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9 Best Lipless Crankbaits

Lipless crankbaits are a-dime-a-dozen anywhere you look, but you don’t always get what you pay for – or rather, you could be getting so much more for the same price.

lipless crankbaits

If you like to fish in reedy areas with lots of grasses and weeds, want a sinking lure for trolling, or are looking for an all-seasons lure that can handle any type of fish, then look no further.

These are the best lipless crankbaits on the market that every angler needs in their tackle box.

Top 9 Lipless Crankbaits

  1. Cotton Cordell Super Spot
  2. Rapala Rippin Rap
  3. Booyah One Knocker
  4. Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap
  5. Lucky Craft LV-500 Max
  6. Strike King Red Eye Shad
  7. Berkley Warpig
  8. Spro Aruku Lipless Crank
  9. Yo-Zuri 3DB Vibe Sinking Lure

Cotton Cordell Super Spot

Cotton Cordell’s Super Spot lipless crankbait is a must-have lure. With 12 vibrant colors to choose from and a dual hook system, this lure is sure to help reel in a grand prize.

cotton cordell super spot lipless crankbait

The lure is half an ounce and measures 3.03×0.31×0.98 inches. It is an anti-snag design that runs well through grasses. The multiple rattles attract attention while the body is buoyant enough to stay high in the water.

The overall shape is hydrodynamic and casts like a bullet plunging into the water. This lure works spectacularly with a variety of fish and ensures frequent catches.

Rapala Rippin Rap

The Rapala Rippin Rap lure is a double-hooked lure that comes in 11 colors and three sizes, the standard being 2.5 inches long.

rapala rippin rap lipless crankbait

The shape is very fish-like with a bulbous head and narrow tail. The large eyes are reflective.

This lure is excellent for long casts and hard, vibrating action. The BB rattle system is loud and distinctive.

This is an exceptionally versatile lure that will help you catch a variety of fish in all seasons. It works well around summer foliage and in cold water winters. The rattle is quite loud and sure to attract all types of fish.

Booyah One Knocker

The Booyah One Knocker is a relatively standard lipless crankbait with two treble hooks and a tapered design. This lure comes in 12 colors and three sizes: 1/2oz, 1/4oz, and 3/4oz.

booyah one knocker lipless crankbait lure

The single rattle, luminous designs, and curving shape are perfect for mimicking the baitfish forage that bass so enjoy. The vibrating action rips through grass flats in the creeks and pockets of streams to attract bass and other big fish.

The colors and patterns of the lure are tailored to perfection, and the hooks are ultra-sharp. The particular low pitch of the thump is designed to entice otherwise bite-shy fish.

Not only are these lures effective, but they are exceedingly durable and long-lasting, too.

Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap

The simplistic but effective Rat-L-Trap lures are lightweight and flashy. The silver lure weighs 1/2oz and comes in a whopping 84 variations.

a bill lewis rat l trap lipless crankbait fishing lure

The lure is metal and comes in many appealing paint jobs and patterns to mimic realistic fish and show off some unorthodox styles.

Rat-L-Trap has been making lures for 35 years and has perfected not only the appearance of their baits but the rattles as well. It comes with two treble hooks.

These lures are saltwater-grade and last years, with minor wear and tear. They are very durable and attract all types of fish in any season or water type.

Lucky Craft LV-500 Max

The Lucky Craft LV-500 Max fish lure is an elegant lure with a glimmering body just like the shiniest of real fish. This well-crafted catch comes in 11 colors and patterns for all your fishing needs.

a Lucky Craft LV-500 Max lipless crankbait fishing lure

While this lure only comes in one 3-inch and 3/4oz size, it is sure to help you wrestle even the biggest of fish.

The sleek body glides through the air for perfect long casts and rattles harmoniously in dirty or clear waters.

With a more sizable weight, this lure is destined to reel in deeper-water fish and offers a splendidly simple jigging action.

Strike King Red Eye Shad

The Strike King Red Eye Shad Bait is just as the name states – striking. The vivid colors and patterns tease even the most stubborn of fish into biting, and it comes with two razor-sharp trebel hooks that you can easily swap out for a different size if you like.

a strike king red eye shad lipless crankbait

The 3D, reflective eyes are the main staple of this lure and work to not only alert the fish but also draw them in and entice them.

This lure has a free-floating rattle for maximum noise. It also comes in 15 different sizes and a whopping 64 unique colors and patterns. Only the finest paint is used to create these vibrant and long-lasting baits.

Berkley Warpig

If you are looking for aggressive action, look no further than the Berkley Warpig lure. This 2 and 3/8-inch and 1/4oz lure is ideal for deeper water fish and grassy areas.

a berkley warpig lipless crank bait lure

The lure is wooden and has a blunt nose to deflect debris and keep it from tangling in foliage. It is a sinking bait and has two treble hooks.

The lure is a reflective silver with 3D eyes and a hydrodynamic boys mold. It also makes a lot of noise and vibrations in the water to get the attention of fish near and far.

Spro Aruku Lipless Crank

The Spro Fishing Lipless Crank Shad lure comes in 17 lovely colors with interesting and shimmering patterns. The baits come in one size of 0.64oz and are specially designed to glide through weeds, rushes, and grasses without tangling.

a spro aruku lipless crankbait fishing lure

They are fabulous for bedding bass and are designed to run nose down. The super loud rattle attracts all types of fish, and the Gamakatsu hooks prevent escape.

This design is unique to other lures as it locks on its nose at the bottom of river and lake beds but won’t catch in the weeds.

It has incredible action that offers total control and a fast sink. It works for trolling from moving boats, too.

Yo-Zuri 3DB Vibe Sinking Lure

The Yo-Zuri 3DB Vibe Sinking Lure is a unique transparent lure like no other. It comes in 8 beautiful colors; all transparent, vibrant, and alluring.

a yo zuri 3db vibe lipless crankbait fishing lure

The lure is 2 and ½-inch and 1/2oz. It uses multiple BBs for intense sound and vibration. This lure has a fast-sinking action that allows you to troll for fish as deep as your line will allow.

Of all the lures out there, this one may be the only one that can be counted as beautiful. Its iridescent shimmer and realistic molding give it the appearance of a delicate and magical fish.

It is a wonder in the water and reels in bass like no other. The design sends reflections of light dancing underneath the water, and no fish can resist.

Final Thoughts

While there are many lures on the market, and many of them tend to blend together, the experiences they deliver vary wildly. These lures are sure to give you the performance you’re looking for without sacrificing your wallet.

While they all have their own perks, the 3DB Vibe really stands out for its inspired design and unique beauty.

Whatever you choose, you’re sure to notice the improvement right away when you start hauling in the next big catch. If you’re in the market for a fishing reel to use with your new lures, check out these great choices.

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