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Lake O’ The Pines Fishing Report

Weekly fishing reports from Lake O’ The Pines Texas, right from the cameras and views of local fishing guides who are in the center of all the action.

These Lake O’ The Pines fishing guides keep us up to date on the most recent and comprehensive Lake O’ The Pines fishing reports. Fishing reports from recent Lake O’ The Pines fishing trips are included below:

February 21st 2022

Needed four more of these on the pines but just couldn’t connect with them, onto the next one.

Blaine and I managed to get a couple good fish on a new lake! We learned a lot and are more prepared for the next one! Congrats to our teammates @jaycegarrisonfishing and Mason for the win!

February 20th

@corey.morr and I needed 2 more big ones this weekend! The @gamakatsu.usa hooks were key to landing our two biggest fish. Biggest went 9.42!!

Finally somewhat conquered Lake O’ the Pines yesterday after it whooped my butt the first go round. Ran around the lake and scraped up 22.08 to hold down 3rd. Caught our bigger fish on a @santonelures M series football jig in JC’s spicy craw paired up with a @falcon_rods Low Rider series “heavy cover jig” rod. Oh and apparently the big kitty’s like it too!🤷🏻‍♂️

Got a little redemption on Pines yesterday, caught over 30 fish and finished up 9th with 18.36lbs.

February 15th

James getting it done on the pines today!!!!! Catching them toads!

October 12th

After a 3rd place finish at Wright Patman I fished my home lake and caught some biggins

August 25th

Can’t wait until the next tournament 😬👌🏼🔥
Only 2 tournaments left this year. It has been an amazing experience for my first year as a co-angler. Met some truly awesome people and had some great times. Lets finish strong 💪🏼 💪🏼🔥

August 5th

Caught some nice ones this evening at pines and lost some giants but we had a good time

Our fishing reports for Lake O’ The Pines are gathered from local fishing guides in the area and other recreational anglers. And check out some other incredible Texas fishing hotspots!

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lake o the pines fishing report

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