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Trout Fishing Fly Line That Will Help You Land Every Fish You Hook

When you’re trying to find the best fly line, you need to think about your fishing style. There are different types of fly lines for trout fishing, including double taper lines and weight-forward lines.

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Double taper lines have long loops for precarious catches, while weight-forward lines are better for beginners. If you use streamers, you want to choose weight-forward lines.

This list of the best fly lines for trout fishing includes different types of lines at different price points.

A lot of these fly lines also have customizable elements to them, so there’s a lot more on the table here than meets the eye.

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You’ll understand what each option offers and how it can help your results. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fisherman, you’ll find the best fly line for trout fishing to suit your needs.

7 Best Fly Lines for Trout Fishing

  1. Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout
  2. RIO Avid Trout Fly Line
  3. Orvis Clearwater Fly Line
  4. Cortland 444 Classic Double Taper
  5. Scientific Anglers Amplitude Fly Line
  6. Aventik Floating Fly Fishing Line
  7. OPST Commando Smooth (Integrated) Skagit Shooting Head

Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout

Scientific Anglers Frequency is a quality trout fly line manufacturer. You can choose your preferred weight depending on the type of water where you’ll fish.

Scientific Anglers offers DT3, DT4, DT5, and DT6. Each weight is one commonly used for trout fishing so if you’re a beginner or have no weight preference, you can’t go wrong.

Though the Frequency Double Taper Trout line is more affordable than almost any other option, the price doesn’t reflect the quality.

This fly line is worth the money and then some. The line itself has a braided multifilament core for durability. It comes in mist green to blend in with the waters.

RIO Avid Trout Fly Line

The RIO Avid Trout Fly Line is a weight-forward option that comes in WF3F, making it perfect for trout fishing in all situations. It has a heavy head so even a beginner will have no problem casting the line.

Since the head is shorter, you might have a bit of trouble getting some distance with your roll cast, so there’s a learning curve to master this line.

The slick coating ensures the line will cast out as far as you’ve intended, while the memory-free core won’t kink over time.

The front welded loop makes it easy to rig the anglers. The line itself is a pale yellow so you can keep an eye on it in the water without drawing attention to it.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Line

While the RIO Avid Trout Fly Line is great for beginners, the Orvis Clearwater Fly Line is a weight-forward line better suited for intermediate fishermen.

The line has a compact head so you can be precise when casting. There’s less drag than other lines to help that precision.

A welded loop on the front makes it simple to transfer the fly line to the leader. The braided monofilament core makes this line durable over time and in a variety of conditions.

It has a slick moss green coating that brings the line’s weight to WF5. Since the RIO Avid option is WF3F, you can get an idea of how this line will perform differently.

Cortland 444 Classic Double Taper

The Cortland 444 Classic Double Taper line rivals the option from Scientific Anglers reviewed above.

One benefit of choosing Cortland’s line is that the weights range from DT3F to DT9F, so you can get a heavier line for ease of use and durability. 

The line casts well, but due to the design of the front welded loop, it doesn’t float as well as other options.

The peach color of the line makes it easy to keep an eye on, though, so you can pick it up and re-cast if necessary. It has minimal memory so you don’t have to worry about tangles or kinks when re-casting.

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Fly Line

The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Fly Line is more expensive than the Frequency option, but with good reason.

You can get this weight-forward line in any size from WF3F to WF7F, which gives you a lot more control over your cast.

The braided line comes in blue or green so you can pick what’s easiest for you to spot in the water.

Scientific Anglers’ signature slickness doesn’t wear away with use, so you get the same ease of casting after years of use as you do the first day.

Aventik Floating Fly Fishing Line

The Aventik Floating Fly Fishing Line is a weight-forward option with a low stretch core.

This ensures you have precision when casting, especially when added to the tapered front end. The weight at the front helps you cast in windy conditions and gives you more distance.

You can customize your fly fishing experience with the Aventik lines by selecting both the weight and color you want.

Weights range from WF3F to WF8F, and colors include milk, green, orange, and yellow.

OPST Commando Smooth (Integrated) Skagit Shooting Head

Shooting heads are a great type of fly line for casting into the breeze. The OPST Commando Smooth (Integrated) Skagit Shooting Head has an integrated running line that makes line retrieval simple.

You don’t have as much flexibility with your casting, but it’s worth it for rough conditions and larger fish.

You can choose weights from 3WT to 8WT to get the heaviness you need depending on distance and body of water which will in turn affect what tippet you use.

The head is blue but changes to orange at the running line so you can spot it in the water with no problems.

Final Thoughts

All brands on the list above produce quality fly lines for trout fishing. If you’re looking for a double taper line, you can choose from the Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout Line or the Cortland 444 Classic Double Taper.

All of these options are made by trusted name brands that have been in the fly fishing game for a while, so you’ll be good go no matter what you choose!

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