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Can You Eat Peacock Bass? 

Peacock bass can be found in many parts of the world, and in many places, they are considered a game fish.

Florida's Peacock Bass Fish

They are actually predatory fish and their presence in certain waters was due to accidental escapes. This can be an issue in some locations if they end up feeding on other smaller, native fish.

Sometimes, you may even see this type of fish in an aquarium. But, can you eat peacock bass?

Do People Eat Peacock Bass? 

Yes, you can eat peacock bass. However, in America specifically, there are limits for this type of fish as their numbers have been dwindling. So, if you are planning to catch this type of fish, just make sure you check local laws first.

peacock bass for sale at a fish market

This type of fish is not only one you can eat but one that is quite tasty! There are many ways this type of fish can be eaten, and among anglers, it is a favorite. When it comes to eating quality, this fish is high on the list.

What Does It Taste Like? 

Peacock bass tastes very good. The meat is of the white variety and can be quite sweet when cooked.

grilled peacock bass fillet

It is described as being similar to grouper and snapper because it has a lot less oil than other types of fish. It is not overly fishy, making it a favorite among fish-lovers and also those who don’t eat fish often.

Unlike other types of fish that tend to fall apart after being cooked, peacock bass fillets will actually remain rather firm. This is a preferred texture to many.

Peacock Bass swimming

The flavor of this fish, however, will vary depending on how it’s prepared. Many different herbs and spices can be used to prepare this type of fish and that’s going to slightly change its flavor.

Is It Edible? 

Yes, the peacock bass is edible, and, for many, a favorite. It also has fewer bones than other species, making it a bit easier to cook. It also has good texture and consistency compared to other types of fish.

Peacock Bass

The not-overly-fishy taste even draws those who don’t regularly consume fish to give this one a try.

Can You Eat It Raw? 

The peacock bass is a relatively clean fish in comparison to others and it would be safe to eat. However, that doesn’t mean that it would taste as good raw as it would when cooked.

raw bass for cooking

Because of the lack of oil in this fish, it would taste best when cooked along with some herbs and spices. Sushi is a very popular way to enjoy fish, but it would be best to opt for another type of sushi aside from peacock bass.

Because there are so many different types of sushi, it would be best to go with something more appetizing.

Is It Safe to Eat? 

Peacock bass is perfectly safe to eat, but since its numbers are dwindling in the United States, you’re going to want to check local laws as many anglers prefer the catch and release method to help keep the numbers of this fish up.

person holding a peacock bass

That being said, there are no poisons or any other factors that you would have to worry about that would make this fish unsafe to eat. 

Final Thoughts

Peacock fish is said to taste very good and can be prepared in a number of different ways. They are not overly fishy, which makes this type of fish good eating even for those who don’t regularly eat fish.

However, because of the low numbers of this type of fish in the United States, perhaps it would be best to give another type of fish a try until these guys can get their numbers back up. 

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