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Can You Eat Skipjack Tuna?

skipjack tuna

Skipjack is a type of tuna that is typically a medium-sized fish in the tuna family. They can grow to be about 3 feet in length on average and can normally be found in both tropical and water with warm temperatures. While they are certainly not the first type of tuna to come to mind when you think of eating, that doesn’t mean they are off the table. So, can you eat skipjack?


Do People Eat Skipjack?

Yes, you can eat skipjack, and it is used a lot in certain Japanese dishes. There are many different ways that one can enjoy this type of fish, including smoked, and it can even be served raw as sushi or sashimi. It is also a common element of certain fish stocks in Japanese cuisine. It can also be seared, which many people love.


This type of fish is actually very versatile, and while it may not be something you’re going to see on the menu in many places, that doesn’t make it any less delicious. The number of ways you can eat this type of fish also makes it highly appealing for those with a more adventurous taste.


What Does It Taste Like?

This type of fish is a bit different than other tuna fish you have eaten in the past. Many who enjoy this type of fish admit that it is quite fishy as compared to other fish. You may even experience a fishy aftertaste that is similar to the taste you get in your mouth after eating fish oil supplements. The texture is another part of this fish that throws some people off as it can be quite mushy in comparison to others.


However, when prepared in various forms, it can be a tasty treat. Many who enjoy this type of fish actually prefer to eat it raw after it has been marinated. Still, there are those who enjoy the fishy taste and like it in the form of fillets.


Is It Edible?

Yes, this fish is totally edible. It is not too unlike any other type of tuna save for the more fishy taste. It is less firm than other types of fish, but that is actually what some people enjoy most about it. 


Can You Eat It Raw?

Not only can these fish be eaten raw, that is actually the preferred style for many who enjoy this type of fish. You can find this type of fish in raw form in many Japanese dishes including sushi and sashimi. Sometimes it is seared and other times it is put in a marinade and served totally raw. It isn’t recommended that you attempt to prepare this fish yourself raw.


However, if you are looking to try a new type of raw fish, let the experts prepare it and give it a go. It is said to have a very good taste raw, especially when properly prepared.


Is It Safe to Eat?

Yes, this fish is completely safe to eat. There are no poisonous elements to this fish or anything else that should concern you as it can even be consumed raw.


If you are looking to try a new type of fish and you’re stumped on what to try, go ahead and give skipjack a try. It may be difficult to find but once you do, according to those who eat and love it, it is going to be worth it. It can be prepared in many different ways and is used in a lot of different dishes. You may just want to try them all. 

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