-monthly print schedule, the magazine releases six issues every year. The magazine focuses on producing instructional material for saltwater anglers.

That means you can find information on saltwater fishing techniques and gear that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. And with total boat reviews, you might find yourself tempted to upgrade.

a big game fishing journal magazine cover

One of the most impressive features of Big Game Fishing Journal is how it leans into providing tips for using technological advancements in the fishing industry.

With this magazine, you can learn about equipment some people have never heard of before, and all of it will come in handy when you’re out in the water. 

Field and Stream

Ever since 1895, avid anglers all over the country have been enjoying the fruits of Field & Stream to learn and grow as experts.

the field and stream fishing magazine logo

The magazine was a print-only publication for 127 years. In 2015, it turned into an online-only journal. 

Before its online switch, Field & Stream used to publish nine issues a year. That was cut down to six as the days of the print publication were drawing to a close. Now, everything is centralized on their official website.

field and stream fishing magazine subscription options

The website is still an incredible tool for anglers everywhere. The magazine talks about fishing, hunting, conservation, survival, and more.

They don’t just talk about fishing at Field & Stream, which means it’s more likely to attract a broader demographic of readers. 

Field & Stream is filled to the brim with personal anecdotes from adventurers who have spent time in the great outdoors.

field and stream subscribe message

There’s no shortage of remarkable stories of survival, funny animal encounters, and epic fishing adventures. 

Florida Sport Fishing Magazine

One of the unique fishing magazines out there is Florida Sport Fishing Magazine. This is the premier magazine for connecting fishing-related businesses with interested individuals who want to take full advantage of all that Florida outdoors offers. 

the florida sport fishing magazine logo

The magazine is a small operation owned by a local family passionate about delivering quality information to the angling community.

Fishing should be a fun, exciting experience. And with the right resources, it can easily be the best time of your life.

florida sport fishing magazine covers

That’s why Florida Sport Fishing Magazine folks do more than just limit themselves to the written word. They also run a small store that offers high-grade fishing equipment.

florida sport fishing online subscription options

You can find just about anything you need for your Florida fishing trip. Whether you’re looking for helpful information or proper tools, the magazine is filled with excellent resources. 

National Fisherman

National Fisherman is another great magazine with a long, storied past. Since 1946, National Fisherman has been providing anglers with vital information that tells a story and educates them at the same time.

the national fisherman fishing magazine logo

The magazine focuses on supporting saltwater fishing. Both as a hobby and a business, the magazine dedicates itself to being an advocate for saltwater anglers and all the needs that they might have.

national fisherman magazine cover

That means providing the best information possible. The magazine publishes all-encompassing details covering everything from boat building to new marine electronics.

They also focus on environmental and conservation issues, exercising genuine concern for the great outdoors. 

a very old issue of national fisherman fishing magazine

What’s more, the magazine covers maritime history. So, if you have a deep, abiding passion for fishing and maritime history, then National Fisherman is the magazine for you. 

Outdoor Life

Outdoor Life is yet another enduring magazine that recently made the transition to being an exclusively online publication. That decision was made in the summer of 2021. 

the outdoor life fishing magazine logo

The magazine covers everything, even mildly related to outdoor living. They go over hunting, camping, survival, and fishing.

vintage outdoor life magazine cover art

It’s technically the sister magazine of Field & Stream, and the two publications are owned and operated by the same corporation.

Since 1898, Outdoor Life has provided game-changing tips, tactics, and techniques for anglers of all ages.

outdoor life fishing magazine subscription options

It’s widely considered the premier sporting magazine, and it continues to be an authority for avid outdoors people.  

Final Thoughts

The best fishing magazines are the ones that focus on more than just fishing. After all, fishing is a whole lifestyle.

The magazines that help anglers get better ought to reflect the heart of the sport that so many people love.  

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