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closeup of man casting fly fishing tippet

Best Tippet Line for Fly Fishing

Tippet connects the end of your fly line or leader to the actual fly when fly fishing. Tippet is important for fly fishing, as it presents your fly to the fish you’re trying to catch. Fly fishing tippet is an essential...

fly fishing combos

The Best Fly Rod and Reel Combos

Your fly rod and reel are the most important pieces of equipment, so if you’re serious about fly fishing, you’ll want the best. Whether you’re new to fly fishing or you’re a seasoned pro looking for new gear, there are...

Flyfisherman fishing with sling pack

Top 10 Must Have Fly Fishing Sling Packs

When you are 30 feet from the shoreline and you need to change flies, its best to have all your tackle in one easy to access place.   This is where a fly fishing sling pack comes in handy.  Similar to fishing vests, you...