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Can You Eat White Bass?

White bass live in the Ohio River and in certain areas of the Great Lakes. They can even be found in Oklahoma, Kansas, parts of South Dakota, Nebraska, and smaller lakes in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

catching a white bass

They have even been caught in the Gulf of Mexico and in Ontario. They are known to move around a lot which is why they can be found in so many locations. But, can you eat white bass? 

Do People Eat White Bass?

Yes, you can eat white bass. They are even good to eat, especially when prepared in the proper way.

There are parts of this fish that should be removed prior to consumption if you are interested in a more mild, less fishy flavor. Many people enjoy this fish in a fish fry.

However, this type of fish has also been called an acquired taste that can be quite good once that taste is “acquired.”

Still, there are people who refuse to eat this type of fish for a variety of reasons, the most common being that there are simply better-tasting fish out there.

What Does It Taste Like? 

White bass is described as being quite “fishy” as opposed to other types of fish. This is likely the reason that many shy away from eating it.

Their taste has also been compared to that of crappie but with a far different type of texture. This fish also has a high oil content but is not as oily as a fish like cod. It’s flaky with a notably meaty texture.

Where the fish has lived is also going to play a role in its flavor but, for the most part, the white meat along the tail and the belly of the fish has a very different taste from the red meat around the ribs.

seared white bass

The red meat is often described as being the most “fishy” tasting part of the fish while the other meat tastes a lot like black cod or sea bass.

Is It Edible? 

Can you eat white bass? Yes. It is edible? Also, yes. Many people who eat this type of fish say that soaking it helps remove that overly fishy taste and makes it far more edible and appetizing than it would be without using that method.

Some people prefer to remove the red meat while others find the fish to be better tasting if it’s left alone. 

cooked white bass dinner

There are many personal preferences such as how this fish is cooked and what it’s cooked with that is going to make it more or less appetizing depending on what you like. Either way, when prepared well, this fish is not only edible, it can be very tasty.

Can You Eat It Raw? 

So, can you eat white bass raw? It’s unlikely that this type of fish would taste well raw.

white bass fillets for cooking

Because it does have that overly fishy taste that some people tend to shy away from, it wouldn’t be the best candidate for sushi. It would likely be overly potent and unappealing to many.

Is It Safe to Eat? 

It is completely safe to consume when cooked properly. There are many different ways you can cook this type of fish, the most popular being grilling or smoking.

However, you can eat this fish in a simple pan-fry. Many who eat this fish say that grilling it with a light seasoning makes this fish a delicacy.

Still, there are those who prefer, above all, to pan fry white bass with some light seasoning and even some breading.

The fillets are usually small but are totally safe to consume. There is no risk of poison or anything like that when it comes to white bass.

Final Thoughts

White bass can be a very fishy-tasting fish but it is one that you should give a try! If you have been thinking about trying it, prepare it correctly, and give it a whirl.

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