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Recommended Battery Powered Electric Ice Augers

When you’re ice fishing, you’ll need a way to get through the ice! One of the most essential pieces of ice fishing gear is an ice auger – a drill that cuts a hole in the ice for you to fish through.

electric ice auger laying in the snow

Ice augers come in different forms; there are hand-powered augers, electric augers, gas augers, and other ways to cut through the thick ice.

If you prefer electric ice augers, it’s all about finding the right one. Ice can be tough to cut through, so you want a powerful drill that makes it easy to start fishing.

We’ve done the research for you, so you can easily find the best electric augers, made with quality, durable materials and sure to cut through extra-thick ice. Choose from the best electric ice augers so you can start catching fish through the ice!

The Best Electric Ice Augers

We’ve done the research for you, so you can easily find the best electric augers, made with quality, durable materials and sure to cut through extra-thick ice. Choose from the best electric ice augers so you can start catching fish through the ice!

  1. Lithium 40v 10″ Ice Auger
  2. ION Electric Ice Auger Series
  3. Landworks 48V Electric 6″ Earth Auger
  4. Jiffy 56-08-ALL Model 56™ E6 Lightning
  5. Landworks 48V Electric 8″ Ice Auger
  6. SuperHandy Ultra Duty Electric Cordless Auger
  7. StrikeMaster Lithium 24V Lite

Lithium 40v 10″ Ice Auger

Drill up to 100 holes with this fantastic electric ice auger for ice fishing. There’s no limit to the fish you can catch when you make a clean, precise ice hole with the Lithium 40v 10″ Ice Auger.

Lithium 40v 10 inch Ice Auger

Its twin serrated stainless steel Lazer blades make easy work of even the thickest ice, and the limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on motor, battery, and charger ensures it can take all the abuse you throw at it.

ION Electric Ice Auger Series

I always recommend the ION Electric Ice Auger Series because of the long-lasting battery life, durability, and just overall ease of use.

ION Electric Ice Auger Series

The ION Electric Ice Auger Series has a powerful 40v lithium-ion battery that can drill through up to 1000 inches of ice on a single charge!

Landworks 48V Electric 6″ Earth Auger

The next auger I recommend for any ice angler out there is the Landworks 48V Electric 6″ Earth Auger. This electric ice auger is lightweight, quiet, and powerful.

Landworks 48V Electric 6" Earth Auger

With a max speed of 320RPM and a whopping 2.01HP, this auger is ready to tackle the toughest conditions.

Jiffy 56-08-ALL Model 56™ E6 Lightning

Up next is one of the pricier models on my list, but it’s easily one of the best electric ice augers on the market that will seriously never let you down.

Jiffy 56-08-ALL Model 56™ E6 Lightning

If you’re ready to fish, so is the Jiffy 56-08-ALL Model 56™ E6 Lightning. This thing simply eats ice, no matter how thick, so you can get right to catching fish.

Landworks 48V Electric 8″ Ice Auger

This next ice auger that I suggest you consider buying is the Landworks 48V Electric 8″ Ice Auger. You can drill up to 60 holes on a single charge with this bad boy!

Landworks 48V Electric 8" Ice Auger

This one is almost the same as the Landworks electric ice auger I’ve mentioned already, except this one is 8 inches instead of 6 to make a slightly larger ice hole.

SuperHandy Ultra Duty Electric Cordless Auger

The SuperHandy Ultra Duty Electric Cordless Auger is an amazing electric ice auger for ice fishing in the harshest of climates and the lowest temperatures.

SuperHandy Ultra Duty Electric Cordless Auger

To say that this ice auger is heavy duty is simply an understatement. This thing is totally overbuilt and will last a lifetime.

StrikeMaster Lithium 24V Lite

Last, but not least, I recommend the StrikeMaster Lithium 24v Lite. This is the absolute perfect electric ice auger for when you don’t want to lug around something heavy and bulky.

StrikeMaster Lithium 24V Lite

The  StrikeMaster Lithium 24V Lite is compact, powerful, and weighs only 14.3 pounds! Not to mention, this is one of the more ergonomic ice augers on the market.

Electric Ice Auger Buying Guide

If you’re new to ice fishing, there’s a lot to learn about the equipment you’ll need. One important aspect is to know how to drill through ice. Even experienced fishers need a refresher sometimes. One of those important pieces of equipment is an ice auger.

electric ice auger stuck in ice hole

Ice augers are essential in getting through ice before you can catch anything! There are several different kinds of augers to consider.

In this guide, we’ll focus on why you should buy an electric ice auger, and what to look for when you buy one.

What to Look for in an Electric Ice Fishing Auger

The first choice to make when selecting an auger is to choose a manual or powered one. The biggest benefit of having a powered auger is that they’re faster and often stronger than a manual.

One benefit of having an electric auger (as opposed to gas or propane) is that it can be recharged for cheaper than it would be to refill gas. Here are some things to look for in an electric ice auger:


This is a piece of equipment you’ll need to carry, so the first thing you should think about when selecting an ice auger is the weight.

A benefit of an electric ice auger over a propane or gas one is it’s likely to be lighter. It’s not weighed down by a heavy engine, but the battery does take up a lot of the weight.

Heavier electric ice augers have the added benefit of applying more force downward when drilling, which may make it easier, but you’ll still have to carry it around.

Electric ice augers typically weigh around 20-35lbs, but it’s up to you how much weight you’re willing to carry around. Using an ice fishing sled to carry gear can help alleviate some of the weight. 


Ice augers come in an array of sizes, but the 6″, 8″, and 10″ are the most commonly used.

However, blade size is generally up to what kind of fish you’re trying to catch (larger fish = larger blade diameter). Remember that the size of the hole drilled is directly related to the amount of torque required to drill it, so a lower power ice auger may not be able to handle drilling a large hole.

You can also find blades that are serrated and chip away at ice like teeth, which may break up the surface more easily.


Anyone who ice fishes semi-regularly knows that an ice auger is no cheap piece of equipment. They can cost anywhere from $250-600 or more.

The most expensive ice augers are often of the highest quality and are where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

It is possible to find ice augers that are mid-range price and high quality, but with equipment of this caliber, it’s best to go the more expensive route. These will be the augers that will last you longer and have more power.

Auger Length

The length of the ice auger drill is important because if it’s not long enough to cut through ice, it’s unfortunately not very useful.

Longer augers are obviously going to be more expensive, but if you know the approximate and average thickness of the ice you need to drill into, you should be able to choose an auger length accordingly to fit your needs.

An auger extension can also be purchased if the ice is too thick for your auger, but you don’t want to get a new one. It’s handy to have an extension in the early months of the year when ice is thickest.


You can’t drill into the ice if your battery-powered ice auger has run out of battery! Typically, electric ice augers come with a 40V lithium-ion battery, one of the most reliable types of rechargeable batteries in the market.

The battery takes up a lot of the weight of the auger. It’s recommended to keep the battery relatively warm in conditions below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, such as keeping the battery in a hand warmer or a truck/fish house.

Replacement batteries are not cheap, but if the battery is treated well it can last well over 500 drills. Remember to recharge before each use if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an ice auger drill?

You may find yourself typing into a search engine “What’s an auger?” An auger drill is a tool used by to drill a hole into the ground or wood. Ice augers are specifically manufactured to drill into ice.

It is a long, screw-shaped drill that works much like a regular drill. Ice fishing drill augers come in manual and powered versions; Manual ice augers are human-powered, while powered ice augers run on a battery or motor.

Why buy an electric ice auger?

There are several reasons to choose an electric auger over other types:

  • Electric ice augers require less maintenance than other types of powered augers
  • With electric augers, there’s no smoke or fume inhalation risk
  • Quieter than other types of powered augers
  • Electric augers have a convenient power button instead of a starter cord
  • No oil or gas involved; Cleaner, no potential for spillage

What if the ice auger’s blade diameter isn’t large enough?

The blade diameters most commonly used are 8″, 10″, and 12″, making it capable of drilling holes that are big enough for most fish to come through. If you’re concerned that the hole is too small, it’s possible to get larger blades.

Remember that the bigger the blade’s diameter, the more powerful your auger should be to have enough torque to drill the hole.

Can you sharpen an ice auger’s blades?

Yes. Sharp blades ensure that the auger can drill through the ice. There are plenty of videos online that show how to sharpen the auger blades.

You can sharpen the blades yourself, but if you’re a beginner who is just starting out, it’s best to ask a professional to help you or sharpen the blades for you.

How many holes can I drill with my electric ice auger before it runs out of battery?

It depends on several factors. Obvious things like the type of battery, how often the auger’s used, and the thickness of the ice all have an effect on battery life.

However, subtle things like ambient temperature can also have an effect on the battery. Generally, you should be able to get at least 30-40 two-foot holes on one battery charge.

How to maintain an electric ice auger?

The blades are arguably the most important part of the auger. It’s important to keep them in their best shape. If your auger blades are high quality, the blades shouldn’t dull easily.

However, it’s worth it to get blade covers to keep the blade’s edge protected when the auger isn’t in use. You may also look into purchasing an insulated pouch for your battery, so low temperatures do not damage it.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to ice fishing, there’s always more to learn. By reading about the various kinds of equipment, you arm yourself with the knowledge that can help you find the best possible equipment to use on your next excursion. 

We hope this buyers’ guide has helped you learn more about electric drill ice augers, so you can find the best electric ice auger for you!

Research before you buy an ice auger so that you get the right product for you, or buy one of our top-rated electric augers on this list! Whether you prefer electric, gas, or hand augers, you can find all of your ice fishing needs on Fishmasters.

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