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Deep Cycle Marine Batteries That Will Let You Fish All Day Long

Marine deep cycle batteries are the unsung heroes of our boats. We rarely give these tiny powerhouses a second thought, but we’d be flying blind out there without one. 

a deep cycle marine battery powering a boat

All of the equipment and electronics we rely on when out on the water would cease to work. We’d be transported back to the Age of Exploration when sailors had little more than a compass and a map for navigation. 

A quality marine deep cycle battery provides power to all our critical components; from gauges and electronics to lights, stereo, and windlass. 

Considering how crucial a quality battery is, we must choose the best marine deep cycle battery for our boats.

close up of a marine deep cycle battery

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best available to help decide on the best marine deep cycle battery.

Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M Trolling Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery

Most marine batteries are intended to either start the boat or power its systems. It’s rare for one battery to perform double duty and handle both starting and enduring power.

odyssey deep cycle marine battery

Most dual-purpose batteries are inefficient and offer mediocre performance. The Trolling Thunder battery from Odyssey is different. 

This battery delivers an impressive 1,150 cold crank amps for starting. It also provides excellent deep cycle performance.

The Trolling Thunder provides a 70% longer cycle life and delivers up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of charge. Best of all, it charges quickly, returning to full capacity in six hours or less. 

Odyssey stands behind this battery with an excellent three-year full replacement warranty. We’ll be covered even if it breaks prematurely.

Optima OPT8016-103 Deep Cycle Marine Battery

This is an excellent option for boaters who want a dual-purpose battery at an affordable price. The Optima Blue Top battery offers an ideal balance of features and value. 

optima blue top deep cycle marine battery

With 750 cold crank amps, this battery can quickly start most small boats. Blue Top batteries offer up to three times longer cycle life, and they recharge quickly and efficiently.

These smartly-designed batteries also provide up to fifteen times the vibration resistance of a typical flooded battery. 

At only 43 pounds, this Optima battery is also smaller and more compact than most other dual-purpose batteries, making it an ideal choice for tight battery cavities and boats with limited space. The brand stands behind this battery with a solid 2-year warranty.

Mighty Max Battery 12V 35AH Replacement Battery Compatible

The Mighty Max battery is a compact and lightweight deep cycle battery at an excellent price. It provides reliable power to our electronics and accessories while on the water. 

mighty max marine deep cycle battery

The calcium-alloy grid delivers plenty of power, recharges quickly, and provides a long cycle life. It also comes at a significantly more affordable price than most competitors.

These batteries aren’t as vibration-resistant as some top-of-the-line options. It’s still more than sturdy enough for recreational boaters. 

Mighty Max offers a full one-year warranty should the battery stop working or become damaged during regular use.

Bass Pro Shops X-900 AGM Battery

At the intersection of performance, reliability, and affordability lies the X-900 battery from Bass Pro Shops.

bass pro shops deep cycle marine battery

This dual-purpose battery can handle both starting and deep cycle applications, and it has plenty of power for most small and mid-sized boats. 

These batteries have a rugged case that’s highly shock and vibration resistant, which ensures reliable performance. In the offseason, the X-900 can be stowed away for a year or longer without recharging. 

Bass Pro Shops offer a solid warranty on these batteries, with full replacement coverage for the first 12 months followed by pro-rated coverage for the next 24 months.

Final Thoughts

A reliable deep cycle marine battery is arguably the most critical component of a boat, even if it’s easy to overlook.

The batteries on our list represent the best in the industry. Now, all you need is a good trolling motor to go along with it!

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