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The 10 Best Jerkbaits for Bass

Jerkbaits are one of the best bass fishing lures. They mimic a struggling baitfish better than most lures, with erratic movement and the appearance of a typical baitfish. 

jerkbaits for bass fishing

Jerkbaits are also versatile: they work well year round, and can be fished in a variety of speeds and styles.

The appeal of jerkbaits is the control that anglers have over their movement, as well as their ability to hook bass.

Top 10 Bass Fishing Jerkbaits

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Choose from the best jerkbaits for bass and try one or more of these lures on your next bass fishing trip.

These jerkbaits are known for great action, quality materials, and for catching bass out on the water. 

These are the Best Jerkbaits for Bass Fishing

  1. Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10
  2. Strike King KVD Jerkbait
  3. Lucky Craft Pointer
  4. Spro McStick 110 Jerk Bait
  5. Yo Zuri 3BD Jerkbait 
  6. Ima Flit Suspending Jerkbait
  7. Rapala Husky Jerk
  8. Zoom Bait Magnum Super Fluke
  9. Berkley PowerBait Power Jerk Shad
  10. Z-MAN Scented Jerk ShadZ

Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10

Rapala is well known for its wide variety of lures, but the X-Rap Jerkbait may be one of their most popular. This jerkbait is preferred among professional bass fishermen, and has been used to catch trophy winning bass.

rapala x-rap jerkbait xr10

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The Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 has a hard-cutting, aggressive action. It suspends and rolls at rest, triggering bites from bass and other fish. 

The Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 has a running depth of 3 to 8 feet. It has an integrated long-casting system, so you can use this lure long distance.

It also features a rattle to further attract bites. The Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 comes in 10 versatile colors and weights 0.4375 ounces. 

Strike King KVD Jerkbait 

The Strike King KVD Jerkbait is a top-rated jerkbait for bass and other species. It has one-of-a-kind slash bait action that triggers strikes. The Strike King KVD Jerkbait rolls, wiggles, and flashes to attract fish, imitating a wounded baitfish. 

strike king kvd jerkbait for bass

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This jerkbait lure has a weight transfer system, for maximum distance as well as balance when casting.

The Strike King KVD Jerkbait has 3D eyes to further mimic the appearance of bait, and comes in 21 colors for variety. It is also fitted with premium black nickel hooks to improve hooksets. 

Lucky Craft Pointer

Lucky Craft is a trusted fishing brand based in Japan, known for their lures with careful attention to detail. The Lucky Craft Pointer is a popular jerkbait, with special brass weights for a low center of gravity.

lucky craft pointer jerkbait

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The low balance allows this lure to wobble and vibrate when retrieve slows or stops, triggering bites. 

The Lucky Craft Pointer suspends around 4 to 5 feet deep. It has a bass-calling vibration even while suspended. Twitching your fishing rod will create a “walk the dog” action with this jerkbait. It comes in 22 colors, all with lifelike detail to mimic baitfish. 

Spro McStick 110 Jerk Bait

The Spro McStick Jerk Bait is designed for tournament bass anglers, by pro bass fisherman Mike McClelland. It can attract and handle trophy sized bass, made with high quality, durable materials.

spro mcstick jerk bait for bass

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The Spro McStick is designed to suspend at lower water temperatures for early and late season bass fishing, but works well for warm seasons as well. 

This jerkbait has sticky sharp Gamatsaku treble hooks to ensure solid hooksets. The Spro McStick has realistic red eyes and action to mimic baitfish, and comes in 19 detailed color options. 

Yo-Zuri 3BD Jerkbait

Yo-Zuri, another well-known fishing brand, makes a realistic jerkbait to catch big bass. The Yo-Zuri 3BD Jerkbait features a 3D internal prism and wave-motion vibration to provoke bites.

yo-zuri 3bd jerkbait for bass

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Its ribbed belly makes distinctive wave-motions and vibrations that fish can sense. The Yo-Zuri 3BD Jerkbait has erratic action as well to imitate an injured baitfish.

With premium components and attention to details like fins, scales, and light refracting colors, this jerkbait is extremely realistic looking. It also features black nickel hooks and split rings.

A mylar tail adds extra flash and a life-like fin movement. The Yo-Zuri 3BD Jerkbait comes in 6 colors. 

Ima Flit Suspending Jerkbait

The Ima Flit Suspending Jerkbait is long and skinny, with an erratic fleeing action. It mimics small panfish and flat-sided herring prey, enticing bass and other species.

ima flit suspending jerkbait for bass

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The Ima Flit Suspending Jerkbait has a high pitched rattle and virbration, and the downward angle of the sides reflect light to further lure in predators to bite.

This jerkbait has a 6 to 8 foot running depth, standard for predatory fish in colder waters. It is fitted with 3 Owner hooks for increased hooksets.

The Ima Flit Suspending Jerkbait has a back and forth motion sure to hook bass. 

Rapala Husky Jerk

Another great jerkbait from Rapala, the Rapala Husky Jerk is perfectly balanced and can be cast or trolled at any speed. It is a suspending jerkbait with neutral buoyancy, and it is lightweight for long casting.

rapala husky jerkbait

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The Rapala Husky Jerk runs straight so anglers can focus on luring in fish. 

This jerkbait has a rattle chamber that releases sound waves through the water to draw the attention of bass and other fish. It comes in 8 metallic, natural, and glass patterns to attract fish in a range of environments. 

Zoom Bait Magnum Super Fluke

The Zoom Bait Magnum Super Fluke is a soft-bodied jerkbait that can be fished in a variety of ways.

zoom bait magnum super fluke jerkbait

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This soft bait attracts a lot of attention, with great action, realistic texture, and good water displacement. 

Zoom baits use a salt mixture to ensure that fish stay biting long enough to set the hook.

The Zoom Bait Magnum Super Fluke is a top-rated soft jerkbait, known for triggering strikes from bass specifically. It comes in 9 colors, all made from high quality materials. 

Berkley PowerBait Power Jerk Shad

The Berkley PowerBait Power Jerk Shad is the Amazon #1 bestseller for artificial baits, a testament to its popularity among fishing enthusiasts.

Berkley Powerbait Power jerk shad

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Fish hold onto this bait 18 times longer, according to Berkley, so there is more time to set your hook and reel in your catch.

The Berkley PowerBait Power Jerk Shad has powerbait scent and flavor, attacking extra senses to lure in fish and get them to bite. This soft jerkbait has great action as well, and comes in a variety of colors. 

Z-MAN Scented Jerk Shad

The Z-MAN Scented Jerk Shad is another great soft bodied jerkbait. It is 5 inches long and has great, lifelike action, mimicking the movement of a real shad. It comes fitted with hook slots, for a weedless presentation and improved hooksets.

z-man scented jerk shad

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The Z-MAN Scented Jerk Shad is extra salt impregnated for extra casting weight and slower sinking. It comes in 25 realistic colors, and can be purchased in a set of 5. 

What is a Jerkbait?

Jerkbaits are lures that typically have a long, thin body, meant to resemble a baitfish. Their action also imitates a wounded baitfish to attract fish, but the action is totally controlled by the angler.

jerk bait lure for bass fishing

They are aptly named, as they work best when you jerk your fishing rod during the retrieve. This jerking motion gives the jerkbait an erratic action, just like that of dying prey. 

Many jerkbaits wobble or roll when they are still, or during a straight retrieve without the jerking motion.

This can also entice bass and other species, but the jerking motion is what tends to trigger strikes.

person releasing a smallmouth bass

Some jerkbaits have lips, like those of crankbaits, to help them dive deeper below the water’s surface. 

Types of Jerkbaits

All lures have variations, but generally speaking, there are two types of jerkbaits: hard bodied and soft bodied. 

differences between jerkbait and crankbait

Hard bodied jerkbaits look similar to many other hard lures. They are usually fitted with two to three hooks. Hard jerkbaits’ shape makes them aerodynamic for casting purposes, and many are specially weighted as well.

They can be floating jerkbaits, suspending jerkbaits, or sinking jerkbaits depending on their buoyancy. Suspending jerkbaits are generally the most popular for bass. 

Soft bodied jerkbaits are artificial baits, with a more natural appearance than hard bodied jerkbaits.

Their texture is also more life-like, so bass are more likely to hold on longer, believing that they really are baitfish. 

Hard jerkbaits are often preferred, as they last longer and are less likely to twist and get tangled compared to their soft counterparts.  

How To Fish a Jerkbait

Jerkbaits are versatile, and can be fished fast or slow, with aggressive or light jerks. When you fish jerkbait-style, you reel in straight but jerk the tip of your rod frequently to create baitfish action in the lure. 

Jerkbaits are popular in cold water, and when cold water fishing with jerkbaits you should move slower and jerk less aggressively.

Warm water, summer bass are more aggressive, so in those conditions you should generally go faster and jerk more distinctively. 

Choose your type of jerkbait based on your environment and where the bass are swimming. 

Jerkbait Bass Fishing

Jerkbaits are known to be especially effective for bass year-round, but even more so in the early Spring.

During pre-spawn and spawning season for bass, they tend to bite at jerkbaits more than many other lures, possibly because they work well in colder waters. 

Other Bass Lures

Find more bass lures, like bass jigs, frogs, buzzbaits, and more on Fishmasters.


  • Well I just read your post on Jerkbaits and the comments submitted. Liked the post and just wanted to add, my last 3 personal best Bass have all came on suspending Jerkbaits. They are no doubt a big fish bait, but also I have had my highest daily total catches on Jerkbaits. Several 100+ Bass days on these very versatile baits. Tie one on and practice until it is second nature and I am sure it will become a confidence bait for you too.

  • This is probably the most “it actually makes sense” kind of post I’ve seen on jerkbaits for bass. Best part… I didn’t have to go digging through some weird web design to find it. Awesome! Please keep posting new material!