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Pole Spears that Will Make Spearfishing Even More Fun

Deliberating over the best pole spear can be difficult, given how many models there are, and no one wants to stress about the tool’s performance before a spearfishing vacation. 

person spearfishing for lobster with a pole spear

Between a wide range of lightweight materials like aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber, a variety of sizes between three and ten feet, and other amenities the purchase includes, it can be hard to know what to choose.

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been spearfishing for years, it is worthwhile comparing different options on the market to see what’s best for you before you invest. 

a person fishing with a pole spear

Below, we’ll be discussing six different models of pole spears from six different, discussing what makes each stand out. These are all segmented, with an emphasis on easy traveling. 

JBL Shaka 7′ Carbon Fiber Travel Pole Spear

The JBL Shaka 7′ is composed of various materials with aluminum at the front of the shaft and a carbon fiber back, totaling seven feet. This spear is not very flexible. Instead, it works to transfer all of the inertia into the tip with a powerful thrust.

That said, it is still very durable against rocks and reefs due to the caliber of the metal.

Adding to just how efficient the spear is at transferring energy into striking your fish, the design for the band uses JBL’s brand latex mixture to create more power behind the strike. It also provides greater longevity compared to more traditional pole-spear bands.  

While this does have the ability to exchange spear points, there is one included in the purchase. The JBL Shaka 7′ pole can be dismantled into three segments for ease of travel. 

Mako Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear

The Mako Spearfishing Traveler is a 6’7” long pole spear that breaks down into three segments for smooth packing and traveling. Still, since these are detachable, it is possible to exchange these interchangeable sections to make a shorter spear.

Adaptability is fantastic if you want to exercise more control or practice different approaches and techniques. This feature is useful when looking for a starter model. Because of the fluctuations in size, there is a band for the shorter setting on this model. 

This model is composed of hollow aluminum, which is very light. The spear point included has three prongs, each with barbs, rather than a flopper barb or a slip line. Mako Spearguns do offer other heads that are interchangeable with this. 

Scuba Choice Fiberglass Travel Pole Spear 5’

The Fiberglass Travel Pole Spear 5’ from Scuba Choice is the shortest on this list at 5 feet long. The benefit here is that it allows for more efficient delivery of power. It offers greater control and accuracy at the expense of range. 

With that power, the carbon fiber body needs to protect the shaft against consequence. It is lighter and sturdier than other standard spear materials. Most Scuba Choice spearheads use stainless steel, which can also be quite hardy.

It comes with a single barb flopper, which is helpful to trap the fish without causing as much damage upon retrieval, but there are other attachable heads available. 

The band that it comes with is a fairly standard model without any special features.

Evolve Carbon Fiber Travel Pole Spear

Spearfishing World has made an incredibly versatile pole spear with the Evolve. It offers a very customizable experience along with easy storage and travel. There are five different settings for the length, with the longest being a staggering 9 feet, going down to 3 feet.

This adjustable quality is made possible with multiple interlocking segments that can be combined or used on their own. One could even make several spears out of this by attaching heads on the pole separate bodies. These poles have a solid core.

As the name suggests, this is made of carbon fiber, specifically T700. This is strong stuff and will keep the spear light and intact despite all the pressure on the joints. The fittings are aluminum.

The Evolve does not include any spear tips but does have a band. For using the very long spear lengths after combining segments, a separate band may be necessary, however.  

Eight’er Gatku Pole Spear

This is the first model on our list which is not called a travel spear, but don’t be fooled because this is also segmented. The back half uses aluminum but the front is made with carbon graphite. This is very strong, and very light, with the blend of the materials aiding in balance.

At seven feet long, three of which are at the carbon fiber front section, the Gatku Eight’er is made for high precision. 

The design helps to distribute the weight away from the back, which keeps the spear more balanced instead of wanting to tilt backward. The benefit here is not only in the comfort for mobility, but also helps to keep a steady aim when you’re ready to let the pole go.

The carbon fiber is also designed for flexibility. No one should ever try to let the spear go into the ground or in a reef, but the material will be able to spring back more effectively just in case.

HeadHunter Predator Pole Spear

The Predator is a tried-and-true spear to take out with you. This spear has two segments, with the front being carbon fiber that gets added strength from stainless steel. The back is not nearly as heavy though, using a light, metal composite. 

The weight distribution makes this quite an effective projectile while also being very robust. 

It includes a slip-line spearhead. This is a more sophisticated spear tip than most other models will come with, and it is shipped ready to use. Because the front end is more complicated, however, this may not be the ideal model for someone just starting. 

Moreover, this is 9 feet long, which will require more steady control and focus for aiming than a shorter spear, but offers great range and power. It also comes with more than the standard pole, tips, and band, offering an injector rod for the slip tip, and a built-in grip on the pole.

With more moving and interlocking pieces, this can be technically intricate and be more prone to malfunction in the hands of someone without any experience. The Predator is a fairly standard spearhead though, so no one should be too intimidated. 

Final Thoughts

At the point when the materials in use are good quality, and the aerodynamic designs will more or less resemble each other, the notion of the ‘best’ pole spear becomes a highly personal choice.

Someone just starting or getting ready for a one-off spearfishing vacation might value customization for the sizes, or what other amenities are included like the band and speartip. Otherwise, someone who goes many times per year may look for durability and precision.

Best Pole Spear for Fishing

  1. JBL Shaka 7′ Carbon Fiber Travel Pole Spear
  2. Mako Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear
  3. Scuba Choice Fiberglass Travel Pole Spear 5’
  4. Evolve Carbon Fiber Travel Pole Spear
  5. Eight’er Gatku Pole Spear
  6. HeadHunter Predator Pole Spear

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