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When Do Striped Bass Run in New Jersey?

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If you’re a New Jersey fisherman looking for striped bass, it helps to know when they run. The migration season can be a vital determining factor for your success in catching these fish. So, when do striped bass run in New Jersey? Here’s what you need to know.

Spring Migration

Striped bass have two migration seasons, with the first being in spring. Since they prefer water temperatures of 55-68 degrees, they’ll follow the waters that provide that environment.

In the spring, as waters down south start to warm up, striped bass seek cooler locales. They migrate north from the shores of Virginia and North Carolina, and arrive off the coast of New Jersey.

The arrival of striped bass depends entirely on the weather. A particularly frigid and long winter in New Jersey is likely to delay striped bass season. Under normal circumstances, striped bass typically arrive in New Jersey around March. They’ll start appearing when water temperatures creep above 45°.

Fall Migration

As water temperatures increase going into the summer, striped bass make their way further north into the New England area. By the onset of fall, the waters start to cool, and striped bass head south again.

On their way to Mid-atlantic bays and rivers, the hungry fish cross paths with New Jersey fishermen once more. Still following their preferred environment, the striped bass’ journey depends on how the weather affects water temperatures.

However, striped bass often make their way past New Jersey in the latter half of fall but may appear as late as December.

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