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Tackle Boxes That Will Help Keep Your Fishing Lures Organized

Fishing has come a long way over the past 50 years or so. Prior to all the technological advancements in fishing, all you needed and could bring along were your rod and some live bait. 

a fishing tackle box on a boat

Sure, you can still catch fish that way, but the sport has evolved significantly since then, and there’s more gear than ever to entice fish to bite.

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of excellent tackle storage options, from classic tackle boxes to bags and backpacks. 

One of the most convenient and reliable ways to protect your investment in various tackles is carrying them in a suitable tackle box.

This way, you can have all the tackles you need at your fingertips when out on the water.

a tackle box full of lures by the lake

However, as the fishing industry grows, so does the number of manufacturers producing tackle storage solutions. 

With so many choices, it’s difficult to wade through the selection to separate the mediocre from the best tackle boxes. We’re here to make that process as easy as possible.

Top 10 Tackle Boxes

  1. Plano Angled Tackle Box System
  2. Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box
  3. Plano 3-Tray Tackle Box
  4. Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Box
  5. Flambeau Outdoors 2-Tray Tackle Box
  6. Flambeau Outdoors Waterproof Tackle Satchel
  7. Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tackle Bag
  8. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack
  9. Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle Box
  10. Plano Guide Series 3700 XL Tackle Bag

Plano Angled Tackle Box System

Plano is one of the most respected names in the fishing industry, and they make rock-solid tackle storage to suit every angler’s needs.

Whether you’re a surf angler, a charter boat captain, or a weekend warrior fishing on the lake, Plano has tackle storage ideal for you. 

Their 728 angled tackle box system is an ideal situation whether you’re fishing in a boat or from shore.

This tackle box offers a heavy-duty latching lid that opens to access a sizeable divided storage compartment. Clear storage on top of the cover allows anglers to see what’s inside at a glance. 

Below the top compartment, the central section opens up to reveal three 3600 customizable stowaway bins where you can tailor the tackle dividers to your storage needs.

There are also narrow compartments on either side that are perfect for holding Gulp and other bagged baits. 

Critical Specs

Type: Tackle box

Material: Plastic

Stowaway Box Size: 3600

Dimensions: 18”L x 9.5”W x 11”H

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box

For the angler who wants to bring half a tackle shop to the water each time they fish, this rolling tackle bag from Elkton Outdoors could be perfect for you.

The bag itself is made from water-resistant nylon and offers a semi-rigid frame to help the bag keep its shape.

The zipper top compartment reveals mesh storage in the lid and a large divided upper compartment.

Below this area, the front of the bag opens up, revealing five 3600 size stowaway boxes with a zippered front pocket for additional storage so it’s perfect for traveling. 

The sides of the bag feature PVC rod holders at each corner, and the bag offers rear wheels and a convenient pull-up handle so you can wheel your bag from your car to the lake or wherever else fishing takes you. 

The design of this bag is impressive, and there’s more than enough room for all your tackle and rods.

But, the nylon shell could be a bit more heavy-duty. This bag is best for freshwater anglers who aren’t incredibly demanding on their equipment.

Critical Specs

Type: Tackle bag

Material: Nylon, plastic, PVC

Stowaway Box Size: 3600

Dimensions: 15.75”L x 9.6W x 18.75H 

Plano 3-Tray Tackle Box

The quintessential tackle box, this model from Plano has been one of the most popular designs in fishing for more than half a century. 

This tackle box offers a large main compartment for bulk storage with three cantilever storage trays that pull up for easy access to everything inside the box.

The lid provides two DuraView storage sections with clear covers for storing small items, and a brass latch ensures that your gear is secure when traveling. 

This small tackle box is the perfect answer for impromptu fishing trips when you aren’t looking to bring a ton of tackle with you and only need the essentials. 

Critical Specs

Type: Tackle box

Material: Plastic

Stowaway Box Size: N/A

Dimensions: 19.4”L x 10.8”W x 9.1H inches

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag

Anglers who are trying to bring a ton of lures and baits with them while also packing as compactly as possible will love the Wolf tackle bag from Spiderwire.

This bag offers tons of storage and a streamlined form that makes it easy to haul anywhere you need. 

This bag offers a flap and buckle closure with a small zippered pocket; beneath the flap is an expansive main compartment that includes four 3700 size utility boxes.

There are two zipper pockets on the front panel with a tool holder on each one and a large utility pocket that spans the front of the bag. Additional pockets on the sides and rear complete this excellent offering.

Critical Specs

Type: Tackle bag

Material: Nylon, plastic

Stowaway Box Size:  3700

Dimensions: 15.75”L x 10.8”W x 8.2”H

Flambeau Outdoors 2-Tray Tackle Box

Flambeau has been making this iconic tackle box for over fifty years with few changes to its design. It’s easy to see why it’s so classic; it’s insanely affordable and gets the job done right. 

Inside the box, you’ll find two cantilever trays, and the top tray includes customizable dividers that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Below the trays is a large area for more significant pieces, and you’ll also find some additional storage on top of the box. 

This box from Flambeau is the perfect option for beginners or tackle management at home.

It’s lightweight and compact, but that also means it doesn’t offer a ton of storage or a rugged build.

It’s an excellent voice for a casual day at the dock, but don’t expect it to hold up too well on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Critical Specs

Type: Tackle box

Material: Plastic

Stowaway Box Size: N/A

Dimensions: 14”L x 8.2”W x 7.5”H

Flambeau Outdoors Waterproof Tackle Satchel

For serious anglers, especially those fishing the ocean or bay from a boat, the Waterproof Tackle Satchel from Flambeau is a must-have.

These ingenious containers are large, air-tight, and can stand up to a beating while keeping your precious tackle safe.

Flambeau manufacturers this system in 3000 and 4000 sizes, with each model offering a customizable base compartment that includes Zerust dividers and sliding upper compartments for lures, tools, or terminal tackle.

Each compartment is thick and rugged, and the container has a 360° gasket that provides a waterproof seal to keep your gear safe from the elements.

The 3000 series is available in a base configuration or with an additional lower level that includes two size 3000 Ultimate Tufftainer boxes.

The bottom compartment on the 4000 series is designed to hold an additional four 3000 size boxes, but those aren’t included. 

Critical Specs

Type: Utility Box

Material: Polycarbonate

Stowaway Box Size: 3000 (Only included with 3000WPBC model)

Dimensions: 14.89″ L x 11.63″ W x 5.25″ H (3000WPNC model), 14.89″ L x 11.63″ W x 7.12″ H (3000WPBC model), 18.71″ L x 13.58″ W x 7.58″ H (4000WPNC model)

Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tackle Bag

This rugged tactical bag from Okeechobee Fats is ideal for every fishing scenario, and it offers quick access to all your essential gear when you need it. 

The top of the bag offers zippered mesh storage compartments that are ideal for storing lures, leader lines, and other gear. Inside the main compartment, you’ll find four 3650 size utility boxes with customizable dividers.

There are also large utility pockets on the back, sides, and front, and, my favorite feature, a hard shell sunglasses case.

You can carry this bag by hand or use the included shoulder strap. The thick nylon construction is heavy and durable, and this bag is built to take a beating.

Okeechobee Fats stands behind it with an industry-leading lifetime warranty, so you’ll always be covered if something goes wrong with your bag.

Critical Specs

Type: Tackle bag

Material: Nylon, plastic, metal

Stowaway Box Size: 3650

Dimensions: 13.5” L x 13.8” W x 10” H

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack

One of the most comprehensive tackle backpacks on the market, this bag from Piscifun has everything a modern angler could want: tons of space, intuitive storage sections, and head-turning looks.

The bag is made from water-resistant 600D nylon, which is exceptionally durable and capable of standing up to the elements.

The front section offers a hard sunglasses case, mesh pouch, large utility compartment, and a red belt, with small zippered pockets on either side of the bag. 

Inside the main zippered compartment, you’ll find four 3600 size utility boxes that you can customize to meet your tackle needs.

The bag has strategic padding on the straps, shoulders, and bottom, which make this a pleasure to carry, even if you have a long walk to the fishing spot.

Critical Specs

Type: Tackle backpack

Material: 600D nylon, plastic, metal

Stowaway Box Size: 3600

Dimensions: 15.75”L x 10.2”W x 18.5”H

Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle Box

Plano’s 7771 Guide Series box is a tried-and-true storage solution that serious anglers have relied on for years.

It offers plenty of storage in a familiar form, and it’s rugged enough for all environments. 

The box offers a Duraview top that won’t discolor or fog over time, so you always have a clear picture of what’s inside the upper storage compartment.

Lifting the top reveals several divided bait and spinner bait storage areas, and each can be customized to suit other needs. 

The lower portion of the box features a Duraview front panel, with four 3700-size stowaway boxes and a large side storage box to the right of the stowaways.

This rugged box is a bit large to be lugging to the dock with you, but it’s the perfect size to fit on a jon boat or in the garage without taking up too much space.

With all of its customizable storage, this Guide Series box should provide all the tackle organization you ever need.

Critical Specs

Type: Tackle box

Material: Plastic, polycarbonate, metal

Stowaway Box Size: 3700

Dimensions: 21.25”L x 12”W x 12”H 

Plano Guide Series 3700 XL Tackle Bag

A super-sized tackle solution that offers refined looks to go with its smartly designed storage, this bag is an excellent choice for anglers who need access to their full tackle arsenal when they’re on the water. 

The bag is made from PVC-backed 168D nylon for waterproof performance, and the dark tan color looks beautiful.

The front panel offers a large utility compartment with two side compartments and tool holders and laser-cut MOLLE points for additional storage possibilities. 

The top compartment features Plano’s innovative DROPZONE, which is a magnet panel covered with thick vinyl.

From hooks and lures to heavy pliers, the magnets lock your gear into place, making rigging up a breeze.

Inside the main compartment, there’s room for a whopping seven 3700 and three 3600 utility boxes, and those are included.

You can carry this massive bag with either backpack straps or a shoulder strap. Whichever configuration you choose, this bag is a pleasure to carry despite its large size.

Critical Specs

Type: Tackle bag/backpack

Material: Nylon, plastic, metal

Stowaway Box Size: 3600 and 3700

Dimensions: 19.5”L x 12”W x 14.75”H

Final Thoughts

With the price of gear at an all-time high, it’s more prudent than ever to invest in proper means of storage.

Each of the tackle box models above represents the best options available on the market, catering to a broad range of anglers.

The Plano Guide Series 3700 XL bag is our top choice as the best overall storage solution for the serious angler, with the bag from Okeechobee Fats running a close second. Now, all that’s left is to fill up your new tackle box with some fishing lures!

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