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Leech Lake Fishing Reports

Leech Lake is one of the most popular fishing lakes in Minnesota.  If you are looking for fishing reports from Leech lake, you have a few choice that we recommend checking out.

Latest Fishing Reports for Leech Lake MN

The following websites provide the best Leech Lake fishing reports and updates

leech lake fishing report website

This website seems to update their fishing reports at least weekly if not more.  They do a digest format and give tips on where to fish in the lake.

fishing reports for leech lake mn

This website posts a report at least once per week and seem to get their info from local fishermen and the guides.  The reports have tips on lures to use and depths the fish are hiding.  They also save and list all past reports.


Big Rock Resort

big rock resort fishing report

This Leech Lake resort hosts fishing enthusiast visiting the lake with family or friends.  They post reviews a few times per month.  They also offer lodging and boat rentals.


Dicks Guide Service

Dick’s Guide Service posts Leech Lake fishing reports frequently and have tips for anglers looking for walleye, bass and muskie reports.  They also offer guided trips if you want a local expert to put you on the fish.

Not as active as the other websites above.  I only see a few posts from this season, so don;t get your hopes up too much.  If you don’t see enough reports from the above site, try this one out as a last chance.

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