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Can You Eat Lingcod?

Lingcod is a fish that can be found in the ocean deep on the reefs and wrecks. While you may not have thought about eating it or have even heard of it before, it isn’t a fish that you should turn away from. It may not appear to be the most appetizing fish when you look at it, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on the table. So, can you eat lingcod?


Do People Eat Lingcod?

Yes, you can eat lingcod just as you can eat other types of cod. In fact, many who love eating fish state that they prefer this type of cod above all others! If you are looking to eat some English fish and chips, there are many who believe that this is the best fish for the job. While this fish is not a difficult one to catch, there can sometimes be an additional license required to do so.


There are also other ways that this type of fish can be prepared. Although they are stranger-looking fish, they can be quite delicious. They can be served in fillets either grilled or fried, and some people enjoy breading this type of fish, as well.



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What Does It Taste Like? 

Lingcod is a white fish that comes with a mild flavor that many enjoy. It is described as being similar in taste to both halibut and other types of cod. It is not overly fishy and has a good texture. It tends to have large white flakes that have been described as delicious by many. Unlike other types of fish, lingcod is in fact quite a lean fish as well.

Baked lingcod fish with potatoes

Depending on how it is prepared, the flavor may vary. However, the flavor is not overly fishy so you don’t have to worry about that unpleasant aftertaste.


Is It Edible? 

This type of fish is absolutely edible. It has a nice lean, white meat that many fish lovers seek out. It can be consumed in a variety of ways once it is cleaned and cut properly. There are actually a number of parts of this fish that can be consumed as well. Certain parts do better when put into an appetizer while the fillets make an excellent entree. 


Can You Eat It Raw? 

Contrary to what many believe, you can eat lingcod raw when it’s prepared properly. It is important to avoid eating the belly of this fish raw, as that would be where the parasites would reside if there are any. That being said, this is not a fish that you would want to attempt to eat raw on your own. Make sure the person preparing this fish raw knows what they’re doing.


It is not recommended to attempt to eat any type of fish raw unless you know how to properly prepare it and which parts of the fish are best served raw. The lingcod is no exception. Always leave it to the professionals.


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Is It Safe to Eat? 

Although lingcod may not look very appetizing at first glance, it is perfectly safe to eat. There are not poisonous elements or anything else undesirable that you would have to worry about. As long as the fish is clean and cut properly, there are no worries about consuming it!


Lingcod is an exceptionally tasty fish according to all those who enjoy it. It has a mild taste that can be enjoyed by both lovers of fish and those who typically shy away from it alike. If you are looking for a new type of fish to try and want something mild, go ahead and give lingcod a try. You may discover that it’s a fish you can’t live without! 

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