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The Top 10 Fishing Piers in Maryland

OCMD fishing pier

Maryland is widely considered fishing heaven, even for those who do not own a boat or want to rent one.  As long as you have a fishing pole and some bait, you can easily cast your line from one of the state’s many piers and head home with more than your fair share of fish.  Let’s take a look at the best fishing piers in Maryland.

1. Bill Burton Fishing Pier

Located at 29761 Boling Broke Pint Dr. in Trappe, the Bill Burton Fishing Pier is open from 7 in the morning until the sun sets.  However, the Talbot side is not available for fishing between January 1 and March 31.  This unique pier was built 85 years ago, serving to connect Dorchester and Talbot counties.  The bridge was subsequently divided to permit the movement of boats.  As of today, the Bill Burton Fishing Pier is one of the state’s longest.  The pier’s Talbot side has a park measuring 25 acres highlighted by walking trails and picnic tables.  Here, you are likely to catch a litany of fish ranging from Rockfish to Catfish, Bluefish and White Perch. 

Bill Burton Fishing Pier, Cambridge, Maryland

2. Ocean City Fishing Pier

Located at 401 S. Atlantic Ave in Ocean City, this pier is open from 7 in the morning until Midnight on weekdays.  Positioned amidst a beautiful beach resort setting, this pier provides the opportunity to cast your line directly into the Atlantic.  Reel in your line after you feel a tug and you will reel in a large Cobia, Ling Cod, Kingfish, Bluefish or Rockfish.

3. Piney Run Reservoir

Head on out to Sykesville and you will find Piney Run Reservoir.  This reservoir has several piers along boat ramps with crappie, bluegill and bass.  In fact, if you approach this fishing site in a strategic manner, you just might end up catching more fish than those who venture out onto the water in boats.  Cast your line near a brush pile, complete with a bobber with a marabou jig just a couple feet below the surface of the water and you won’t have to wait long for a bite.

4. Cox Point Park Pier

Cox Point is open from sunrise to sunset throughout the entirety of the year.  Drive on over to 820 Riverside Drive in Essex to this beautiful fishing site and you will find it provides some truly amazing views, primarily of the gorgeous Back River.  Bring the kids along and they will have a blast feeding the geese and ducks as you fish on the pier.  Cox Point is highlighted by White Perch and Catfish.  In fact, you do not even need a license to fish at the pier so don’t worry about any bureaucratic requirements.  Keep your mind on the fishing and you should be more than happy with your haul.

5. Matapeake State Park Fishing Pier

Also open from sunrise to sunset, this Stevensville pier located at 1112 Romancoke Rd., is sure to surpass your expectations.  In short, you will struggle to find a better fishing location in Maryland than Matapeake State Park.  The pier looks out toward the lovely Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Annapolis, providing some truly unbelievable views.  Cast your line and you have the potential to reel in everything from Black Drum to Rockfish, Catfish, White Perch and Bluefish.

6. Point Lookout Park Fishing Pier

This pier is located at 11175 Point Lookout Rd. in Scotland, MD.  Open from 7 in the morning until sunset on weekdays and from 6 in the morning until sunset on weekends, Point Lookout’s pier is hands-down one of the best fishing sites in the state.  Here, you will catch some amazing Striped Bass and possibly even snag a couple White Perch.  However, anglers should know the wooden dock is only open from the middle of April through the first half of December.  Be sure to bring your unexpired fishing license along as it is mandatory at this fishing site.  Stop by the Civil War History Museum, located just a few minutes away from the pier, after your morning or afternoon of fishing to cool off and you will enjoy the perfect ending to a fulfilling day.

7. North Beach Pier

Head on over to North Beach, park your car at 9123 Atlantic Ave and you will find a lovely pier by the beach open from sunrise to sunset.  However, if you are a non-county resident, you must pay a $15 fee to enter.  This scenic pier is not as large as others yet provides access to Perch, Bluefish and Rockfish.  Take a stroll along the beautiful boardwalk lined by colorful flowers and you will agree this is one of the more visually striking fishing piers in Maryland.

Chesapeake North Beach Pier

8. King’s Landing Park

This no-cost fishing pier in Maryland is open from sun up until sundown.  The pier is located at 3255 King’s Landing Rd. in Huntingtown.  All in all, the pier measures 200 feet in length. Cast your line and you will reel in catfish and river bass throughout the day.  

9. Romancoke Pier

Romancoke Pier is a 600 foot fishing pier located at the southern end of Route 8 in Stevensville. Fishing and crabbing are the highlights at the pier, which is open sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week. There is a small picnic area for you to enjoy as well.

10. Oceanic Pier

The Oceanic Pier is located at 710 So. Philadelphia Ave., Ocean City, MD.  It is open 24 hours. 2020 rates are daily pass for 12 hours to use the pier is $10, 3-day pass $20, Weekly pass $40, 7-day pass (any 7 days) $45, Rod/Reel rental $10. The pier is open 24 hours until mid-September. They have a bait & tackle shop and snack store for food and beverages.

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