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Fishing Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake Missouri

Table Rock lake is an outstanding place to go fishing. There are over 970 acres of shoreline and depths from one foot to well over 100. The lake offers fishing for crappie, bluegill, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white bass and walleye.

Spring Fishing

In the spring there is great smallmouth fishing or if you choose to target largemouth or spotted bass they can be found in the various rivers that feed the lake as well as pockets and points on the main lake. When the temperature is right in early spring the white bass start their migration up the rivers to spawn. This is a time where you will see the surface breaking as hundreds of them are constantly feeding on the top and can be caught on all sorts of baits. 
smallmouth bass

Summer Fishing

During the summer months Table Rock is noted for the topwater bite in the early mornings and late in the afternoon. This is a pattern that fishermen enjoy tremendously and return year after year to enjoy. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a fish smash a topwater bait that has been properly presented.

Fall Fishing

During fall we see the shad start moving into the back of coves and once again it’s topwaters and crankbaits that provide a lot of fun for the angler. 

Hire a Local Fishing Guide

Many people come to Table Rock for the first time and find it difficult to fish as it is far deeper than what they are used to on their home lakes. This is where it is a great investment to hire a guide and learn what works at the time of year that you come.
With Branson so close many people are here for several days and if they hire a guide early in the week they will have far more productive fishing for the remainder of their trip. 
Come and enjoy this gem of a lake and make it one of your “home” lakes as well. I’m sure you will be glad you did. 

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Glenn Rosser

Professional fishing guide service located near Branson on Table Rock Lake. Glenn Rosser is a US Coast Guard certified fishing guide who would enjoy taking you fishing! He loves to teach people new techniques and most of all, wants you to have a great time fishing on Table Rock Lake! Contact Glenn for a full day or half day fishing trip.

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