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Inflatable Pontoon Boats That Make Fishing Even Easier

Unlike sailboats or yachts, pontoon boats feature long air-filled tubes on their port and starboard sides. These tubes support the craft and keep it afloat. 

angler in an inflatable pontoon boat fishing

But did you know that some pontoon boats are entirely inflatable? 

An inflatable pontoon boat is a convenient and easy-to-store alternative to traditional options.

Many are small enough (when deflated) to fit neatly in a trunk or carrying bag. These vessels make it easy for anglers to slide out onto the water and cast a reel⁠—no boat trailer required. 

So, whether you enjoy fishing alone or with a partner, an inflatable pontoon boat could be an affordable alternative to a hard-sided fishing boat. Still, there are several models from which to choose.

an angler using an inflatable pontoon fishing boat to catch fish

This article will reveal the top picks for the best inflatable pontoon boat, ensuring that you select an easy-to-use, durable, and capable craft for your outdoor adventures!

Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat

The Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat is a single-person craft with plenty to offer. 

a Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat

This craft is brimming with handy storage spaces, including a behind-the-seat wire basket ideal for coolers or tackle boxes, a dozen zippered pockets for small items, and several mesh pockets. The two cupholders (located within arm’s reach of the chair) are also a practical touch.

Anglers are also bound to appreciate the built-in rod holders and fly storage area (with a mesh patch cover).

And with a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs, this vessel can support anglers and their gear with relative ease.

In terms of power, this pontoon boat offers two primary options: manual or motorized. The back section features a sturdy motor mount, but the included oarlocks and aluminum oars make it easy for anglers to navigate lakes and rivers without a motor. 

This model also features an abrasion-resistant bottom that reduces the likelihood of springing an air leak.

When it comes to comfort, it’s challenging to outdo this craft’s foldable padded chair, which makes for a relaxing time out on the water. 

Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Inflatable Fishing Boat

Having a buddy along for the ride can make your fishing experience far more enjoyable and manageable. After all, an extra set of hands never hurt anybody when netting a large catch!

a Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Inflatable Fishing Boat

The Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Inflatable Fishing Boat is a top-notch pontoon boat for two-person fishing expeditions, measuring more than 12 feet long and featuring a maximum weight limit of 650lbs. 

While some inflatable pontoon boats situate users close to the water, this vessel keeps anglers high and dry.

After all, users can roll out an aluminum slat flooring that keeps seats (and feet) several inches above the waterline.

Additionally, the seats included with this craft rotate for maximum movement during casting and reeling and are height-adjustable for comfort. And though this pontoon boat comes with oarlocks and oars, it also features a rear motor mount for faster, hands-free travel.

Though you won’t find any storage pockets on this craft, the fabric floor keeps gear in reach, so you’re never far away from your tackle box. 

Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Anglers looking for the simplest inflatable pontoon boat may want to check out the Classic Accessories Roanoke. It’s a straightforward craft with few bells and whistles, but everything an angler needs to enjoy a fruitful time on the water.

a Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat

For example, this model doesn’t feature a motor mount. But it does come with built-in oarlocks and two 6-foot aluminum oars, making navigation (particularly in deeper waters) a breeze. 

The fold-down plastic seat might not come with cushions, but it’s ideally situated between the craft’s two sizeable, zippered storage compartments. So, fetching a snack or a bottle of sunscreen only takes a few moments.

But, of course, the under-seat mesh and behind-the-seat fabric platform are ideally suited to keep your lures, bait, and tackle box within easy reach.

Though the inflatable pontoons don’t hoist anglers far above the water, the adjustable footrests can help keep feet dry and comfortable during longer fishing sessions.

Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat

Those looking for a lightweight alternative to inflatable pontoon boats with steel frames should take a moment to consider the Sea Eagle 285. Though this single-person boat only weighs about 42lbs, it can support up to 450lbs. 

a Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat

Anglers with multiple rods and extra gear can travel confidently in this vessel. Thanks to this craft’s padded swivel chair and floorboard, they can also travel comfortably. 

This floorboard’s angled front makes soaked socks and shoes a thing of the past. So, users who’d prefer to attach a motor to the rear mount don’t need to worry about water spraying up onto their feet and legs when traveling out on the water.

The built-in rod holder is also an attractive feature, and it’s only inches away from the rear storage pouch.

Anglers can swivel to face the vessel’s rear, slip their rod into the holder, and effortlessly access lures, bait, line cutters, or an ice-cold beverage.

Aquos PF380 FISHME Heavy Duty Inflatable Pontoon

Fishing on the Aquos PF380 FISHME Heavy Duty Inflatable Pontoon is almost like fishing on a floating island.

an Aquos PF380 FISHME Heavy Duty Inflatable Pontoon

This inflatable pontoon comes equipped with a solid aluminum floorboard, a stainless steel grab bar, and a plush padded swivel seat. 

These features (in addition to the multi-tube pontoons) ensure that anglers stay out of the water and remain comfortable.

The superior surface area also allows anglers to get up and move around while fishing, making it easy to stand and reel in a big catch or sit and relax as you wait for a bite.

The included hand-controlled trolling motor is also a unique addition, as many inflatable pontoon boats don’t come with a motor. Even better, this pontoon comes in several styles, some of which include remote-controlled motors or foot-controlled RC motors.

The maximum weight limit of this vessel is 970lbs, so this pontoon boat can support plenty of gear and comfortably accommodate two anglers.

Outcast Fish Cat 13 Pontoon Boat

One of the stand-out features of the Outcast Fish Cat 13 Pontoon Boat is the removable front frame module. This feature allows the vessel to transform from a two-person craft into a single-person model.

an Outcast Fish Cat 13 Pontoon Boat

But convertibility isn’t the only notable aspect of this inflatable pontoon boat. The sturdy aluminum frame includes a spacious footrest area that doubles as a storage space for tackle boxes and various gear. 

Notably, the rear seat also comes with a similar (though slightly smaller) platform, ensuring that two-person fishing excursions are equally as convenient as single-person ones.

Though this pontoon boat doesn’t come with a motor mount, it does have oarlocks and oars. It also comes with a grab bar that makes it easy for anglers to stand and cast without worrying about losing their balance and falling overboard. 

The included zippable storage bags can keep sensitive items safe while out on the water, and their placement is ideal for both one-person and two-person expeditions.

Outcast Fish Cat 10-IR

Few single-person inflatable pontoon boats come with grab bars, but the Outcast Fish Cat 10-IR is an exception.

an Orvis Fish Cat 10-IR

Thanks to its included retractable platform and lean bar, this straightforward single-person craft makes it easy for anglers to cast their line while standing or sitting.

With a maximum weight capacity of 450lbs, it’s also capable of supporting the weight of rods, tackle boxes, and other necessary fishing gear.

The lean bar includes a mesh storage pouch for keeping lures and bait within reach, but anglers who’d prefer to stay seated can utilize the zippered storage pouches on both sides of the craft.

This vessel also features sturdy 10-foot-long PVC pontoon tubes that excel at keeping anglers above the water line and dry.

This model’s durable steel frame includes built-in oarlocks and removable oars, though users can attach a motor to the rear motor mount for speedier travel. 

Bucks Bags High Adventure 9-Foot Pontoon Boat

The Bucks Bags High Adventure 9-Foot Pontoon Boat is a brilliant combination of simplicity and convenience. This single-person craft consists of two inflatable pontoons and a detachable, compact powder-coated steel frame.

a Bucks Bags High Adventure 9-Foot Pontoon Boat

The frame comes equipped with virtually everything you’ll need to enjoy a successful fishing excursion, including oars and oarlocks, a rear motor mount, a padded seat, and multiple storage options.  

The zippered storage bags are a top-notch place to keep beverages, snacks, and electronic devices safe during your outing, and the mesh lap cargo space ensures that lures are never far away.

This is also one of the few inflatable pontoon boats to feature an anchor system, making it a relatively rare find.

Best-suited for shallow fishing areas (such as small lakes and streams), this vessel could be a perfect match for anglers who prefer to fish alone and keep things simple.

Final Thoughts

Inflatable pontoon boats can make on-the-fly fishing a cinch. They’re lightweight, easily transportable, and simple. These vessels are also comparatively affordable, often costing several thousand dollars less than the average small-sized fishing boat.

For a straightforward and convenient fishing session, it’s hard to beat the advantages of an inflatable pontoon boat.

Fortunately, those looking to own one can choose from the top picks listed above, as each offers unique features and practical advantages for anglers.

Whether you’re fishing alone or with a friend, on a still lake, or down a gurgling river stream, there’s a model ideally suited to your needs!

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