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Lake Texoma Fishing Reports

Weekly fishing reports from Lake Texoma, right from the cameras and views of local fishing guides who are in the center of all the action.

These Lake Texoma fishing guides keep us up to date on the most recent and comprehensive Lake Texoma fishing reports. Fishing reports from recent Lake Texoma fishing trips are included below:

February 21st 2022

Kyle and the boys joined me today on a very angry Texoma!
4 drift socks and the trolling motor wasn’t enough to keep our drift down. These guys had a cabin for the evening so we gave it a go!
We had very select few spots that we could fish out of the wind but managed to get a good bite strummed up in the 4th quarter. Stuck some good drag pulling hogs!
Our @slikbaitco arsenal did a great job at putting these monsters in the box.
I enjoyed the challenge today and had some great company on the boat. I will see these guys later this year for some more! Jake Sonnevelt

Hunter Ward with at Lake Texoma with a FAT white bass!!

February 20th

Leon Jefferson made them fall inlove today with the Devastation Finesse worm in “Sweetheart” added a bit of Spike it Dip n Glo Hot Pink @spikeitoutdoors match made in Heaven!

February 19th

Rob Lord: Great afternoon of striper fishing on Texoma. Limits x 3!

February 15th

Some nice size cold weather stripers for Umar C at Lake Texoma.

February 14th

A keeper pair for striped bass for Jesse Dean and friends.

February 12th

Today was absolutely incredible.
Mark and Cookie were in town from Lubbock to come fishing with me so canceling was not an option.
I woke up this morning and heard the wind gusting and decided to push our start back to noon as the weather man said the wind was going to taper off as the day went on. Boy was he wrong!
It took all 4 drift socks as well as the @minnkotamotors
to control my drift. Texoma was angry today!
First 2 spots had fish but it didn’t work out. Third stop we made 1 drift and picked up box fish, overs and threw plenty of overs back.
Our @thumpemup thumper did a fsntastic job of keeping the striper wirh us.
The new baits that I received from @slikbaitco did a fantastic job at putting fish in the box and I did not have to replace but 2 plastics today!
Cookie also realized pretty quickly into the trip it was cold, she also realized why @windridergear is the only bibs and jacket that I will wear.
I was planning on going back to start a quick drift to pick up our last 5 box fish when cookie decided her arms couldn’t take anymore fish catching so we packed it up and rolled right on back to the dock.
Stay tuned for tomorrow! We have a very special trip going down!
Fishing is downright incredible right now and the biggest fish will give the smallest bump, it’s a rush!
Jake Sonnevelt

February 11th

Jake & Randy Had a great day of striper fishing today on Lake Texoma!! They could feed a village with this catch.

Valerie and husband with an outstanding haul of stripers.

February 8th

As we break out of the cold Winter and head into Spring, we look forward to fishing for striper chasing schools of shad into the shallow, rockier waters.

Our fishing reports for Lake Texoma are gathered from local fishing guides in the area and other recreational anglers.

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Lake Texoma Fishing Reports

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