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How Much Does Striped Bass Cost Per Pound?

Striped bass is a fish with white and flaky flesh. It has a sweet, briny, and slightly buttery flavor. Some compare it to cod, but striped bass has a more delicate texture.

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This fish is a delicious catch, but how much does striped bass cost per pound?

How Much Does Striped Bass Cost Per Pound?

You can expect to spend between $15 and $25 per pound when purchasing striped bass.

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An 11-pound fish goes for just under $215 at the New York’s Fulton Fish Market, and consumers are spending a little under $20 for a pound of striped bass, including the bones and head.

How much does striped bass cost per pound without the head and bones? You should plan on spending closer to $20 per pound for striped bass fillets.

The Striped Bass Commercial Fishing Season

Recreational anglers can catch striped bass during the summer and fall seasons. Regulations vary from one state to another, but anglers can typically fish between May and June for the summer season and again between September and December for the fall season.

surf fisherman with large striped bass

Recreational anglers can catch a striped bass per day, but they can’t sell their catch.

States establish a separate quote for commercial fishing and close the fishing season once commercial fisheries reach this quota. In 2020, Massachusetts set a quota of 735,240 lbs for striped bass.

Prices might go up at the end of the commercial season as some states reach their quota and striped bass becomes harder to find.

Striped Bass With Potatoes and Olives in a Casserole Dish

Final Thoughts

Kind of a joke between anglers, the actual cost per pound when fishing for striped bass can be more expensive than just buying it at the store. 

Some days we spend money on gas, bait, lures, travel, etc and catch no fish or maybe just one. 

For us though, its not the cost per pound, the fishing experience is priceless just getting out on the water and having fun.

Striped bass is more expensive than a few other species like cod, salmon, or tilapia, but keep in mind that you’re purchasing fish caught in the wild instead of animals raised in fish farms.

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