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Can You Eat Swordfish?

Some people avoid eating swordfish because it’s said to contain higher levels of mercury as opposed to other types of fish, so can you eat swordfish?

swordfish underwater

Despite these fears, you’re still likely to spot this fish on the menu at many restaurants. They are larger fish that are typically sold in the form of steaks.

While the higher mercury levels might make you want to turn your nose up at this fish, it’s worth taking another look at.

Do People Eat Swordfish?

You can eat swordfish, and, because of its taste, it’s actually a very popular fish to eat. However, it is important to consume this fish in moderation as they sometimes do tend to have higher levels of mercury than other fish.

adolescent swordfish swimming in shallow water

People usually enjoy this fish in the form of steaks cooked in various ways. Lots of people also say that this is good “starter fish” for those unsure if they enjoy the taste of fish. 

What Does It Taste Like? 

This type of fish has a very mild taste that isn’t overly fishy. It has a very meaty texture, similar to beef steaks, yet the meat itself is white.

swordfish steak raw

People who enjoy swordfish typically like to have it grilled, but it can also be sauteed and fried.

The types of herbs and spices used on this fish will only change the overall taste a little bit. but it is a good idea to try it with herbs and spices you already know you like. 

fried swordfish steak

Because this fish is so mild and what some would call delicious, this is a great fish to test out! Even if you’re not a fan of the more popular types of fish, you may find that you really enjoy the taste of this one. 

Do People Eat Swordfish? 

Yes, swordfish is completely edible when properly prepared. Like any other fish, they do need to be properly cleaned and cut as to not compromise the flavor.

grilled swordfish steaks

The meat is actually a lot firmer than you’re going to see in other types of fish making it a little easier to handle when cooking. It is best when eaten fresh or properly stored then eaten within a few days. 

seared swordfish

However, with the proper preservation method, this type of fish does tend to keep a bit better than many others. Still, those who like this type of fish, as with many other types, do prefer to eat it fresh.

Can You Eat It Raw? 

It is not recommended that you eat swordfish raw. This fish is best enjoyed when cut into steaks and either grilled, barbequed, or fried.

raw swordfish steaks

There are many more types of fish that are far more appetizing raw rather than this one. If you want to enjoy some raw fish, try something else and have the swordfish cooked.

Is It Safe to Eat? 

Swordfish is safe to eat in moderation. It’s recommended to have no more than 14 ounces of this fish per week due to the relatively high levels of mercury that can be found in them.

fresh swordfish at a market

That being said, if you don’t eat over the suggested amount, swordfish is perfectly safe to eat and is also quite delicious according to many who like it.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a new fish to try and aren’t sure of which one sounds the best, go ahead and give swordfish a try.

It’s very mild so it can be enjoyed by those who aren’t necessarily huge fans of fish and also those who love fish. Just keep an eye on how much of it you’re eating and you will be good to go. And, who knows, it might be a new favorite!

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