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Can You Eat Skipjack Herring?

Before recent years, skipjack herring was often overlooked by fishermen. This was due to a variety of reasons, but that has changed.

fresh skipjack herring

The construction of dams and other factors have limited the number of this type of fish, but they are still prevalent in many areas.

You may be wondering, can you eat skipjack herring? Let’s dive right in.

Do People Eat Skipjack Herring? 

This type of fish used to be ignored by most game fishermen. However, you can eat skipjack herring; but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to rank on the list of your favorite fish.

skipjack herring ready to cook

There are some people who enjoy the taste of this very small fish and others who say the amount of meat it yields isn’t worth the trouble.

Some even claim that it does not have a good taste at all!

raw skipjack herring

It all depends on what you like specifically, and it’s one of those fish that you would have to try for yourself to see if you’re going to like it.

Either way, you can absolutely eat it without issue.

What Does It Taste Like? 

This type of fish has been described by those who have eaten it as being similar in taste to a very large sardine.

This means that this type of fish is overly fishy to the palate and pretty potent. Even those who eat fish frequently are not a fan of that overly fish taste that seems to linger in your mouth. However, some people do enjoy it.

marinated skipjack herring fillets

If you are a fan of sardines, it’s highly likely that you would enjoy this fish. There are people that do.

It never hurts to give something new a try as long as it’s cleaned and cut properly.

Is It Edible? 

Skipjack herring are, contrary to the beliefs of many, edible. As long as the fish is properly cleaned and cut, it’s edible.

Whether or not you’re going to like it is going to depend largely on your personal preferences. It is important that this fish is well cleaned and cut well. Otherwise, the flavor could be compromised. 

smoked herring for eating

While it may not be a fish that you would seek out for the taste, it is edible. Just ensure that the person preparing this type of fish knows how to properly clean and cut it.

Can You Eat It Raw? 

It is not recommended to eat this type of fish raw. Even when it is alive, it tends to have a very fishy smell that many find repulsive.

skipjack herring on a plate

This can lessen with the right recipe, but when eating it raw, there’s no way to get rid of that smell and taste.

There is no reason to try this fish raw when there are so many other, more delectable fish out there. 

It Is Safe to Eat? 

While this fish is not a favorite of many, it is safe to eat. It is important, however, to ensure that it is properly cleaned and cooked well.

Regardless, this fish has no poisonous elements or anything else that should concern you. Whether or not you’re going to enjoy the taste of it is a different story.

Just know that this type of fish is completely safe to consume. 

Final Thoughts

There are some people who may like skipjack herring. It’s said that if you are a person who enjoys sardines, this may be your new favorite fish.

Others claim that the overly fishy taste of skipjack herring can be quite overwhelming. Yet, there is no way to really know unless you go ahead and try it for yourself. It’s perfectly safe, so if you like fish in general, go ahead! There’s nothing to lose!

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