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Can You Eat Amberjack?

Amberjack on a plate

AJ, or the amberjack, is a type of fish that’s found in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Gulf of Mexico. They are a popular fish that most anglers seek out frequently. Typically, they are caught when fishermen are looking for much larger fish, like tuna, shark, and barracuda. They are unique fish that can even be prized. So, you may be wondering, can you eat amberjack?


Do People Eat Amberjack?

In short, yes, you can eat amberjack. However, it is important to note that they can carry parasites around their tail, so they must be properly cleaned and cut. It’s also worth noting that if a bad amberjack is caught, it is pretty easy to tell whether or not you should toss them back, as the parasites, particularly worms, are usually visible. 


That being said, this type of fish can be prepared in many ways once it’s properly cleaned and cut. Unlike many other types of fish, there aren’t too many bones you have to worry about. Just make sure that you’re eating the right parts of this fish.

amberjack swimming


What Does It Taste Like? 

Amberjack tastes a lot like mahi-mahi. It is described as having a very mild taste. The meat is lean and has a consistency that many would compare to steak or swordfish. Depending on how it’s cooked, the meat itself can become overpowered by too much seasoning or breading.


Since there are many different ways to enjoy this fish, the taste is going to largely depend on how it’s cooked and what it’s cooked with. If you are a person who does not enjoy an overly fishy taste, it is still worth giving this fish a try since its flavor is so mild.


Is It Edible? 

Absolutely! This fish is not only edible, it is described by many as being delicious. As long as the right parts of this fish are cooked and there are no parasites, it is totally edible and quite good. Just make sure that the tail is checked for parasites and that it is properly cleaned and cut. As long as it’s prepared and handled correctly, it’s a very good fish. 


A safe amberfish is easy to spot both by trained eyes and untrained eyes alike. When you do get a good amberfish, they are edible and come with a nice, mild taste that many are likely to enjoy.


Can You Eat It Raw? 

Amberjack is a very popular raw sashimi dish in japan.  It is called Kanpachi is you are dining at a sushi restaurant and want to order it.

Greater amberjack sashimi called KANPACHI in Japanese


It Is Safe to Eat?

As previously mentioned, this type of fish can have issues with parasites. However, the parasites are quite easy to detect even by untrained eyes and typically occur in the tail section of this fish. This means that this fish is completely safe to eat as long as it’s cooked well and prepared properly. There are no poisons or other types of concerns with this fish.



Amberfish may not be a fish you would seek out or perhaps have even heard about. However, if you are looking to try something new, there is no reason not to give this fish a try. As long as it’s properly cleaned, cut and cooked, this fish is perfectly safe to eat. And, who knows? You may find a new fish that you love! Go ahead and give it a taste.

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