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school of spawning striped bass

Do Striped Bass Migrate? 

Striped bass live in both freshwater and saltwater and generally migrate from one to the other at two major points in their lifetime: when they reach adulthood and when they are ready to spawn.  Coming-of-Age ...

catching a striped bass during the day

Best Time to Catch Striped Bass

Before you set out on your next fishing trip, you might be wondering what the best time to start your day is. If you’re angling for striped bass, the answer to this question depends on what kind of water you’re fishing...

striped bass migrating

Striped Bass Spring Migration

Most popular species of game fish undergo a massive seasonal migration to maintain their ideal water temperatures annually. The striped bass is no different. Every year they have their travel pattern that, if you follow...

surf fisherman with large striped bass

Where Do Striped Bass Live? 

If your fishing bucket list has a line on it for catching a trophy striper, you might be wondering, where do striped bass live. The striped bass is the signature fish of North America’s east coast. If you take a boat...

school of spawning striped bass

When Do Striped Bass Spawn? 

If you love striped bass fishing, understanding the striper’s spawning habits can make you even better at it. Striped bass spawn in many places at particular times. You can follow their migration and lifecycle and learn...

striped bass mouth with teeth

Do Striped Bass Have Teeth?

Striped Bass, otherwise known as stripers, linesiders, or rockfish, are some of the most popular creatures anglers seek out. They inhabit lakes, rivers, and many other bodies of saltwater throughout the United States...