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Amazing Squarebill Crankbaits That Fish Simply Can’t Resist

Crankbait, also known as plugs, lures, wobblers, and several other terms, mimic the action of small baitfish when you reel them in and pull them through the water.

Square Bill Crankbait

The best square bill crankbait lures dive and wobble side to side when you pull them back in a way that fish can’t resist.

Crankbait typically works best at shallow depths, and square bill varieties are ideal for depths up to about ten feet.

Because of the wide, square bill with a downward slope, the lures can deflect off obstructions and avoid getting hung up. 

a red and orange squarebill crankbait fishing lure

Their movement through the water, especially during these deflections, attracts bass and other fish.

They’re cost-effective because they’re less likely to get caught and lost in rocks, plants, or roots.

These square bill crankbait models work the best to deflect obstructions and attract the monster bass every angler hopes to hook. 

Top 7 Square Bill Crankbait Lures

  1. Strike King KVD 1.5
  2. Lucky Craft 1.5
  3. 6th Sense Crush Squarebill
  4. River2Sea Biggie Poppa
  5. Balsa Xtreme Brat
  6. SPRO Little John Crank Bait
  7. Bomber Lures Square A Crankbait

Strike King KVD 1.5

This Strike King square bill plastic crankbait comes in 15 varieties to mimic prey fish, including bream, bluegill, perch, shad, and herring. The bait measures about 1″ long and has lifelike 3D eyes. 

The colorful paint that tricks bass is chip-resistant, and the black nickel hooks can stand up to repeated use. 

Strike King’s baits offer erratic action while moving through the water and deflecting off the heavy cover to drive fish wild, and don’t include rattles for a silent approach.

These crankbaits dip down to about 10″ with a tight wobble and thumping action caused by the modified flat side. 

Lucky Craft 1.5

Lucky Craft makes one of the best square bill crankbait models that measures about 2.5″ long and works at a depth of about 3 to 4.’

Choose between eight colorful varieties, including various colors of gill, shad, and craw, or choose the bright green and black Magma Peacock style. 

These lures are plastic that will last years longer than the older style of balsa wood bait.

The ability to drop lower than some sub-surface baits lets these lures attract the big bass that stays on the bottom near the rocks. 

The wide bill deflects obstructions and creates a silent wobble that urges fish to strike. 

6th Sense Crush Squarebill

This square bill crankbait called Boiled Crawfish is one of over 60 colors available.

It comes with a #4 sized bottom and end treble hook and a wide square bill perfect for deflecting off rocks and cutting through grass. 

The bill also helps the bait dip and wobble while reeling in to attract bass. Flat sides create a tight shake and rolling action, and a bulkier body than some other baits attracts more fish. 

These lures can dive up to 5′ and get gamefish’s attention with 3D eyes, scales, and bill plates that look lifelike. The colors of the dozens of styles shine even in deeper, murkier water.

River2Sea Biggie Poppa

Choose between Real Sunfish and Ts Minnow varieties of this River2Sea square bill crankbait in a 58mm “Smalls” or 68mm “Poppa” size. 

The River2Sea Biggie Poppa is for fishing up 3′ to 5′ deep, while the Smalls work best at a depth of 2′ to 4.’

The Poppa lure has #2 treble hooks, and the Smalls has two #4 size trebles. Both sizes float fast and rattle to get the fish’s attention. 

Professional Bassmaster and angler Ish Monroe designed the Biggie, making these lures some of the best square bill crankbait for depths of up to 5.’

Balsa Xtreme Brat

These Balsa Xtreme Brat square bill crankbait are a blend of a balsa wood core for excellent floating and an outer shell of a copolymer for durability.

They have a v-cut belly and a modified flat side for the best kick-outs, hard flash, wild tracking, and wobbles. 

Perfect for bass, these lures also work for most gamefish. The Carbon model is one of 16 available designs, including chartreuse shad, delta, haymaker, and blue ghost. 

All models have superior buoyancy for fast-floating because of the balsa wood inner core. 

SPRO Little John Crank Bait

SPRO Fishing’s Little John crankbait comes in 28 styles and colors, including versions of bream, shad, and craw. Plus, you can put whatever type of hooks you want on this crankbait!

They also offer bright and eye-catching designs like Old Fire Tiger’s neon green and black. 

These large lures can run as deep as 9′ when cast on a 10lb monofilament line to reach the ledge-dwelling bass and gamefish and make the catch stick with Gamakatsu brand hooks. 

A longer dive bill with a sharper downward angle than the original Little John bait gets the crankbait deep fast and deflects obstructions with no hang-ups.

A tungsten transfer system provides enough weight to give a long, clean cast and help the crankbait cut through the water. 

Bomber Lures Square A Crankbait

These Bomber-A lures are some of the best square bill crankbait for cutting through grass and deflecting off timber and heavy cover without snags. 

A 10lb line lets the bait dive to about 3′ deep and wobbles enough to draw the attention of bass and other gamefish.

Anglers can also pull the bait slowly to create a surface wake to attract fish at shallower depths. 

The Bomber Square A crankbait comes in a 1-⅝” or a 2″ size in six bright fish-catching colors and is excellent for causing reaction strikes from bass, crappie, and perch. 

Final Thoughts

The best square bill crankbait’s wild action usually works best when you do a slow retrieve, but don’t be afraid to pause while reeling in the bait to create more interest in nearby fish. 

Take square bill crankbait to the places you’d lose other crankbait in fallen timber, rocks, and weeds to see how the deflecting action attracts the biggest bass and keeps the lure from tangling and snagging.

Finally, stock your tackle box with more than one type of crankbait to fish at different depths for different species and increase your chances of hooking a big one.

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