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What Pound Test Line for Striped Bass Fishing

The pound test of the leader you choose can mean the difference between keeping your fish and giving it back to the waters below.

20 pound test for striped bass

With the wrong test leader, a big enough fish can snap the line and leave you staring at an empty reel. 

The Striped Bass is no different. You’ll need the right type of fishing line to reel them onto your boat correctly. 

The Best Fishing Line Pound Test for Striped Bass 

The tricky thing about stripers is they can vary a lot in size and weight. When they become adults, they can reach up to 12 inches in their first year. However, their maximum size can be five feet. 

Brian Nagele holding a striped bass
Brian holding a striped bass

With all of that variety, you need a line that will get you a good stronghold that is also maneuverable and lightweight.

You should also consider the size of the hooks you are planning to use.  If you’re surf fishing for stripers, you’ll also have to take the length of the line into account and the shock from casting it hard into the surf.

surf fisherman with large striped bass

Freshwater –  10 to 30 pound test

Saltwater Trolling – 30 pound test

Saltwater Casting – 20 to 30 pound test

Surf Casting – 50 to 80 pound test

Experts also recommend getting a braided fishing line because it can hold more weight.

catching striped bass

The fibers’ structure is built to withstand tug and pull from even the toughest fish and isn’t as likely to snap as other lines. 

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