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Are Remora Fish Good to Eat?

Remora fish are more commonly known as suckerfish or hitchhiker fish because they are often found attached to sharks or other large fish.

close up of a remora fish swimming

They hold onto a host animal and are transported from place to place this way. They are able to swim on their own but are often caught already attached to another animal.

So, can you eat a remora fish? 

Can You Eat Remora Fish? 

Even though this type of fish is quite small, you can eat them. However, they do not yield a lot of meat. When consumed as fillets, they will be quite small.

remora fish and a shark

Most people who eat remora fish like to eat them fried along with some seasoning and butter for dipping. You can consume this fish in a variety of recipes, but the fillets are the preferred cut.

What Does It Taste Like? 

Remora fish is often compared to triggerfish. They have white meat that is incredibly mild and provides no fishy aftertaste.

cooked fillet of remora fish

Those who typically enjoy seafood love this type of fish as it has firm meat and is very mild. Since people who don’t typically consume fish usually aren’t a huge fan of that fishy taste, this is a great fish for them to try. 

It is important to note that this type of fish does need to be cleaned properly in order to experience the full flavor. Without proper cleaning, the taste could be compromised.

Is It Edible? 

Yes, remora fish are edible and quite good. They are not typically targeted by fishermen for the simple fact that they yield little meat unless you get lucky and catch a large one.

remora fish swimming near a diver

Those who enjoy these fish say that the seasoning does matter when frying. Many people also like to enjoy some lemon and butter with this type of fish.

There are other ways to prepare this fish that include grilling and even boiling, but most prefer this fish fried. Some even like it with some breading.

Can You Eat It Raw? 

There are many different types of fish that can be consumed raw and are quite tasty that way. However, remora fish is not necessarily one you would want to eat in the form of sushi, as there are many more tasty alternatives.

It would, however, be safe to consume this fish raw if it has been cleaned and cut properly. But, that doesn’t mean that you would want to.

fresh remora fillets

It is not recommended to eat this fish raw as it is perfectly tasty when cooked. Plus, there are many other more appetizing options if you’re looking to eat raw fish. Opt for something more popular to eat raw and try the remora fish cooked instead.

Is It Safe to Eat? 

Remora fish are completely safe to eat when they are cut and cleaned properly. They do not offer a large amount of meat as they are typically a smaller fish.

However, there are no poisons or other worrisome elements in regards to this fish that would give you any concern when consuming them. They are sometimes used as bait to catch larger fish that are going to yield a lot more meat.

person cutting fillet of remora fish

Remora fish is good to eat according to many who have eaten it. If you are looking for a new type of fish to try and want something unique, the remora fish is a good option. It’s both completely safe to eat and is said to taste a lot like triggerfish as they are found in similar climates.

They don’t produce large fillets but when cooked properly, you’re going to be in for a treat!  

Final Thoughts

As surprising as it may seem, the answer is yes! You can absolutely eat remora fish, but I can’t say that they’re the easiest fish to catch on purpose.

However, if you do find a nice size remora at the end of your line, don’t be afraid to invite it back home to the dinner table, provided it’s within the legal size limit, of course.

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