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Top Spearguns That Will Help You Catch More Fish Every Time

When you’re out in the water searching for fish to spear, you want a reliable gun to do the job correctly.

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You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are geared up underwater with a speargun, and it fails you.

Sneaking up on fish doesn’t require much, but attempting to fire a spear at a fish that is quick to move, you need a gun with power and speed to get the fish in the last second that you need it to.

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It’s crucial to find a speargun that fits your requirements and provides you with a quick and powerful spear that will make fishing to eat or sell impossibly easy.

Below you will find a list of the 11 best spearguns, all found on Amazon and all relatively the same price.

Top 11 Spearguns for Spearfishing

  1. Cressi Apache Speargun
  2. Cressi Comanche Speargun
  3. Hammerhead Evolution 2 Speargun
  4. Mares Sten Speargun
  5. AB Biller Mahogany Speargun
  6. Rob Allen Tuna
  7. Mares Sten Penumatic Speargun
  8. Beuchat Arka Competition Speargun
  9. Beuchat Espadon Sport
  10. JBL D7 (AP-352) New Carbine Speargun
  11. Cressi SL Star Spearfishing Speargun

Cressi Apache Speargun

The Cressi Apache Speargun is smaller, only 45 centimeters long. It is simple to put together and easy to use. The Apache is one of the better guns for beginners who want to learn how to catch fish. 

Cressi Apache Speargun

Instead of a reel, it uses a single, wrap-around sling that propels the spear forward and out of the gun.

The band is removable and easy to adjust, and the wishbone that connects to it has quick assembly.

With a closed muzzle to increase accuracy, the barrel is made up of heavy-duty aluminum.

The top of the spear is Tahitian-style, which has the flopper on top. Its position could potentially block some of your aims when you zero in on a fish.

Although, it is meant to improve the puncture upon impact on the fish. The handle of the apache speargun is shaped to fit your hand at an angle for a more on-point shot.

This speargun is probably best for smaller fish as well.

Cressi Comanche Speargun

The Cressi Comanche Speargun is a hunting tool with a very soft release with its bayonet reel-anchoring system.

Cressi is a well-known brand in the underwater fishing world, and the Comanche Speargun is one of its highly rated guns.

The Comanche uses a reel and line, unlike the rubber band we saw with the Cressi Apache. It’s sold with four-line hooks, giving you different options depending on the kind of fish you are looking to stab. 

It has a non-slip handle and a 28mm barrel made out of aluminum that fights against corrosion.

The dark rubber coating on the handle is designed to be subtle but also easy to spot after shooting the spear. 

The muzzle of the speargun is minimized in size and built to be hydrodynamic, aiding it in gliding through the water faster and staying out of the way of your aim.

Small or medium-sized fish would be attainable for this gun.

Hammerhead Evolution 2 Speargun

The HammerHead Evolution 2 Speargun is one of the more accurate spearguns on our list coming from HammerHead Spearguns.

Hammerhead Evolution 2 Speargun

Its accuracy derives from the muzzle on the speargun that’s been altered to hold twin Power Helix Bands, giving the shot less recoil and keeping it under control.

Also using a line, the Evolution 2 uses Stainless Steel Heat Treat Shafts for the barrel, which gives it more controlled heat for higher efficiency and power.

This speargun has a reverse trigger mechanism, allowing it to reset after a shot and improving efficiency. 

The Hammerhead E2 uses a Hawaiian-style muzzle, which is a preferred muzzle in my spearguns because the flopper is on the bottom and doesn’t block any of the shots.

The handle offers a safety grip that works for right and left-handed people so that anyone can use this speargun flawlessly.

This speargun allows for much larger catches with its single steel wing.

Mares Sten Speargun

With many different advantages, the Mares Sten Speargun comes with 7m of line and a pump.

Mares Sten Speargun

The pump is used to increase the pressure of the speargun before firing, and rubber shock bungees and shock lines absorb the impact of the shot. 

This speargun is offered in several sizes, allowing you to determine which one is best suited for you.

The release and safety catch are patented to Mares because they enforce safety on their spearguns.

Mares commends combining equipment to make it easier on their customers, so they offer so many different items with the speargun.

On top of the pump and the rubber shock bungees, there are also double barb tips, a shaft loader, and a leg holster included in the package. 

The Mares Sten Speargun is another gun best suited to spearing smaller-sized fish.

AB Biller Mahogany Speargun

AB Biller Mahogany Speargun is the first wood speargun on our list, although the shaft and tip are made of stainless steel.

AB Biller Mahogany Speargun

It works by using rubber slings to propel the spear forward. The wooden speargun overall has benefits. Its ability to float underwater is the main one. 

Its buoyancy gives you complete control of the fun despite its solid wood make-up. Without it weighing you down, it’s much easier to reload between shots or swim up to fish without causing too much commotion.

The wood itself is located in different layers of protective shine but also gives a clear and glossy finish.

The AB Biller Speargun is versatile. The shaft is threaded, allowing the tip to be changed easily, and whether you are fishing in clear ocean water or murky lake water, accommodations can be made to the speargun.

With double steel wings at the tip of this gun’s shaft, it’s prepared to tackle a large fish.

Rob Allen Tuna

The Rob Allen Tuna speargun uses bands that hold two times the power normal bands do, and, on top of that, the gun is still insanely accurate. 

Rob Allen Tuna

The accuracy comes from the aluminum rain barrels, which means that the barrels and rails are attached, ultimately minimizing the movement within the gun apart from the spear being launched. 

With its strong power bands, the speargun is rather difficult to load without using heavy force because of how tense they are which is why some people prefer pneumatic guns.

This issue comes into play when you have to reload your speargun underwater. Without the proper angle, you may not be able to get it. Although, the power and accuracy make it worth it.  

Offered in many lengths, the Rob Allen Tuna Speargun is strong, has a Vecta 2 Trigger Mechanism, and has a steel shaft. 

The Rob Aleen Tuna speargun would be best for smaller or medium-sized fish because although it has a lot of power, the tip of the shaft is thin. Its accuracy makes it perfect for snagging smaller, quick fish. 

Mares Sten Pneumatic Speargun

The Mares Sten Pneumatic Speargun is similar to the previous Mares speargun mentioned in our list because of the safety precautions taken with their guns.

Mares Sten Pneumatic Speargun

This speargun also comes with different pieces of equipment. 

There is also a pump, but the shock line and techno-polymer shock-absorbing bushing and piston on this speargun are slightly different from the rubber bungee absorber. 

Another difference is the high air capacity tank used for this gun and the large seven to eight-millimeter stainless steel shafts and ½ inch barrel size. The thread is seven millimeters.

It also can absorb more shock and takedown bigger fishes. This gun also comes with a double barbed tip to help with the large catches and a leg holster for safety.

The Mares Sten Pneumatic speargun could take on small, medium, and decent-sized fishes with its high power and almost exact precision.

Beuchat Arka Competition Speargun

The Beuchat Arka Competition Speargun has a discreet muzzle that won’t catch too much attention and an automatic line release. 

Beuchat Arka Competition Speargun

Its handle and trigger system offers an immediate release with sixteen-millimeter power bands screwed on and a two-millimeter polyamide line. You can also add bands to the speargun.

It has a Tahitian-style shaft that can easily add on a reel if you’d like. Its stainless steel encapsulated trigger sets it apart from other spearguns because of the reliability it gives it. 

The Beuchat Arka Competition is best for smaller fish because of how thin the barrel is.

Beuchat Espadon Sport

The Beuchat Espadon Sport is another good speargun for beginners. Its entry-level simplicity is seen in its twenty-five-millimeter diameter, making it easier to hold underwater. You won’t have to struggle with it being too heavy or light. 

Beuchat Espadon Sport

The Beuchat Espadon Sport has a stainless steel exterior, and the shaft is seven millimeters with M6 thread. The handle is softer, giving you a comfortable grip.

It is Tahitian-style, so the only trouble as a beginner would be the flopper being on top and partially blocking your view. 

The Beuchat Espadon Sport is better for smaller or medium-sized fish because it’s a good speargun for entry-level fishers.

JBL D7 (AP-352) New Carbine Speargun

The JBL D7 (AP-352) New Carbine Speargun is advanced and impressive with its large size. With a 32.5-inch body, without the extension of the 9/32 inch shaft, the JBL D7 is made of stainless steel and has two barb rock point tips. 

JBL D7 (AP-352) New Carbine Speargun

It’s an impressive technology that when the shaft pierces the fish, the two steel wings unleash and get stuck in the fish, which is helpful because it prevents your spear from going entirely through the fish or the fish from getting away once it’s pierced.  

The bands are long because the speargun itself is quite long, but the gun itself is lightweight. The trigger has implemented safety techniques.

The carbines in the title are to make the gun high in strength with aluminum and stainless steel parts.

The length and the twin-barb rock point tip of the JBL make it a good option for all sorts of fish.

Cressi SL Star Spearfishing Speargun

The Cressi SL Star Spearfishing Speargun is the most colorful one with a burst of yellow, easy to find against the seafloor but has low visibility within the water. It has an eight-millimeter threaded stainless steel tempered shaft. 

Cressi SL Star Spearfishing Speargun

The handle is large and angled, leaving it easy to carry through the water. The speargun prevents accidental shooting with a catch for safety. When it isn’t on the safety, a simple trigger fires the shaft immediately. 

The speargun also comes with additional pieces, such as a gun pump, the shaft loader, and the owner’s manual so that you can keep the gun and yourself protected from any accidents.

Another speargun is adjustable to take down even the biggest of fishes.

Final Thoughts

The 11 best spearguns all have pros and cons regarding their durability, power, style, and whether they use bands or reels. Which one is best suited for you comes down to what you are looking for in a speargun.

The best overall gun appears to be the AB Biller Mahogany Speargun, which happens to be the only wooden speargun on our list. Its wood-grain finish, buoyancy, and power make it the most reliable on our list. 

The best-priced speargun is the Cressi Apache, but it also has aspects that make it a top contender. 

Whichever you choose, know you’ll be taking a reliable speargun in the water next time and resurfacing it with a bunch of fish to take home with you.

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