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Do Kids Need a Fishing License?

Not merely a hobby, fishing is a lifestyle for lots of people. If you are an avid fisher, it hardly comes as a surprise that you want to introduce your kids to fishing. When they are old enough to grab a rod and a reel, the next step is getting them a fishing license. Do your kids really need a fishing license? It is always a better idea to abide by the rules and regulations of your state and local fishery to add more fun to your outdoor adventures.

Check State Laws for a Kids Fishing License

The question of whether or not to get a kid’s fishing license has more than one answer. The rules for obtaining a fishing license vary for different states. For example, in Texas, kids under 17 don’t require a fishing license according to the Texas Parks & Wildlife fishing regulations. Methods for obtaining a fishing license vary from state to state, as do the laws. Check your state and local fishing laws to determine if your child needs a fishing license, or to see at what age they should obtain one. 

Get a Lifetime Fishing License for Kids

For a majority of parents, securing a license and then keeping it up-to-date is a great hassle. If you want to avoid the task of updating it, you can check out your state’s policy on lifetime fishing licenses and buy it as a gift for your kid on his or her birthday. In California, you can buy a lifetime kids’ fishing license for a one-time payment of $550.

Finishing off all the paperwork can be frustrating when you are trying to get a fishing license for your kids, but once secured, it does lots of good. US Fish & Wildlife Services has made public the data on the revenue collected from the sales of fishing licenses. In 2018, the sale of fishing license generated a whopping $700 million in revenue that went straight into conservation and sustainability of fishing resources in the country. This means buying a fishing license helps you protect this precious natural resource.

After Getting a Fishing License

Getting a fishing license is considered the easiest part. The harder thing is to teach your kids how to fish in a fun and sustainable manner. Stay positive while they learn the ropes so that they aren’t discouraged!

You have to make him learn how to cast a line in the ocean without getting tangled. You should be ready to buy more than one line because it is normal for kids to lose a few of them during their learning period. Get them a couple of kids fishing rods so that you have an extra in the stock in case your kid loses it. You may also want to invest in kids waders if you’re getting wet, a life jacket, and a hat to keep them safe.

Outdoor fishing is a fun activity that can help your kid enjoy a healthy, outdoor hobby. In addition to its physical benefits, fishing also positively affects the mental health of your kids. Getting a fishing license for your kid is the first step towards sharing your love of fishing and making memories out on the lake together. Don’t forget to take photos of their first catch!

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