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High-Quality Spinning Reels That Cost Under $100

It is hard to imagine a pastime more relaxing than fishing. And if you are an experienced angler, there is nothing that can disrupt your relaxation as quickly as a reel malfunction.

spinning reel cost under 100

Your reel is the key to success when you are on the water, so you want to make sure that you have a quality product that will not let you down.

Unfortunately, a great reel can break the bank. Do not worry, it is still possible to find reels that stand up to any catch. That is why we took the time to explore all of the best spinning reels under 100 dollars. 

Each of the options listed here has been tried and researched in depth to ensure that you have the confidence to choose the best reel for your next fishing trip. Each of these rods is an excellent choice for fishermen looking to make a budget-friendly purchase without compromising on quality. 

Take a look at our list and see if any of the spinning reels below is the right choice for you!

Best Spinning Reels Less Than $100 

  1. Pflueger President 
  2. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Baitcast Fishing Reel
  3. Piscifun Carbon X Spinning Reel
  4. Shimano Sedona fi
  5. KastKing Sharky III
  6. Penn Pursuit III & Pursuit IV
  7. Abu Garcia Revo X
  8. Shimano Sahara fi
  9. Okuma Ceymar Baitfeeder Spinning Reel
  10. Pflueger Supreme
  11. Penn Fierce II & Fierce III

Pflueger President

This open-face reel features a 7 bearing stainless steel ball-bearing system. The stainless steel feature protects against corrosion and provides a smooth cast every time. It is made out of aluminum and graphite. 

The aluminum is lightweight and transfers movement from the line to your hand to ensure you will feel even the smallest of bumps on your bait. The total weight of the Pflueger President comes in at .46 pounds. 

The gear ratio on the Pflueger President is a comfortable 5.2:1, meaning you will not be struggling to reel in any catch, no matter the size. The line capacity on this reel is nothing to be ashamed of either. For monolines, you are looking at a yard to pound capacity of 200/2, 100/4, 80/6. For braided lines, you can expect 180/4, 125/6, and 100/8. 

The internal moving gears are one of the best features. They are not too quick to shift, which means that when you are reeling in, the line lays down smoothly, and you do not have to fuss around with any tangled line.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Baitcast Fishing Reel

It has a stainless steel 2 bearing system that gives you a smooth casting and reeling experience. In fact, the majority of this reel is made out of stainless steel. While it does put the reel a little on the heavier side, it also ensures long-term durability. This reel is not going to rust out on you anytime soon. 

The gear ratio on this reel is at 5.1:1, meaning you’re getting 5.1 full turns of the reel for every one turn you manually perform. 

The Ambassadeur S Baitcast has 12.5 pounds of drag pressure and a 4 pin brake that gives you an easily controllable, but still powerful cast. 

One of the features that fishermen tend to gloss over when they’re shopping for reels is comfort.

This reel has an ergonomically designed handle and we can’t overstate how important that can be for a long day of fishing. The bent handle design helps make sure you don’t wear out your grip. 

Piscifun Carbon X Spinning Reel

This reel is as strong as they come. And the carbon fiber, aluminum, and stainless construction make for a lightweight and durable reel that’s going to last you years. This reel weighs only 5.7 ounces, so your wrists won’t tire out after a long day of fishing.  

The Piscifun features an innovative 10+1 stainless steel ball-bearing system that actually makes this reel functional in both salt and freshwater. 

The gear ratio is an impressive 6.2:1, so you’ll be reeling in about as quickly and smoothly as possible. The line capacity for a braided line runs 15lb/150yds and 8lbs/120yds on a monoline. 

Piscifun went to great lengths to make a luxury reel in an affordable price range and their effort really shows when you look at some of the unique aspects of this reel. There’s the zinc alloy drive gear and hollow nest spool, not to mention the screw-in handle that you’d normally find on much more expensive reels. 

Shimano Sedona FI

Shimano is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to fishing gear, and they have products ranging from low to ultra-high tier. The Shimano Sedona FI sits on the higher end of this spectrum with its proprietary hagane steel gearing. 

The Shimano Sedona FI has a 3+1 stainless ball bearing system that facilitates a smooth cast and retrieval. The gear ratio is at 5.0:1, which isn’t the highest performing, but it’s certainly not slow either. Shimano promises a good 27 inches of line return per turn of the handle. There’s an overall maximum drag of 7lbs, and the reel itself weighs a light 6.3 ounces. 

The line capacity for a braided line on the Sedona FI is at 5/135, 8/105, 10/65 and 2/190, 4/100, and 6/60 for a mono line. The line capacities are pretty average for a reel in this price range. 

KastKing Sharky III

There are 10+1 stainless steel ball bearings to ensure you have a smooth experience with every cast. The reel can be used in both saltwater and freshwater. 

Line capacity for the Sharky III is 6/200, or 8/170 on a monoline, and 2/200, or 30/170 on a braided line. The reel weighs in at a pleasant 7.8 ounces, so it falls firmly in the lightweight category. 

The frame of the KastKing Sharky III is made from durable and light graphite. The large steel shaft adds to the power this reel provides. KastKing tried to include as many features as possible in the reasonably priced reel.

You’ll also enjoy the Sharky III is braided line ready, eliminating the need to tie in every time you want to use a braided line. 

Penn Pursuit III & Pursuit IV

This spinning reel features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel 5 ball bearing system that gives a nice glide on every cast. It weighs a bit heavier than the other rods listed so far at 9.8 ounces. It’s not what we’d consider heavy, but not quite lightweight either. 

The gear ratio is a notable 6.2/1 and pulls in a not too shabby 33 inches of line with every turn of the handle. The HT-100 drag makes this a powerful little reel that’s truly perfect for beginning saltwater anglers. 

The line capacity for the Pursuit III and IV is at 255/6, 175/8, 140/10 on a monoline. And braid capacity is at 240/10, 220/15, 160/20. For such a well-priced reel, these stats are pretty impressive. 

There are also a few extra features you can find on the Penn Pursuit III & IV that you may not see on other reels. First of all, the line capacity rings are excellent for letting you know exactly how much line you’ve got left to run. There’s a marker for ⅓ and ⅔ capacities. 

Abu Garcia Revo X

It has 7 stainless steel ball bearings that make sure you have an effortless casting experience. The body is made out of stainless steel, so you won’t worry about rust or corrosion. 

The gear ratio on the Revo X is 6.2:1, and for each turn of the handle you’ll be pulling in around 40 inches of line. That gear ratio combined with the 40-inch retrieval makes reeling in a breeze no matter what you’ve got on the line. 

The 13lb max drag on this reel makes it a good choice when you’re angling for a small to large size cast, just don’t expect to be reeling in any sharks with the Revo X. The line capacity for this reel is at 210/10, 180/12, and 150/14 for a mono line. For a braided line, the capacity is 210/14. 

This is a truly sleek reel that feels like quality. It’s a great representation of the Abu Garcia brand at a fraction of the cost compared to other luxury reels. If you like this Abu Garcia reel, you should check out the Revo series of baitcasters too!

Shimano Sahara FI

The Sahara boasts a stainless steel 5 ball bearing system to ensure a powerful cast that glides with precision every time. The reel itself is made with super durable hagane steel components that won’t break down with consistent use. 

The gear ratio sits at a satisfying 6.0:1 and you can expect to retrieve 36 inches of line per handle crank. These 2 features combined can be difficult to find in a reasonably priced spinning reel, so we definitely feel like the Shimano Sahara FI has earned its place on our list. 

The line capacity for the Sahara is 6/230, 8/170, and 10/140. The max drag is 20 lbs, which makes this reel a good choice for anglers looking to land a larger catch. It weighs in at a slightly heavier 8.8 ounces, so it may tire your wrists out if this is the only reel you’ve got with you for the day. 

Okuma Ceymar Baitfeeder Spinning Reel

The designers of this reel didn’t hold anything back when they were creating this sleek-bodied little machine. 

The Okuma Ceymar Baitfeeder is made out of a combination of lightweight graphite, cold-pressed aluminum, and stainless steel.

It’s coated in sleek black protective paint that protects against rust and corrosion. The internals of the reel feature 8 stainless steel ball bearings and a multi-disk drag system. 

The line capacity for this reel is 200 yards per 18 pounds on a monoline. With a gear ratio of 4.5:1, you’ll be turning the handle on this reel a few more times than you may be used to. But thanks to the precision-cut gears on the inside, each turn of the handle is going to feel smooth and easy. 

Pflueger Supreme

The stainless steel 9 bearing system makes for a smooth cast and an enjoyable retrieval. 

The gear ratio on the Pflueger Supreme isn’t as impressive as some of the other reels on our list, but it’s still a reasonable 5.2:1 and you’ll be pulling in 22 inches of line with every handle turn. 

The monoline capacity in yards per pound is 220yd/2lb 110yd/4lb 90yd/6lb. And the braided line capacity is 200yd/4lb 140yd/6lb 110yd/8lb. Another important feature is that this reel is braid-ready, meaning you won’t have to hassle with tying in every time you want to use a braided line. 

Penn Fierce II & Fierce III

The 4 stainless steel ball bearings give you a consistent cast, and the anti-reverse bearing makes sure you don’t have to deal with any line mishaps while you’re trying to reel in your catch.

It is made from a combination of aluminum and stainless steel components, weighing only 7.8 ounces. Because the reel is made of metal and professionally coated, you can expect it to stand up to salt and freshwater conditions for years. 

There is a maximum drag of 9lbs and a comfortable gear ratio of 5.2:1. The retrieval rate for each handle turn is 22 inches, so you won’t be pulling in a massive amount of line for each turn, but thanks to the internal bearing system, each handle turn feels easy and resistance-free. 

The line capacity for a monoline is 275/2, 135/4, 105/6. The capacity for a braided line is a respectable 160/6, 130/8, and 110/10. Penn is a respected brand in angling gear, and if you decide this is the right spinning reel for you, you’re not going to be disappointed with your purchase.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on the market for a new spinning reel, try to keep a few important key features in mind. You want to find a reel with a smooth ball bearing system that’s going to make casting a breeze. 

Make sure you pay attention to line capacity especially if you prefer to fish with a braided line over a mono line. And don’t hesitate to shop around!

Once you identify the reel features that are most important to you, it makes it easy to find a high-caliber product within your budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a quality product, and the same is true when it comes to fishing kayaks as well!

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