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Walleye Fishing Info, Tips and Techniques

walleye fishing in a lake

Walleye is one of the most sought after fish species in the northern parts of the US and Canada.  They are considered great table fare and are know to grow to very large sizes making them a trophy fish.

There are a lot of questions about walleye fishing and the species in general, so we are here to help answer them for you.

How to Catch Walleye

Walleye fishing can use a number of techniques to catch fish.  hey vary depending on the body of water you are fishing and also the time of year.

By Boat

Trolling lures like spinners and spoons are a popular way boat anglers catch walleye from Spring through fall.  Drift fishing is also popular using jigs and bottom rigs to catch walleye in the deeper water.

From Shore

Casting crankbaits or spinner baits from the shoreline of lakes and rivers will work well for people fishing for walleye.  Plastic baits like shad and worms also do the trick to get these fish to bite.

Ice Fishing

Very popular in the Winter months, ice fishing for walleye is a sport and culture of it’s own in places like Minnesota and Canada.  Drill a few holes in the ice and set up a shelter or tip ups and either use bait or hand jig your lures.

walleye eating a jig

Walleye FAQs

These are the most common questions about walleye fishing

How Big Do Walleye Get?

Walleyes grow to lengths of 30 inches or more and can weigh over 20 lbs.  The biggest walleye caughtwas 42 inches and almost 29 pounds.    Typically a mature walleye will be in the 1 to 5 pound range and average 12 to 25 inches in length.  Female walleye will out grow males after the first few years.

How Long Do Walleye Live?

The record fish mentioned above was estimated to be 25 years old.  The average life span of walleye is typically 15-20 years.  Fishing pressure on the local waters will affect the ability for walleye to mature.

What Do Walleye Eat?

Walleye are predator fish and their diet consists of most other fish species like minnows and yellow perch.  Walleye will eat most options in the water that could be food like crayfish, frogs and other types of fish, even small walleye.  The diet will change based on the local waters and what is available to them.

When Do Walleye Spawn?

Walleyes spawn earlier in the calendar year during Spring, usually when water temperatures are in the mid 40’s. There isn’t an exact temperature number, but it will generally be somewhere between 44-48 degrees. Depending on where you are planning to fish, these temperatures could be during different times of the year.  Spring temps are warmer earlier in the South and later in the North, so it is important to check your local water temps.  Walleye migrate during spawning and you will need to find the fish.

When Does Walleye Season Start?

The regulations for walleye fishing vary from state to state and region, so it is best to check your local fishing rules to find the exact walleye season dates.  Some areas you can fish for walleye year round, but typically most seasons start on January 1st for ice fishing and take a break in mid march for the spawn through April.  Then the season resumes in may and continues until the end of the year December 31st.

walleye ice fishing early season


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