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Can You Eat Sucker Fish? 

Sucker fish, often known as the white sucker, is a fish that can be found throughout North American waters.

White Sucker underwater in the St. Lawrence River

They can grow to be up to 4 pounds and about 20 inches or so in length. While you may not have heard of this type of fish before, it’s relatively common in rivers, streams and lakes. So, can you eat sucker fish? 

Do People Eat Sucker Fish? 

Because of the name, it may not have occurred to you that you can consume this fish, but you can!

This type of fish can be both be eaten fresh or even preserved to be eaten later. It can be consumed just as any other type of fish can, whether grilled, baked, used in soups and stews, or fried.

Some people prefer to smoke this type of fish or even use a brine prior to smoking it. This is actually the preferred means of eating this type of fish to many who catch it.

Regardless of how you prefer it, you can eat suckerfish in many different recipes, using a variety of cooking methods.

What Does It Taste Like?

Due to its name, you may not think that this type of fish would have an appetizing taste. However, it actually has a very delicate taste that is not overly fishy. Seafood lovers enjoy the texture of this fish paired with its mild taste. The meat is white and quite flaky, which many people who consume fish regularly enjoy.

A white sucker fish caught while fly fishing

Is It Edible? 

Yes, sucker fish is edible. It’s actually a very versatile fish because of the number of ways it can be prepared and still taste good.

The meat is mild and not overly fishy, which makes it appetizing for both those who often enjoy fish and even those who don’t. The meat itself is white and when cooked well is very delicate and delicious. 

Like with most other fish, this type of fish does need to be properly cleaned and cut to get the best taste but it is completely edible. There are many ways you can enjoy this fish including stews and soups, making it a favorite among many.

Is It Safe to Eat?

It is completely safe to eat sucker fish. However, unlike other types of fish, sucker fish does not tend to freeze well and it is best to preserve this fish by other means. This fish is not poisonous and does not come with any risks when consuming.

Can You Eat It Raw? 

So, you can eat sucker fish, but can you eat sucker fish raw? While this type of fish wouldn’t necessarily pose a danger if you would consume it raw, that doesn’t mean that you would want to.

Sushi or sashimi are very popular means of consuming certain types of fish such as salmon or tuna. However, sucker fish, while good-tasting when properly cooked, isn’t the best candidate for sushi. 

It would not have the same type of taste as other fish served raw and should probably be avoided. It also doesn’t keep as long or as well, so the risks of letting it go just a bit too long are higher than with other sushi fish.

Most people who enjoy eating this type of fish like it cooked, prepared using various spices and herbs.

Final Thoughts

So, when somebody asks, can you eat sucker fish, you can tell them that you can. Even though the name doesn’t make it sound like the most appetizing fish out there, that doesn’t make it any less tasty when properly prepared.

If you are considering trying it, go ahead and give it a go! There is no danger in eating it and many people really enjoy this variety of fish. 

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