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Lake Fork Fishing Report

Weekly fishing reports from Lake Fork Texas, right from the cameras and views of local fishing guides who are in the center of all the action.

These Lake Fork fishing guides keep us up to date on the most recent and comprehensive Lake Fork fishing reports. Fishing reports from recent Lake Fork fishing trips are included below:

February 22nd 2022

Video of the 6.66lb “devil bass” out of Lake Fork last week.

@ish_monroe with a Lake Fork stud. We are starting to see a trend here. Wear our jerseys, catch big fish…. Maybe you should order yours and find out.

Over 18lbs on 3 at Fork Sunday! Only fished for about an hour too.

Lookin for a comeback on Day 2 of the elimination round on Lake Fork

@altonjonesfishing with a 11lb plus

Lake Fork is starting to heat up; just in time for the Bass champs!

February 12st

Tuff Day 1 for me on Lake Fork! We need to figure them out tomorrow and make the cut!

Getting Day 2 kicked off with 7lbs worth of Lake Fork goodness!!! Let’s go! 👊🏼

February 20th

Ended the first day with Group B in 21st. Don’t like being around that bubble but it’s better than how the day started. Hopefully can put it together Tues and make through to the the Knockout Round

February 19th

TOAD!!! My 5th over 10 happened today. This 10.14lb largemouth wasn’t happy when I hit her. Thankfully I was able to put it in the boat, weight it, and release it! Sitting in 9th with 5 that went 28 and change. Can’t wait to get back out there Monday.

February 12th

Pic of a little Coldwater jerkbait action with the @strikekinglurecompany KVD 200 on Lake Fork last week.

Our fishing reports for Lake Fork are gathered from local fishing guides in the area and other recreational anglers.

If you want your report featured on this page, tag our instagram page @fishmasters and make sure you mention or tag this lake.

Lake Fork Fishing Report

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