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Best Ice Fishing Spots in Wisconsin

Temperatures are starting to drop. Birds are starting to migrate. Rivers and lakes are starting to freeze over in the northern states. This can only mean one thing. Ice fishing season is approaching! 

It’s that time of year again to start planning out your trips for some ice fishing, and Wisconsin is a perfect place to start! While the state may be known for its famous Wisconsin cheese, it’s also an ideal location for ice fishing.

Wisconsin’s ice fishing scene is among some of the best in the United States, along with Minnesota ice fishing, Michigan ice fishing, and other top locations!

With tons of lakes and friendly people, start planning a road trip to the badger state for some great ice fishing!

We’ve compiled a list of some pristine places for you to go ice fishing in Wisconsin. These locations are well known for great ice fishing opportunities, record-breaking catches, and beautiful views to enjoy with your friends.

Best Ice Fishing in Wisconsin

  1. Lake Winnebago 
  2. Black Oak Lake
  3. Mississippi River Pool 8
  4. Dairyland Reservoir
  5. Lake Onalaska
  6. Boom Lake

Lake Winnebago 

This 132,000 acre lake is the largest inland body of water in Wisconsin. Lake Winnebago is home to multiple different types of fish like walleye, sturgeon, yellow perch, pike, crappie, and bass. It’s considered a shallow lake with a maximum depth of only 21 feet. 

Located in east-central Wisconsin, Lake Winnebago offers multiple places to stay and gear up surrounding its massive area. The inlet Fox River on the western shore leads to other lakes like Poygan, Bettes De Morts, and Winneconne which offers more area for some great ice fishing!

Black Oak Lake

Just below the Wisconsin and Michigan border in Vilas County is Black Oak Lake. Populated by lake trout, large and smallmouth bass, and walleyed pike, this lake is home to multiple opportunities for a great day of ice fishing.

It’s one of the deepest lakes in Wisconsin with a maximum depth of 85 feet. It’s also one of the clearest lakes in the entire state. With a total size of 564 acres, the lake is ready for ice fishing around mid December and lasts until May, which gives a nice 5-month window for fishing. 

Mississippi River Pool 8 

Extending from lock and dam 8 near Genoa all the way down to lock and dam 7, there’s plenty of places to enjoy a nice day on the ice! Mississippi River Pool 8 is located right by the point of the Mississippi where Iowa, Minnisota, and Wisconsin nearly meet. This up and coming fishing spot is quickly becoming a hotbed for different species of fish.

Filled with jumbo perch, walleye, black crappie, white bass, and bluegill, pool 8 has tons of opportunities to offer.  With an area of 20,180 acres and beautiful scenery, the amount of room for you and your group to explore is nearly endless!

Dairyland Reservoir

This 1870 acre lake can be found in Rusk County. Filled with mainly walleye, there are also high numbers of musky, smallmouth bass, and northern pike. The maximum depth of the Dairyland Reservoir is roughly 70 feet, and it is moderately visible and clear.

Even catfish and sturgeon have been known to prowl in the waters as well.  Sometimes schools can be hard to locate, so patience and determination are key. But, the reward in the end outweighs the frustrations of the day. 

Lake Onalaska  

There are tons of lodging options for people to stay at while they enjoy a nice trip to this breeding ground for some of the best panfishing in the state. With miles of inlet rivers, there are hundreds of different spots and opportunities for people to enjoy a perfect day on the ice.

Lake Onalaska is a total of 8,391 acres with a maximum depth of 40 feet. It can be difficult to get to at the end of the ice fishing season due to poor road conditions and slush.  During the hard winter months, you can almost guarantee a successful day!

Boom Lake 

Trying to catch some top tier walleye? Boom Lake in the Rhinelander area is the place for you! This 365-acre lake with a maximum depth of 30ft is not a very visible lake, but the location of it is primed for successful days on the ice! Not only are there walleyes, but also northern pike, bass, and an abundance of panfish. 

With plenty of amenities in the surrounding area, you’ll have no problem finding a place to stay or restock on gear and bait. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re an avid ice fisherman or just getting started, Wisconsin is a fantastic state for the sport. There are numerous amounts of lakes and places to stay around the for an enjoyable vacation.

Make sure you have all your supplies and check out ice fishing gear list to make sure you’re packed for your trip!